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Placogorgia Wright & Studer, 1889

125312  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:125312)

Species Placogorgia alternata Nutting, 1910
Species Placogorgia atlantica Wright & Studer, 1889
Species Placogorgia bebrycoides Nutting, 1910
Species Placogorgia becena Grasshoff, 1977
Species Placogorgia coronata Carpine & Grasshoff, 1975
Species Placogorgia costata (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia dendritica Nutting, 1910
Species Placogorgia dentata Nutting, 1910
Species Placogorgia flava (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia flexilis (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia foliata (Aurivillius, 1931)
Species Placogorgia graciosa (Tixier-Durivault & d'Hondt, 1975)
Species Placogorgia immersa (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia indica Thomson & Henderson, 1906
Species Placogorgia intermedia (Thomson, 1927)
Species Placogorgia japonica Nutting, 1912
Species Placogorgia massiliensis Carpine & Grasshoff, 1975
Species Placogorgia mirabilis Deichmann, 1936
Species Placogorgia orientalis Thomson & Henderson, 1906
Species Placogorgia pallida (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia placoderma (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia polybrachis Kükenthal, 1919
Species Placogorgia rudis Deichmann, 1936
Species Placogorgia sanguinea (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia simplex (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia squamata Nutting, 1910
Species Placogorgia studeri Nutting, 1910
Species Placogorgia tenuis (Verrill, 1883)
Species Placogorgia terceira Grasshoff, 1977
Species Placogorgia tribuloides Bayer, 1959

Species Placogorgia campanulifera (Nutting, 1910) accepted as Discogorgia campanulifera (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia cryptotheca Nutting, 1910 accepted as Paraplexaura cryptotheca (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia pulchra Nutting, 1910 accepted as Paraplexaura pulchra (Nutting, 1910)
Species Placogorgia reticuloides Nutting, 1910 accepted as Paraplexaura reticuloides (Nutting, 1910)
Not documented
Cordeiro, R.; van Ofwegen, L.; Williams, G. (2018). World List of Octocorallia. Placogorgia Wright & Studer, 1889. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=125312 on 2018-06-24
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Placogorgia sp., 70 m Alabama Alps Reef, Gulf of Mexico.

Photograph courtesy of NOAA-USGS-Deep Sea Systems International. Identifications by P. Etnoyer et al. For more information see supplementary material in: Etnoyer PJ, Wickes LN, Silva M, Dubick JD, Balthis L, Salgado E, MacDonald IR (2016). Decline in condition of gorgonian octocorals on mesophotic reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico: before and after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Coral Reefs 35: 77-90.