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Sebastapistes Gill, 1877

126173  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:126173)

Sebastipistes · unaccepted (misspelling)


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  1. Species Sebastapistes ballieui (Sauvage, 1875)
  2. Species Sebastapistes coniorta Jenkins, 1903
  3. Species Sebastapistes cyanostigma (Bleeker, 1856)
  4. Species Sebastapistes fowleri (Pietschmann, 1934)
  5. Species Sebastapistes galactacma Jenkins, 1903
  6. Species Sebastapistes mauritiana (Cuvier, 1829)
  7. Species Sebastapistes nuchalis (Günther, 1874)
  8. Species Sebastapistes perplexa Motomura, Aizawa & Endo, 2014
  9. Species Sebastapistes strongia (Cuvier, 1829)
  10. Species Sebastapistes taeniophrys (Fowler, 1943)
  11. Species Sebastapistes tinkhami (Fowler, 1946)
  12. Species Sebastapistes albobrunnea (Günther, 1874) accepted as Sebastapistes cyanostigma (Bleeker, 1856)
  13. Species Sebastapistes amplisquamiceps (Fowler, 1938) accepted as Neomerinthe amplisquamiceps (Fowler, 1938)
  14. Species Sebastapistes asperella (Bennett, 1828) accepted as Iracundus signifer Jordan & Evermann, 1903 (junior synonym)
  15. Species Sebastapistes badiorufus Herre, 1935 accepted as Sebastapistes fowleri (Pietschmann, 1934)
  16. Species Sebastapistes bandanensis (Bleeker, 1851) accepted as Parascorpaena bandanensis (Bleeker, 1851)
  17. Species Sebastapistes bynoensis (Richardson, 1845) accepted as Parascorpaena aurita (Rüppell, 1838)
  18. Species Sebastapistes coloratus Gilbert, 1905 accepted as Scorpaena colorata (Gilbert, 1905)
  19. Species Sebastapistes corallicola Jenkins, 1903 accepted as Sebastapistes ballieui (Sauvage, 1875)
  20. Species Sebastapistes hassi Klausewitz, 1970 accepted as Sebastapistes fowleri (Pietschmann, 1934)
  21. Species Sebastapistes kowiensis (Smith, 1935) accepted as Sebastapistes cyanostigma (Bleeker, 1856)
  22. Species Sebastapistes maderensis (Valenciennes, 1833) accepted as Scorpaena maderensis Valenciennes, 1833 (senior synonym)
  23. Species Sebastapistes nielseni Smith, 1964 accepted as Neoscorpaena nielseni (Smith, 1964)
  24. Species Sebastapistes oglinus (Smith, 1947) accepted as Sebastapistes strongia (Cuvier, 1829)
  25. Species Sebastapistes pascuensis (Eschmeyer & Allen, 1971) accepted as Scorpaena pascuensis Eschmeyer & Allen, 1971 (senior synonym)
  26. Species Sebastapistes scorfa (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Scorpaena scrofa Linnaeus, 1758 (misspelling)
  27. Species Sebastapistes tinckhami (Fowler, 1946) accepted as Sebastapistes tinkhami (Fowler, 1946) (misspelling)
  28. Species Sebastapistes tristis (Klunzinger, 1870) accepted as Sebastapistes strongia (Cuvier, 1829)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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Japanese マダラフサカサゴ属  [details]