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AlgaeTraits: a trait database for (European) seaweeds (dataset)
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Vranken, S.; Robuchon, M.; Dekeyzer, S.; Bárbara, I.; Bartsch, I.; Blanfuné, A.; Boudouresque, C.-F.; Decock, W.; Destombe, C.; de Reviers, B.; Díaz-Tapia, P.; Herbst, A.; Julliard, R.; Karez, R.; Kersen, P.; Krueger-Hadfield, S.A.; Kuhlenkamp, R.; Peters, A.F.; Peña, V.; Piñeiro-Corbeira, C.; Rindi, F.; Rousseau, F.; Rueness, J.; Schubert, H.; Sjøtun, K.; Sansón, M.; Smale, D.; Thibaut, T.; Valero, M.; Vandepitte, L.; Vanhoorne, B.; Vergés, A.; Verlaque, M.; Vieira, C.; Le Gall, L.; Leliaert, F.; De Clerck, O. (2022). AlgaeTraits: a trait database for (European) seaweeds.

Archived data
Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The macroalgae traits project started in 2014 as one of the pilot projects for collecting traits under EMODnet Biology. During this pilot project, Sofie Vranken (UGent) started compiling several traits for European marine algal genera in a database. This was in collaboration with Olivier De Clerck (UGent). In 2017, Sofie and Olivier reaeched out to Marine Robuchon and Line Le Gall of MNHN in Paris, since they had the idea to develop a similar traits database on species level, as the traits might slightly differ between the species in the same genus. The spreadsheets at the genus level and species level were compared and inconsistencies were fixed. The trait information for European macroalgae was uploaded to Aphia/WoRMS in spring 2020. more

The dataset contains the following traits for European Macroalgae
  1. Biogeography : Distribution
  2. Ecology : Blooming
  3. Ecology: Environment
  4. Ecology : Habitat
  5. Ecology : Substrate
  6. Ecology: Thallus seasonality
  7. Ecology : Tolerance to pollutants
  8. Ecology : Zonation
  9. Morphofunctional growth form : Calcification
  10. Morphofunctional growth form : Thallus life span
  11. Morphofunctional growth form : Thallus shape
  12. Morphofunctional growth form : Thallus vertical space used
  13. Reproductive biology: Arrangement gametophytes
  14. Reproductive biology : Asexual reproduction
  15. Reproductive biology : Dispersion mode
  16. Reproductive biology : Fertility period
  17. Reproductive biology: Form gametes
  18. Reproductive biology : Generation time
  19. Reproductive biology: Life cycle
  20. Reproductive biology : Life phase resemblance
  21. Reproductive biology : Spawning method

Biology > Macroalgae
Marine/Coastal, Brackish water, Traits, Europe, Chlorophyta, Ochrophyta, Rhodophyta

Geographical coverage
Europe [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
2014 - 2020

Taxonomic coverage
Chlorophyta [WoRMS]
Ochrophyta [WoRMS]
Rhodophyta [WoRMS]

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Published in:
WoRMS: World Register of Marine Species, more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Data collection
Metadatarecord created: 2020-10-05
Information last updated: 2022-09-22
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