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Cypraeidae Rafinesque, 1815

23022  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:23022)

Genus Annepona Iredale, 1935
Genus Arestorides Iredale, 1930
Genus Austrasiatica Lorenz, 1989
Genus Barycypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Blasicrura Iredale, 1930
Genus Callistocypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Chelycypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Contradusta Meyer, 2003
Genus Cribrarula Strand, 1929
Subfamily Cypraeinae Rafinesque, 1815
Genus Eclogavena Iredale, 1930
Subfamily Erosariinae Schilder, 1924
  » Genus Cryptocypraea Meyer, 2003
  » Genus Ipsa Jousseaume, 1884
  » Genus Monetaria Troschel, 1863
  » Genus Naria Gray, 1837
  » Genus Nesiocypraea Azuma & Kurohara, 1967
  » Genus Nucleolaria Oyama, 1959
  » Genus Perisserosa Iredale, 1930
  » Genus Propustularia Schilder, 1927
  » Genus Staphylaea Jousseaume, 1884
  » Genus Albacypraea Steadman & Cotton, 1946 accepted as Naria Gray, 1837
  » Genus Aricia Gray, 1837 accepted as Monetaria Troschel, 1863 (invalid: junior homonym of Aricia Savigny, 1822 [Polychaeta])
  » Genus Erosaria Troschel, 1863 accepted as Naria Gray, 1837
  » Genus Eustaphylaea Steadman & Cotton, 1946 accepted as Staphylaea Jousseaume, 1884
  » Genus Kurodadusta Shikama, 1971 accepted as Nesiocypraea Azuma & Kurohara, 1967
  » Genus Ocellaria Weinkauff, 1881 accepted as Naria Gray, 1837 (invalid: junior homonym of Ocellaria Ramond, 1801 [Porifera])
  » Genus Ornamentaria Schilder & Schilder, 1936 accepted as Monetaria Troschel, 1863
  » Genus Paulonaria Iredale, 1930 accepted as Naria Gray, 1837
  » Genus Purperosa Iredale, 1935 accepted as Staphylaea Jousseaume, 1884
  » Genus Ravitrona Iredale, 1930 accepted as Monetaria Troschel, 1863
Subfamily Erroneinae Schilder, 1927
  » Genus Bistolida Cossmann, 1920
  » Genus Erronea Troschel, 1863
  » Tribe Erroneini Schilder, 1927
  » Genus Adusta Jousseaume, 1884 accepted as Erronea Troschel, 1863
  » Genus Derstolida Iredale, 1935 accepted as Bistolida Cossmann, 1920
  » Genus Gratiadusta Iredale, 1930 accepted as Erronea Troschel, 1863
  » Genus Ipserronea Iredale, 1935 accepted as Erronea Troschel, 1863
  » Genus Palangerosa Iredale, 1930 accepted as Erronea Troschel, 1863
  » Genus Stolida Jousseaume, 1884 accepted as Bistolida Cossmann, 1920 (invalid: junior homonym of Stolida Lesson, 1832 [Aves]; Bistolida is a replacement name)
Genus Ficadusta Habe & Kosuge, 1966
Genus Hiraseadusta Shikama, 1971
Genus Leporicypraea Iredale, 1930
Subfamily Luriinae Schilder, 1932
Genus Lyncina Troschel, 1863
Genus Macrocypraea Schilder, 1930
Genus Mauritia Troschel, 1863
Genus Melicerona Iredale, 1930
Genus Notadusta Schilder, 1935
Genus Notocypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Ovatipsa Iredale, 1931
Genus Palmadusta Iredale, 1930
Genus Palmulacypraea Meyer, 2003
Genus Paradusta Lorenz, 2017
Genus Purpuradusta Schilder, 1939
Subfamily Pustulariinae Gill, 1871
Genus Ransoniella Dolin & Lozouet, 2005
Genus Raybaudia Lorenz, 2017
Genus Schilderia Tomlin, 1930
Genus Talostolida Schilder, 1939
Genus Trona Jousseaume, 1884
Subfamily Umbiliinae Schilder, 1932
Genus Zoila Jousseaume, 1884

Genus Sinusigera d'Orbigny, 1853 (nomen dubium, name established for a larval shell)

Genus Cupinota Iredale, 1939 accepted as Erosaria Troschel, 1863 accepted as Naria Gray, 1837 (nomen nudum)

Genus Opponaria Iredale, 1939 (temporary name, not available as no type species designated)

Genus Afrozoila Fehse, 2016 accepted as Barycypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Brugnonia Jeffreys, 1883 accepted as Erosaria Troschel, 1863 accepted as Naria Gray, 1837
Genus Cribraria Jousseaume, 1884 accepted as Cribrarula Strand, 1929 (Invalid: junior homonym of Cribraria Persoon, 1794 [Mycetozoa]; Cribrarula is a replacement name)
Subfamily Cypraeovulinae Schilder, 1927 accepted as Cypraeovulini Schilder, 1927
Genus Guttacypraea Iredale, 1935 accepted as Notocypraea Schilder, 1927
Genus Maurina Jousseaume, 1884 accepted as Mauritia Troschel, 1863 (junior objective synonym of Mauritia)
Genus Mystaponda Iredale, 1930 accepted as Lyncina Troschel, 1863
Genus Nivigena Iredale, 1930 accepted as Cribrarula Strand, 1929
Genus Pantherinaria Sacco, 1894 accepted as Cypraea Linnaeus, 1758
Genus Ransonia Dolin & Lozouet, 2004 accepted as Ransoniella Dolin & Lozouet, 2005 (Invalid: junior homonym of Ransonia Blandin, 1979 [Arachnida]; Ransoniella is a replacement name)
Genus Vulgusella Jousseaume, 1884 accepted as Cypraea Linnaeus, 1758
recent + fossil
Not documented
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Classification Alternative views on the classification of Cypraeidae range from uniting most of the species in the genus Cypraea (e.g. Ranson, 1967) to splitting in several subfamilies and dozens of genera (e.g. Schilder & Schilder, 1938 and subsequent papers) for less than 250 extant species). There is no doubt that the family has an old evolutionary history, dating back to the Jurassic, so that existing species are likely to show enough divergence so as to support some taxonomic splitting.
The classification of Lorenz (2002) largely coincides with that of Meyer (2003) based on molecular data, so that it was the basis for the classification in subfamilies in Bouchet & Rocroi (2005).
Subfamilies are here listed as alternate representation and the genera are direct child taxa of the family Cypraeidae.  [details]
English cowries  [details]
German PorzellanschneckenKaurischnecken  [details]
Japanese タカラガイ科  [details]