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NameRobinson, T.B.,Griffiths, C.L.,and Kruger, N. (2004). Distribution and status of marine invasive species in and bordering the West Coast National park. Koedoe 47 (1):79-87. Pretoria. ISSN 0075-6458
Type Publication
Langebaan Lagoon for Aulacomya ater (Molina, 1782)
Langebaan Lagoon for Burnupena cincta (Röding, 1798)
Langebaan Lagoon for Choromytilus meridionalis (Krauss, 1848)
Langebaan Lagoon for Littorina saxatilis (Olivi, 1792)  (non native)
Langebaan Lagoon for Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819  (non native)
Langebaan Lagoon for Plagusia chabrus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Langebaan Lagoon for Sagartia ornata (Holdsworth, 1855)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Ascidiella aspersa (Müller, 1776)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Aulacomya ater (Molina, 1782)
Saldanha Bay for Burnupena cincta (Röding, 1798)
Saldanha Bay for Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Choromytilus meridionalis (Krauss, 1848)
Saldanha Bay for Ciona intestinalis (Linnaeus, 1767)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Diplosoma listerianum (Milne-Edwards, 1841)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Littorina saxatilis (Olivi, 1792)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Pilumnus hirsutus Stimpson, 1858  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Plagusia chabrus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Saldanha Bay for Sagartia ornata (Holdsworth, 1855)  (non native)
Saldanha Bay for Tapes philippinarum (Adams & Reeve, 1850)  (non native)
West Coast of South Africa for Carcinus maenas (Linnaeus, 1758)
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