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DecaNet: World List of Decapoda
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A world checklist of Decapoda, compiled by taxonomic experts and based on peer-reviewed literature. more

Decapod crustaceans are familiar to anybody who has ever visited the seashore as a kid or adult, with crabs and shrimps being abundant in rock pools and on beaches. They are however, much more widespread than seashores, and a variety of species live in the deepest ocean trenches, on deep-sea vents, on coral reefs, and in freshwater environments, such as lakes, rivers and in underground caves. They have also colonised land, with some species of leaving far inland and even up trees in tropical rain forests.

Decapods range in size from barely a cm in length, such as the freshwater shrimp Caridella minuta from Lake Tanganyika and the tiny Oriental freshwater crabs of the family Hymenosomatidae to the Giant Japanese Spider crab, Macrocheira kaempferi with a leg span of nearly 4 metres. Other notable giants are the largest terrestrial arthropod, the Coconut Robber, Birgus latro and the largest freshwater invertebrate, the Giant Tasmanian Crayfish, Astacopsis gouldi.

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Decapoda [WoRMS]


DecaNet creator
De Grave, Sammydata managertaxonomic editor
Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), moredatabase developer
Ahyong, Shanetaxonomic editor
Boyko, Christophertaxonomic editor
Chan, Tin-Yamtaxonomic editor
Crandall, Keithtaxonomic editor
Davie, Petertaxonomic editor
de Mazancourt, Valentintaxonomic editor
Fransen, Charlestaxonomic editor
Hyžný, Matúštaxonomic editor
Lemaitre, Rafaeltaxonomic editor
Macpherson, Enriquetaxonomic editor
Ng Kee Lin, Petertaxonomic editor
Osawa, Masayukitaxonomic editor
Poore, Garytaxonomic editor
Santos, Sandrotaxonomic editor
Schweitzer, Carrietaxonomic editor
van der Meij, Sanciataxonomic editor

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