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Keratoisis Wright, 1869

125306  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:125306)

Ceratoisis Wright, 1869 · unaccepted (Spelling variation)


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  1. Species Keratoisis chuni Kükenthal, 1915
  2. Species Keratoisis flabellum Nutting, 1908
  3. Species Keratoisis flexibilis (Pourtalès, 1868)
  4. Species Keratoisis fruticosa Lapointe & Watling, 2022
  5. Species Keratoisis glaesa Grant, 1976
  6. Species Keratoisis gracilis Thomson & Henderson, 1906
  7. Species Keratoisis grandiflora Studer, 1878
  8. Species Keratoisis grandis Nutting, 1908
  9. Species Keratoisis grayi Wright, 1869
  10. Species Keratoisis hikurangiensis Grant, 1976
  11. Species Keratoisis japonica Studer, 1878
  12. Species Keratoisis palmae Wright & Studer, 1889
  13. Species Keratoisis paucispinosa Wright & Studer, 1889
  14. Species Keratoisis peara Dueñas, Alderslade & Sánchez, 2014
  15. Species Keratoisis philippinensis Wright & Studer, 1889
  16. Species Keratoisis projecta Grant, 1976
  17. Species Keratoisis ramosa Lapointe & Watling, 2022
  18. Species Keratoisis siemensii Studer, 1878
  19. Species Keratoisis squarrosa Kükenthal, 1915
  20. Species Keratoisis tangentis Grant, 1976
  21. Species Keratoisis wrighti Nutting, 1910
  22. Species Keratoisis zelandica Grant, 1976
  23. Species Keratoisis macrospiculata Kükenthal, 1915 accepted as Lepidisis macrospiculata (Kükenthal, 1915) (unaccepted > superseded combination)
  24. Species Keratoisis magnifica Dueñas, Alderslade & Sánchez, 2014 accepted as Onkoisis magnifica (Dueñas, Alderslade & Sánchez, 2014) (unaccepted > superseded combination, original combination)
  25. Species Keratoisis microspiculata Molander, 1929 accepted as Tenuisis microspiculata (Molander, 1929) (unaccepted > superseded combination, variant spelling)
  26. Species Keratoisis nuda Wright & Studer, 1889 accepted as Lepidisis nuda (Wright & Studer, 1889) (unaccepted > superseded combination)
  27. Species Keratoisis ornata Verrill, 1878 accepted as Keratoisis grayi Wright, 1869 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
  28. Species Keratoisis profunda (Wright, 1885) accepted as Bathygorgia profunda Wright, 1885 (unaccepted > superseded combination)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Wright, E.P. (1869). On a new genus of Gorgonidae from Portugal. <em>The Annals and magazine of natural history; zoology, botany, and geology, series 4.</em> 3: 23-26., available online at https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/18662405
page(s): 23 [details]   
McFadden, C.S.; Cordeiro, R.; Williams, G.; van Ofwegen, L. (2024). World List of Octocorallia. Keratoisis Wright, 1869. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: https://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=125306 on 2024-02-26
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