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Sarà, M. (1961). La fauna di Poriferi delle grotte delle isole Tremiti. Studio ecologico e sistematico. Archivio zoologico italiano. 46: 1-59,pls I-II.
Sarà, M.
La fauna di Poriferi delle grotte delle isole Tremiti. Studio ecologico e sistematico
Archivio zoologico italiano
46: 1-59,pls I-II
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Aaptos aaptos (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Adocia varia Sarà, 1958 accepted as Haliclona (Haliclona) michelei Van Soest & Hooper, 2020 (additional source)
Alectona millari Carter, 1879 (additional source)
Anchinoe fictitius (Bowerbank, 1866) accepted as Phorbas fictitius (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Anchinoe tenacior Topsent, 1925 accepted as Phorbas tenacior (Topsent, 1925) (additional source)
Antho involvens (Schmidt, 1864) represented as Antho (Antho) involvens (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Axinella damicornis (Esper, 1794) (additional source)
Cacospongia scalaris Schmidt, 1862 accepted as Scalarispongia scalaris (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Calyx nicaeensis (Risso, 1827) (additional source)
Chondrosia reniformis Nardo, 1847 (additional source)
Clathrina contorta (Bowerbank, 1866) accepted as Ascandra contorta (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Clathrina coriacea (Montagu, 1814) (additional source)
Clathrina falcata (Haeckel, 1872) accepted as Ascandra falcata Haeckel, 1872 (additional source)
Cliona copiosa Sarà, 1959 accepted as Cliona viridis (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Cliona schmidtii (Ridley, 1881) (additional source)
Cliona tremitensis Sarà, 1961 accepted as Cliona viridis (Schmidt, 1862) (original description)
Cliona viridis (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Diplastrella bistellata (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Dysidea avara var. pallescens (Schmidt, 1862) accepted as Dysidea pallescens (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Dysidea fragilis (Montagu, 1814) (additional source)
Ectyon oroides (Schmidt, 1864) accepted as Agelas oroides (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Erylus discophorus (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Eurypon vescicularis Sarà & Siribelli, 1960 (additional source)
Gellius dubius Babic, 1922 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) dubia (Babic, 1922) (additional source)
Gellius fibulatus (Schmidt, 1862) accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) fibulata (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Geodia cydonium (Linnaeus, 1767) (additional source)
Haliclona cratera (Schmidt, 1862) represented as Haliclona (Reniera) cratera (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Haliclona rosea (Bowerbank, 1866) represented as Haliclona (Rhizoniera) rosea (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Haliclona viscosa sensu Sarà, 1961 accepted as Haliclona (Rhizoniera) sarai (Pulitzer-Finali, 1969) (original description)
Hemimycale brevicuspis (Topsent, 1892) accepted as Crambe crambe (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Hymedesmia versicolor (Topsent, 1893) represented as Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) versicolor (Topsent, 1893) (additional source)
Hymeniacidon sanguinea (Grant, 1826) accepted as Hymeniacidon perlevis (Montagu, 1814) (additional source)
Ircinia fasciculata sensu Vacelet, 1959 accepted as Ircinia variabilis (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Ircinia muscarum (Schmidt, 1864) accepted as Sarcotragus foetidus Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Isops intuta (Topsent, 1892) accepted as Caminella intuta (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Leuconia aspera (Schmidt, 1862) accepted as Leucandra aspera (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Leuconia solida (Schmidt, 1862) accepted as Leucetta solida (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Microciona toxistyla Sarà, 1959 accepted as Clathria (Clathria) toxistyla (Sarà, 1959) (additional source)
Mycale lingua (Bowerbank, 1866) represented as Mycale (Mycale) lingua (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Mycale macilenta (Bowerbank, 1866) represented as Mycale (Carmia) macilenta (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Pellina semitubulosa (Lamarck, 1814) accepted as Halichondria (Halichondria) semitubulosa (Lamarck, 1814) (additional source)
Penares helleri (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Petrosia ficiformis (Poiret, 1789) represented as Petrosia (Petrosia) ficiformis (Poiret, 1789) (additional source)
Phloeodictyon vacuum Sarà, 1961 accepted as Oceanapia vacua (Sarà, 1961) (original description)
Placospongia decorticans (Hanitsch, 1895) (additional source)
Plakina trilopha Schulze, 1880 (additional source)
Plakortis simplex Schulze, 1880 (additional source)
Raspaciona aculeata (Johnston, 1842) (additional source)
Rhabderemia indica Dendy, 1905 (additional source)
Rhaphidostyla pelligera (Schmidt, 1864) accepted as Dictyonella pelligera (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868 (additional source)
Spirastrella minax (Topsent, 1888) accepted as Trachycladus minax (Topsent, 1888) (additional source)
Spongia officinalis Linnaeus, 1759 represented as Spongia (Spongia) officinalis Linnaeus, 1759 (additional source)
Spongia virgultosa (Schmidt, 1868) represented as Spongia (Spongia) virgultosa (Schmidt, 1868) (additional source)
Stylostichon plumosum (Montagu, 1814) accepted as Phorbas plumosus (Montagu, 1814) (additional source)
Sycon elegans (Bowerbank, 1845) (additional source)
Tedania anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) represented as Tedania (Tedania) anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) (additional source)
Terpios fugax Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864 (additional source)
Tethya aurantium (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Timea fasciata Topsent, 1934 (additional source)
Timea stellata (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Timea unistellata (Topsent, 1892) (additional source)
Topsentia contorta Sarà, 1961 accepted as Halichondria (Halichondria) contorta (Sarà, 1961) (original description)
Topsentia genitrix (Schmidt, 1870) accepted as Halichondria (Halichondria) genitrix (Schmidt, 1870) (additional source)
Verongia cavernicola Vacelet, 1959 accepted as Aplysina cavernicola (Vacelet, 1959) (additional source)
Adriatic Sea for Aaptos aaptos (Schmidt, 1864) 
Adriatic Sea for Adocia varia Sarà, 1958 
Adriatic Sea for Alectona millari Carter, 1879 
Adriatic Sea for Anchinoe fictitius (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Adriatic Sea for Anchinoe tenacior Topsent, 1925 
Adriatic Sea for Antho involvens (Schmidt, 1864) 
Adriatic Sea for Axinella damicornis (Esper, 1794) 
Adriatic Sea for Cacospongia scalaris Schmidt, 1862 
Adriatic Sea for Calyx nicaeensis (Risso, 1827) 
Adriatic Sea for Chondrosia reniformis Nardo, 1847 
Adriatic Sea for Clathrina contorta (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Adriatic Sea for Clathrina coriacea (Montagu, 1814) 
Adriatic Sea for Clathrina falcata (Haeckel, 1872) 
Adriatic Sea for Cliona copiosa Sarà, 1959 
Adriatic Sea for Cliona schmidtii (Ridley, 1881) 
Adriatic Sea for Cliona tremitensis Sarà, 1961 
Adriatic Sea for Cliona viridis (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Diplastrella bistellata (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Dysidea avara var. pallescens (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Dysidea fragilis (Montagu, 1814) 
Adriatic Sea for Ectyon oroides (Schmidt, 1864) 
Adriatic Sea for Erylus discophorus (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Eurypon vescicularis Sarà & Siribelli, 1960 
Adriatic Sea for Gellius dubius Babic, 1922 
Adriatic Sea for Gellius fibulatus (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Geodia cydonium (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Adriatic Sea for Haliclona cratera (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Haliclona rosea (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Adriatic Sea for Haliclona viscosa sensu Sarà, 1961 
Adriatic Sea for Hemimycale brevicuspis (Topsent, 1892) 
Adriatic Sea for Hemimycale columella (Bowerbank, 1874) 
Adriatic Sea for Hymedesmia versicolor (Topsent, 1893) 
Adriatic Sea for Hymeniacidon sanguinea (Grant, 1826) 
Adriatic Sea for Ircinia muscarum (Schmidt, 1864) 
Adriatic Sea for Isops intuta (Topsent, 1892) 
Adriatic Sea for Leuconia aspera (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Leuconia solida (Schmidt, 1862) 
Adriatic Sea for Microciona toxistyla Sarà, 1959 
Adriatic Sea for Mycale lingua (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Adriatic Sea for Pellina semitubulosa (Lamarck, 1814) 
Adriatic Sea for Penares helleri (Schmidt, 1864) 
Adriatic Sea for Petrosia ficiformis (Poiret, 1789) 
Adriatic Sea for Phloeodictyon vacuum Sarà, 1961 
Adriatic Sea for Placospongia decorticans (Hanitsch, 1895) 
Adriatic Sea for Plakina trilopha Schulze, 1880 
Adriatic Sea for Plakortis simplex Schulze, 1880 
Adriatic Sea for Raspaciona aculeata (Johnston, 1842) 
Adriatic Sea for Rhabderemia indica Dendy, 1905  (inaccurate)
Adriatic Sea for Rhaphidostyla pelligera (Schmidt, 1864) 
Adriatic Sea for Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868 
Adriatic Sea for Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868 
Adriatic Sea for Spirastrella minax (Topsent, 1888) 
Adriatic Sea for Spongia officinalis Linnaeus, 1759 
Adriatic Sea for Spongia virgultosa (Schmidt, 1868) 
Adriatic Sea for Stylostichon plumosum (Montagu, 1814) 
Adriatic Sea for Sycon elegans (Bowerbank, 1845) 
Adriatic Sea for Tedania anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) 
Adriatic Sea for Terpios fugax Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864  (inaccurate)
Adriatic Sea for Tethya aurantium (Pallas, 1766) 
Adriatic Sea for Timea fasciata Topsent, 1934 
Adriatic Sea for Timea stellata (Bowerbank, 1866) 
Adriatic Sea for Timea unistellata (Topsent, 1892) 
Adriatic Sea for Topsentia contorta Sarà, 1961 
Adriatic Sea for Topsentia genitrix (Schmidt, 1870) 
Adriatic Sea for Verongia cavernicola Vacelet, 1959 

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