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Plumarella Gray, 1870

177839  (



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  1. Species Plumarella aculeata Cairns & Bayer, 2004
  2. Species Plumarella acuminata Kinoshita, 1908
  3. Species Plumarella adhaerans Nutting, 1912
  4. Species Plumarella alba Kinoshita, 1908
  5. Species Plumarella aleutiana Cairns, 2011
  6. Species Plumarella alternata (Nutting, 1912)
  7. Species Plumarella aurea (Deichmann, 1936)
  8. Species Plumarella bayeri (Zapata-Guardiola & Lopez-González, 2010)
  9. Species Plumarella circumoperculum Cairns, 2010
  10. Species Plumarella cordilla Cairns, 2016
  11. Species Plumarella delicata (Kinoshita, 1907)
  12. Species Plumarella delicatissima Wright & Studer, 1889
  13. Species Plumarella dentata Thomson & Russell, 1909
  14. Species Plumarella dichotoma Cairns & Bayer, 2004
  15. Species Plumarella dofleini Kükenthal & Gorzawsky, 1908
  16. Species Plumarella echinata Cairns, 2011
  17. Species Plumarella flabellata Versluys, 1906
  18. Species Plumarella gracilis Kinoshita, 1908
  19. Species Plumarella hapala Cairns, 2011
  20. Species Plumarella laevis Thomson & Mackinnon, 1911
  21. Species Plumarella lata Kükenthal & Gorzawsky, 1908
  22. Species Plumarella laxiramosa Cairns & Bayer, 2004
  23. Species Plumarella longispina Kinoshita, 1908
  24. Species Plumarella nuttingi Cairns, 2011
  25. Species Plumarella pellucida Cairns & Bayer, 2004
  26. Species Plumarella penna (Lamarck, 1815)
  27. Species Plumarella pourtalesii (Verrill, 1883)
  28. Species Plumarella profunda Cairns, 2011
  29. Species Plumarella recta (Nutting, 1912)
  30. Species Plumarella rigida Kükenthal & Gorzawsky, 1908
  31. Species Plumarella robusta Cairns, 2011
  32. Species Plumarella spicata Nutting, 1912
  33. Species Plumarella spinosa Kinoshita, 1907
  34. Species Plumarella superba (Nutting, 1912)
  35. Species Plumarella australis Briggs, 1915 (uncertain > unassessed, original combination)
  36. Species Plumarella spinosa Kükenthal & Gorzawsky, 1908 (uncertain > unassessed)
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