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The Echinoderm Newsletter Archive

The Echinoderm Newsletter was established by Maureen E. Downey and David L. Pawson in 1968 as an informal means of rapid communication between echinoderm researchers. In order to foster collaboration and minimize duplication of research efforts, the newsletter contained information on new publications, upcoming conferences, addresses of echinoderm researchers, and information on their current research. Over time, The Echinoderm Newsletter was extended and additional sections were added.

The official publisher of The Echinoderm Newsletter was the Department of Invertebrate Zoology of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC (ISSN 0735-7494). The newsletter was produced using mimeographs and later Xerox copies. An online version in form of a webpage was first created in 1998 (issue 23), which later turned into The Virtual Echinoderm Newsletter (issue 26). In 2004, the responsibility for this now entirely electronic periodical was transferred to the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, where it was recreated in part and again named The Echinoderm Newsletter ( The newsletter is currently being edited by Sabine Stöhr.

The Echinoderm Newsletter contains a wealth of data useful for any echinoderm researcher, but older issues have been difficult to access and are usually not available from libraries. With the help of Dave Pawson, who provided hard copies of all issues, we have therefore digitized all printed isses of The Echinoderm Newsletter in order to ease access to this invaluable resource.


  • Maureen Downey & Dave Pawson (issues 1 to 11)
  • John M. Lawrence (issues 12 to 18)
  • Cynthia G. Ahearn (issues 19 to 26)
  • Sabine Stöhr (current online content)
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