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van der Land, J. (ed). (2008). UNESCO-IOC Register of Marine Organisms (URMO).
van der Land, J. (ed)
UNESCO-IOC Register of Marine Organisms (URMO)
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Abraliopsis affinis (Pfeffer, 1912) (additional source)
Abraliopsis atlantica Nesis, 1982 (additional source)
Abraliopsis chuni Nesis, 1982 (additional source)
Abraliopsis falco R. E. Young, 1972 (additional source)
Abraliopsis felis McGowan & Okutani, 1968 (additional source)
Abraliopsis gilchristi (G. C. Robson, 1924) (additional source)
Abraliopsis hoylei (Pfeffer, 1884) (additional source)
Abraliopsis lineata (E. S. Goodrich, 1896) (additional source)
Abraliopsis pacificus Tsuchiya & Okutani, 1991 (additional source)
Abraliopsis tui Riddell, 1985 (additional source)
Abyssascidia millari Monniot F., 1971 (additional source)
Abyssascidia wyvillii Herdman, 1880 (additional source)
Abyssopathes Opresko, 2002 (basis of record)
Acalyptophis Boulenger, 1896 (basis of record)
Acalyptophis peronii (Duméril, 1853) accepted as Hydrophis peronii (Duméril, 1853) (basis of record)
Acanthobonellia Fisher, 1948 (basis of record)
Acanthobonellia miyajimai (Ikeda, 1904) (basis of record)
Acanthobonellia pirotanensis Jose, 1964 (basis of record)
Acanthobonellia rollandoe Menon, DattaGupta & Johnson, 1964 (basis of record)
Acanthodasys aculeatus Remane, 1927 (additional source)
Acanthodasys arcassonensis Kisielewski, 1987 (additional source)
Acanthodasys fibrosus Clausen, 2004 (additional source)
Acanthodasys lineatus Clausen, 2000 (additional source)
Acanthodasys silvulus Evans, 1992 (additional source)
Acanthohamingia Ikeda, 1910 (basis of record)
Acanthohamingia ijimai (Ikeda, 1908) (basis of record)
Acanthohamingia shiplei Ikeda, 1910 (basis of record)
Acanthoisis Wright & Studer, 1887 (basis of record)
Acanthopathes Opresko, 2004 (basis of record)
Acanthophyllia Wells, 1937 (basis of record)
Acanthopriapulus horridus (Théel, 1911) (additional source)
Acanthoprimnoa Cairns & Bayer, 2004 (basis of record)
Acanthoptilum Kölliker, 1870 (basis of record)
Acanthosepion whitleyanum Iredale, 1926 (source of synonymy)
Achaetobonellia Fisher, 1953 (basis of record)
Achaetobonellia maculata Fisher, 1953 (basis of record)
Achaetobonellia ricei Biseswar, 2005 (basis of record)
Achelia adelpha Child, 1970 (additional source)
Achelia alaskensis (Cole, 1904) (additional source)
Achelia anomala Arnaud, 1974 (additional source)
Achelia aspera Loman, 1923 (additional source)
Achelia assimilis (Haswell, 1885) (additional source)
Achelia australiensis Miers, 1884 (additional source)
Achelia barnardi Stock, 1959 (additional source)
Achelia besnardi Sawaya, 1951 (additional source)
Achelia bituberculata Hedgpeth, 1949 (additional source)
Achelia borealis (Schimkewitsch, 1895) (additional source)
Achelia boschi Stock, 1992 (additional source)
Achelia brevicauda (Loman, 1904) (additional source)
Achelia brevirostris Losina-Losinsky, 1961 (additional source)
Achelia bullosa Child, 1996 (additional source)
Achelia chelata (Hilton, 1939) (additional source)
Achelia columnaris Stock, 1992 (additional source)
Achelia communis (Bouvier, 1906) (additional source)
Achelia crurispinifera Kim & Kim, 1985 (additional source)
Achelia curticauda Nakamura, Miyazaki & Child, 1996 (additional source)
Achelia deodata Muller, 1990 (additional source)
Achelia discoidea Exline, 1936 (additional source)
Achelia dohrni (Thompson, 1884) (additional source)
Achelia echinata Hodge, 1864 (additional source)
Achelia fernandeziana (Loman, 1920) (additional source)
Achelia gracilipes (Cole, 1904) (additional source)
Achelia gracilis Verrill, 1900 (additional source)
Achelia hariettae Marcus, 1940 (additional source)
Achelia hoekii (Pfeffer, 1889) (additional source)
Achelia kiiensis Utinomi, 1951 (additional source)
Achelia kurilensis Losina-Losinsky, 1961 (additional source)
Achelia laevis Hodge, 1864 (additional source)
Achelia lagena Child, 1994 (additional source)
Achelia lagenaria Stock, 1992 (additional source)
Achelia langi (Dohrn, 1881) (additional source)
Achelia latifrons (Cole, 1904) (additional source)
Achelia megova (Hilton, 1943) (additional source)
Achelia mixta Stock, 1994 (additional source)
Achelia nana (Loman, 1908) (additional source)
Achelia neotenica Krapp, 1986 (additional source)
Achelia orientalis Schimkewitsch, 1913 (additional source)
Achelia orpax Nakamura & Child, 1983 (additional source)
Achelia ovosetosa (Hilton, 1942) (additional source)
Achelia parvula (Loman, 1923) (additional source)
Achelia pribilofensis (Cole, 1904) (additional source)
Achelia quadridentata (Hodgson, 1910) (additional source)
Achelia salebrosa Losina-Losinsky, 1961 (additional source)
Achelia sawayai Marcus, 1940 (additional source)
Achelia scabra Wilson, 1880 (additional source)
Achelia serratipalpis (Bouvier, 1911) (additional source)
Achelia setulosa (Loman, 1912) (additional source)
Achelia shepherdi Stock, 1973 (additional source)
Achelia simplex (Giltay, 1934) (additional source)
Achelia simplissima (Hilton, 1939) (additional source)
Achelia socors (Loman, 1908) (additional source)
Achelia spatula Nakamura, K. & C.A. Child., 1983 (basis of record)
Achelia spinosa (Stimpson, 1853) (additional source)
Achelia spinoseta (Hilton, 1939) (additional source)
Achelia sufflata Gordon, 1944 (additional source)
Achelia superba (Loman, 1911) (additional source)
Achelia tenuipes Stock, 1990 (additional source)
Achelia transfuga Stock, 1954 (additional source)
Achelia transfugoides Stock, 1973 (additional source)
Achelia turba Stock, 1990 (additional source)
English 10-tentacle burrowing anemone for Halcampa decemtentaculata Hand, 1955
English 12-tentacle burrowing anemone for Halcampa duodecimcirrata (Sars, 1851)
English 12-tentacle parasitic anemone for Peachia parasitica (Agassiz, 1861)
English Abbott's booby for Papasula abbotti Ridgway, 1893
English aberrant toothshell for Gadila aberrans (Whiteaves, 1887)
English adhesive sea anemone for Cryptodendrum adhaesivum (Klunzinger, 1877)
English African pillow coral for Siderastrea savignyana Milne Edwards & Haime, 1849
English African squid [from synonym] for Loligo africana (Adam, 1950)
English Agassiz toothshell for Gadila agassizii (Dall, 1881)
English Alaskan anemone for Charisea saxicola Torrey, 1902
English Aleutian tern [from synonym] for Sterna aleutica Baird, 1869
English Amazon tern [from synonym] for Sterna superciliaris Vieillot, 1819
English American tuskshell for Paradentalium americanum (Chenu, 1843)
English anagolous bobtail for Sepiola affinis Naef, 1912
English ancient murrelet for Synthliboramphus antiquus (Gmelin, 1789)
English Andean gull for Larus serranus Tschudi, 1844
English Andrew's frigatebird for Fregata andrewsi Mathews, 1914
English anemone coral for Goniopora albiconus Veron, 2000
English anemone coral for Goniopora burgosi Nemenzo, 1955
English anemone coral for Goniopora cellulosa Veron, 1990
English anemone coral for Goniopora ciliatus Veron, 2000
English anemone coral for Goniopora columna Dana, 1846
English anemone coral for Goniopora djiboutiensis Vaughan, 1907
English anemone coral for Goniopora eclipsensis Veron & Pichon, 1982
English anemone coral for Goniopora fruticosa Saville-Kent, 1891
English anemone coral for Goniopora lobata Milne Edwards, 1860
English anemone coral [from synonym] for Goniopora minor Crossland, 1952
English anemone coral for Goniopora norfolkensis Veron & Pichon, 1982
English anemone coral for Goniopora palmensis Veron & Pichon, 1982
English anemone coral for Goniopora pandoraensis Veron & Pichon, 1982
English anemone coral for Goniopora pearsoni Veron, 2000
English anemone coral for Goniopora pendulus Veron, 1985
English anemone coral for Goniopora planulata (Ehrenberg, 1834)
English anemone coral for Goniopora polyformis (Zou, 1980)
English anemone coral for Goniopora savignyi Dana, 1846
English anemone coral for Goniopora somaliensis Vaughan, 1907
English anemone coral for Goniopora stokesi Milne Edwards & Haime, 1851
English anemone coral [from synonym] for Goniopora stutchburyi Wells, 1955
English anemone coral for Goniopora sultani Veron, DeVantier & Turak, 2000
English anemone coral for Goniopora tenella (Quelch, 1886)
English anemone coral for Goniopora tenuidens (Quelch, 1886)
English angel squid for Ancistroteuthis lichtensteinii (A. Férussac [in A. Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1835)
English Angola flying squid for Todarodes angolensis Adam, 1962
English angular sea whip for Pterogorgia anceps (Pallas, 1766)
English annulate sticky hydroid for Eudendrium vaginatum Allman, 1863
English annulate tuskshell for Episiphon sowerbyi (Guilding, 1834)
English Antarctic flying squid for Todarodes filippovae Adam, 1975
English Antarctic fulmar for Fulmarus glacialoides (Smith, 1840)
English Antarctic neosquid for Alluroteuthis antarcticus Odhner, 1923
English Antarctic skua [from synonym] for Catharacta antarctica (Lesson, 1831)
English Antillean tuskshell [from synonym] for Antalis antillaris (d'Orbigny, 1847)
English Antilles bobtail squid for Austrorossia antillensis (G. L. Voss, 1955)
English Arafura file snake for Acrochordus arafurae McDowell, 1979
English arch-beaked whale for Mesoplodon carlhubbsi Moore, 1963
English Arctic brooding anemone for Epiactis arctica (Verrill, 1868)
English Argentine shortfin squid for Illex argentinus (Castellanos, 1960)
English armed cranch squid for Galiteuthis armata Joubin, 1898
English Armenian gull for Larus armenicus Buturlin, 1934
English Arnoux's beaked whale for Berardius arnuxii Duvernoy, 1851
English artichoke coral for Scolymia cubensis (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1848)
English Ascension frigatebird for Fregata aquila (Linnaeus, 1758)
English ashy storm-petrel for Oceanodroma homochroa (Coues, 1864)
English Atlantic armhook squid for Gonatus steenstrupi Kristensen, 1981
English Atlantic banded octopus for Octopus zonatus G. L. Voss, 1968
English Atlantic bird squid for Ornithoteuthis antillarum Adam, 1957
English Atlantic bobtail for Sepiola atlantica d'Orbigny, 1842
English Atlantic cranch squid for Teuthowenia megalops (Prosch, 1849)
English Atlantic gonate squid for Gonatus steenstrupi Kristensen, 1981
English Atlantic hump-backed dolphin for Sousa teuszii (Kükenthal, 1892)
English Atlantic mushroom coral for Scolymia lacera (Pallas, 1766)
English Atlantic warty octopus for Scaeurgus unicirrhus (Delle Chiaje [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1841)
English Auckland chag [from synonym] for Phalacrocorax colensoi Buller, 1888
English Audouin's gull for Larus audouinii Payraudeau, 1826
English Australasian gannet for Morus serrator (Gray, 1843)
English Australian fur seal for Arctocephalus pusillus (Schreber, 1775)
English Australian pelican for Pelecanus conspicillatus Temminck, 1824
English Australian snubfin dolphin for Orcaella heinsohni Beasley, Robertson & Arnold, 2005
English banana coral for Trachyphyllia geoffroyi (Audouin, 1826)
English banded tuskshell for Antalis circumcincta (R. B. Watson, 1879)
English banded water snake for Nerodia fasciata (Linnaeus, 1766)
English band-rumped storm-petrel for Oceanodroma castro (Harcourt, 1851)
English bank cormorant for Phalacrocorax neglectus (Wahlberg, 1855)
English Bartsch's squid [from synonym] for Uroteuthis bartschi Rehder, 1945
English beaded sea anemone for Heteractis aurora (Quoy & Gaimard, 1833)
English bean coral for Euphyllia fimbriata (Spengler, 1799)
English Beck's petrel for Pseudobulweria becki (Murphy, 1928)
English Beka squid [from synonym] for Loligo beka Sasaki, 1929
English Bennetts watersnake [from synonym] for Enhydris bennetti (Gray, 1842)
English Bermuda petrel for Pterodroma cahow (Nichols & Mowbray, 1916)
English berry armhook squid for Gonatus berryi Naef, 1923
English berry tuskshell for Antalis berryi (A. G. Smith & M. Gordon, 1948)
English bigeye inshore squid [from synonym] for Loligo ocula Cohen, 1976
English big-fin bobtail squid for Rossia megaptera A. E. Verrill, 1881
English black fan-shaped hydroid for Solanderia gracilis Duchassaing & Michelin, 1846
English black jelly for Chrysaora achlyos Martin, Gershwin, Burnett, Cargo & Bloom, 1997
English black noddy for Anous minutus Boie, 1844
English black right whale for Balaena mysticetus Linnaeus, 1758
English Black Sea fan for Iciligorgia schrammi Duchassaing, 1870
English Black Sea rod for Plexaura homomalla (Esper, 1794)
English Black Sea turtle [from synonym] for Chelonia agassizii Bocourt, 1868