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Lévi, C. (1965). Spongiaires récoltés par l'expédition israélienne dans le sud de la Mer Rouge en 1962. In: Israel South Red Sea Expedition, 1962, Report 13. Sea Fisheries Research Station Haifa Bulletin. 39, 3-27.
Lévi, C.
Spongiaires récoltés par l'expédition israélienne dans le sud de la Mer Rouge en 1962. <i>In</i>: Israel South Red Sea Expedition, 1962, Report 13
Sea Fisheries Research Station Haifa Bulletin
39, 3-27
Red Sea
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Acanthella aurantiaca Keller, 1889 accepted as Stylissa carteri (Dendy, 1889) (additional source)
Agelas mauritiana (Carter, 1883) (additional source)
Aplysilla lacunosa Keller, 1889 (additional source)
Burtonanchora gracilis Lévi, 1965 accepted as Myxilla (Burtonanchora) gracilis (Lévi, 1965) (original description)
Callyspongia crassa (Keller, 1889) (additional source)
Chondrilla nucula Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Cinachyra alba Lévi, 1965 accepted as Cinachyrella albatridens (Lendenfeld, 1907) (basis of record)
Cinachyra alba tridens Lendenfeld, 1907 accepted as Cinachyrella albatridens (Lendenfeld, 1907) (basis of record)
Cinachyra schulzei Keller, 1891 accepted as Cinachyrella schulzei (Keller, 1891) (additional source)
Clathria (Microciona) atrasanguinea (Bowerbank, 1862) (additional source)
Cliothosa hancocki (Topsent, 1888) (additional source)
Damiriana schmidti (Ridley, 1884) accepted as Lissodendoryx (Waldoschmittia) schmidti (Ridley, 1884) (additional source)
Dysidea herbacea (Keller, 1889) accepted as Lamellodysidea herbacea (Keller, 1889) (additional source)
Echinodictyum flabelliforme (Keller, 1889) (additional source)
Fasciospongia cavernosa (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Gelliodes incrustans Dendy, 1905 (additional source)
Gellius toxius Topsent, 1897 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) toxia (Topsent, 1897) (additional source)
Grantessa stauridia (Haeckel, 1872) accepted as Sycettusa stauridia (Haeckel, 1872) (basis of record)
Heteronema erecta Keller, 1889 accepted as Hyrtios erectus (Keller, 1889) (additional source)
Iotrochota baculifera Ridley, 1884 (additional source)
Jaspis johnstonii (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Jaspis reptans (Dendy, 1905) (additional source)
Leuconia bathybia (Haeckel, 1869) accepted as Leucandra bathybia (Haeckel, 1869) (source of synonymy)
Microciona atrasanguinea Bowerbank, 1862 accepted as Clathria (Microciona) atrasanguinea (Bowerbank, 1862) (additional source)
Myriastra purpurea (Ridley, 1884) accepted as Stelletta purpurea Ridley, 1884 (additional source)
Paratetilla bacca (Selenka, 1867) (additional source)
Phyllospongia foliascens (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Pseudaxinyssa gravieri (Topsent, 1906) accepted as Axinyssa gravieri Topsent, 1906 (new combination reference)
Siphonochalina siphonella Lévi, 1965 accepted as Callyspongia (Callyspongia) siphonella (Lévi, 1965) (original description)
Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868 (additional source)
Spirastrella inconstans (Dendy, 1887) accepted as Spheciospongia inconstans (Dendy, 1887) (additional source)
Spongia irregularis (Lendenfeld, 1889) accepted as Spongia (Spongia) hispida Lamarck, 1814 (additional source)
Spongia officinalis var. exigua (Schulze, 1879) accepted as Spongia (Spongia) officinalis Linnaeus, 1759 (basis of record)
Stellettinopsis solida Lévi, 1965 (original description)
Suberites clavatus Keller, 1891 (additional source)
Tedania anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) represented as Tedania (Tedania) anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792) (additional source)
Tedania anhelans var. assabensis Keller, 1891 accepted as Tedania (Tedania) assabensis Keller, 1891 (basis of record)
Tethya seychellensis (Wright, 1881) (additional source)
Thoosa armata Topsent, 1888 (additional source)
Verongia mollis (Row, 1911) accepted as Suberea mollis (Row, 1911) (additional source)
Indian Ocean Abyssal Province for Cladorhiza nematophora Lévi, 1964 
Northern and Central Red Sea for Siphonochalina siphonella Lévi, 1965 
Southern Red Sea for Acanthella aurantiaca Keller, 1889 
Southern Red Sea for Agelas mauritiana (Carter, 1883) 
Southern Red Sea for Aplysilla lacunosa Keller, 1889 
Southern Red Sea for Burtonanchora gracilis Lévi, 1965 
Southern Red Sea for Callyspongia crassa (Keller, 1889) 
Southern Red Sea for Chondrilla nucula Schmidt, 1862  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Cinachyra alba tridens Lendenfeld, 1907 
Southern Red Sea for Cinachyra schulzei Keller, 1891 
Southern Red Sea for Cliothosa hancocki (Topsent, 1888)  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Damiriana schmidti (Ridley, 1884) 
Southern Red Sea for Dysidea herbacea (Keller, 1889) 
Southern Red Sea for Echinodictyum flabelliforme (Keller, 1889) 
Southern Red Sea for Fasciospongia cavernosa (Schmidt, 1862)  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Gelliodes incrustans Dendy, 1905 
Southern Red Sea for Gellius toxius Topsent, 1897 
Southern Red Sea for Grantessa stauridia (Haeckel, 1872) 
Southern Red Sea for Heteronema erecta Keller, 1889 
Southern Red Sea for Iotrochota baculifera Ridley, 1884 
Southern Red Sea for Jaspis johnstonii (Schmidt, 1862)  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Jaspis reptans (Dendy, 1905) 
Southern Red Sea for Leuconia bathybia (Haeckel, 1869) 
Southern Red Sea for Microciona atrasanguinea Bowerbank, 1862  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Myriastra purpurea (Ridley, 1884) 
Southern Red Sea for Paratetilla bacca (Selenka, 1867) 
Southern Red Sea for Phyllospongia foliascens (Pallas, 1766) 
Southern Red Sea for Pseudaxinyssa gravieri (Topsent, 1906) 
Southern Red Sea for Ptilocaulis spiculifer (Lamarck, 1814) 
Southern Red Sea for Spirastrella cunctatrix Schmidt, 1868  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Spirastrella inconstans (Dendy, 1887) 
Southern Red Sea for Spongia irregularis (Lendenfeld, 1889) 
Southern Red Sea for Spongia officinalis var. exigua (Schulze, 1879) 
Southern Red Sea for Stellettinopsis solida Lévi, 1965 
Southern Red Sea for Suberites clavatus Keller, 1891 
Southern Red Sea for Tedania anhelans (Vio in Olivi, 1792)  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Tedania anhelans var. assabensis Keller, 1891 
Southern Red Sea for Tethya seychellensis (Wright, 1881) 
Southern Red Sea for Thoosa armata Topsent, 1888  (inaccurate)
Southern Red Sea for Verongia mollis (Row, 1911) 
Um Aaabak for Haliclona Grant, 1841 
Holotype MNHN DCL 353, geounit Southern Red Sea, identified as Stellettinopsis solida Lévi, 1965

ZMA ZMA 198* 28th April 1962 [details]


Lendenfeld (1907) gave rise to confusion over this 'species' by adding a hyphen between alba and tridens / alba and ... [details]

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