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Porifera distribution - Placedetails

Status Alternative classification Alternative classification, try to use a different MRGID synonym of Arafura Sea (IHO Sea Area)
Language Name Name source
EnglishArafura SeaSpalding, M. D. Fox, H. E. Allen, G. R. Davidson, N. Ferdana, Z. A. Finlayson, M. Halpern, B. S. Jorge, M. A. Lombana, A. Lourie, S. A., (2007). Marine Ecoregions of the World: A Bioregionalization of Coastal and Shelf Areas. Bioscience 2007, VOL 57; numb 7, pages 573-584. doi: 10.1641/B570707   
PlaceType Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW) 
Latitude 7° 5' 1.3" S (-7.08369°)  
Longitude 137° 44' 13.2" E (137.737°)  
Source Spalding, M. D. Fox, H. E. Allen, G. R. Davidson, N. Ferdana, Z. A. Finlayson, M. Halpern, B. S. Jorge, M. A. Lombana, A. Lourie, S. A., (2007). Marine Ecoregions of the World: A Bioregionalization of Coastal and Shelf Areas. Bioscience 2007, VOL 57; numb 7, pages 573-584. doi: 10.1641/B570707, available online at
Part of  Sahul Shelf (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW)) 
Has preferred alternative  Arafura Sea (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
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in this area (100)
Acanthella euctimena Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Phakettia euctimena (Hentschel, 1912)
Acarnus wolffgangi Keller, 1889
Antho (Acarnia) ridleyi (Hentschel, 1912)
Aplysina mollis var. aruensis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Suberea mollis (Row, 1911)
Aplysinopsis reticulata Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Fascaplysinopsis reticulata (Hentschel, 1912)
Axechina raspailioides Hentschel, 1912
Axinella axifera Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Adreus axifer (Hentschel, 1912)
Axinella echidnaea sensu Ridley, 1884 accepted as Reniochalina stalagmitis Lendenfeld, 1888
Biemna aruensis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Microtylostylifer aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Biemna megalosigma Hentschel, 1912
Biemna megalosigma var. liposphaera Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Biemna liposphaera (Hentschel, 1912)
Biemna truncata Hentschel, 1912
Cacospongia irregularis Poléjaeff, 1884 accepted as Ircinia irregularis (Poléjaeff, 1884)
Chalina sorongae Brøndsted, 1934 accepted as Haliclona sorongae (Brøndsted, 1934)
Chondrilla australiensis Carter, 1873
Chondrilla jinensis Hentschel, 1912
Chondrilla media Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Chondrilla mixta Schulze, 1877
Cinachyrella clavigera (Hentschel, 1912)
Cinachyrella nuda (Hentschel, 1912)
Ciocalypta heterostyla Hentschel, 1912
Ciocalypta mertoni Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Axinyssa mertoni (Hentschel, 1912)
Ciocalypta oculata var. maxima Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Amorphinopsis fenestrata (Ridley, 1884)
Ciocalypta rutila var. gracilis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Axinyssa gracilis (Hentschel, 1912)
Ciocalypta stalagmites Hentschel, 1912
Clathria (Microciona) tetrastyla (Hentschel, 1912)
Clathria (Microciona) thielei (Hentschel, 1912)
Clathria (Thalysias) aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Clathria (Thalysias) calochela (Hentschel, 1912)
Clathria (Thalysias) coppingeri Ridley, 1884
Clathria (Thalysias) michaelseni (Hentschel, 1911)
Clathria (Thalysias) procera (Ridley, 1884)
Clathria (Wilsonella) mixta Hentschel, 1912
Clathria (Wilsonella) tuberosa (Bowerbank, 1875)
Clathria aruensis (Hentschel, 1912) accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Clathria claviformis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Wilsonella) claviformis Hentschel, 1912
Clathria coppingeri var. aculeata Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) lendenfeldi Ridley & Dendy, 1886
Clathria frondifera (Bowerbank, 1875) accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) vulpina (Lamarck, 1814)
Clathria frondifera var. dichela Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) vulpina (Lamarck, 1814)
Clathria frondifera var. major Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) major Hentschel, 1912
Clathria lendenfeldi Ridley & Dendy, 1886 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) lendenfeldi Ridley & Dendy, 1886
Clathria nuda Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) nuda Hentschel, 1912
Clathria tetrastyla (Hentschel, 1912) accepted as Clathria (Microciona) tetrastyla (Hentschel, 1912)
Clathria typica var. porrecta Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) reinwardti Vosmaer, 1880
Cliona dissimilis Ridley & Dendy, 1886
Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) dichela (Hentschel, 1912)
Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) navicelligera aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Coelosphaera dichela (Hentschel, 1912) accepted as Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) dichela (Hentschel, 1912)
Cornulum achela Hentschel, 1912
Crella navicelligera Ridley, 1885 accepted as Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) navicelligera (Ridley, 1885)
Cyamon aruense Hentschel, 1912
Damiria simplex Keller, 1891
Dendrilla lacunosa Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ernstilla lacunosa (Hentschel, 1912)
Dendrilla lendenfeldi Hentschel, 1912
Dendrilla mertoni Hentschel, 1912
Dendrilla rosea var. digitata Carter, 1886 accepted as Dendrilla rosea Lendenfeld, 1883
Dendropsis mixta Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Higginsia mixta (Hentschel, 1912)
Desmanthus topsenti Hentschel, 1912
Desmapsamma vervoorti van Soest, 1998
Disyringa dissimilis (Ridley, 1884)
Donatia tylota Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Tethytimea tylota (Hentschel, 1912)
Dysideopsis topsenti Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Lamellodysidea herbacea (Keller, 1889)
Echinodictyum carlinoides (Lamarck, 1814)
Echinodictyum pulchrum Brøndsted, 1934
Echinodictyum rugosum Ridley & Dendy, 1886
Forcepia mertoni Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Forcepia (Forcepia) mertoni Hentschel, 1912
Gelliodes fibulata (Carter, 1881)
Gelliodes gracilis Hentschel, 1912
Gelliodes macrosigma Hentschel, 1912
Gellius ridleyi Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) ridleyi (Hentschel, 1912)
Gellius toxophorus Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Haliclona (Gellius) toxophora (Hentschel, 1912)
Haliclona (Flagellia) hamata (Thiele, 1903)
Haliclona (Gellius) toxotes (Hentschel, 1912)
Haliclona incrustans (Hentschel, 1912) accepted as Haliclona (Flagellia) hentscheli Van Soest, 2017
Hippospongia frondosa Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ircinia ramosa (Keller, 1889)
Hircinia aruensis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ircinia aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Hircinia pinna Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ircinia pinna (Hentschel, 1912)
Hircinia spiculosa Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Ircinia spiculosa (Hentschel, 1912)
Histoderma navicelligerum var. aruensis Henstchel, 1912 accepted as Coelosphaera (Coelosphaera) navicelligera aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Hyalonema (Coscinonema) kirkpatricki Ijima, 1927
Hyalonema kirkpatricki kirkpatricki Ijima, 1927 accepted as Hyalonema (Coscinonema) kirkpatricki kirkpatricki Ijima, 1927
Hymedesmia (Hymedesmia) mertoni Hentschel, 1912
Hymenancora lundbecki Hentschel, 1912
Hymeraphia calochela Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Thalysias) calochela (Hentschel, 1912)
Hymeraphia lendenfeldi Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Microciona) hentscheli Hooper, 1996
Hymeraphia rhopalophora Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Microciona) rhopalophora (Hentschel, 1912)
Hymeraphia similis Thiele, 1903 accepted as Clathria (Microciona) similis (Thiele, 1903)
Hymeraphia tetrastyla Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Clathria (Microciona) tetrastyla (Hentschel, 1912)
Ianthella flabelliformis (Linnaeus, 1759)
Lissodendoryx aspera sensu Hofman & Van Soest, 1985 accepted as Lissodendoryx (Waldoschmittia) schmidti (Ridley, 1884)
Lissodendoryx similis Thiele, 1899 accepted as Lissodendoryx (Lissodendoryx) similis Thiele, 1899
Lophacanthus rhabdophorus Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Desmanthus rhabdophorus (Hentschel, 1912)
Microtylostylifer aruensis (Hentschel, 1912)
Mycale (Aegogropila) sulevoidea (Sollas, 1902)
Mycale (Arenochalina) regularis Wilson, 1925
Mycale (Mycale) aruensis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Mycale (Mycale) dendyi (Row, 1911)
Mycale (Mycale) crassissima (Dendy, 1905)
Mycale (Mycale) grandis Gray, 1867
Mycale (Zygomycale) parishii (Bowerbank, 1875)
Mycale (Zygomycale) sibogae Van Soest, Aryasari & De Voogd, 2021
Mycale aruensis Hentschel, 1912 accepted as Mycale (Mycale) dendyi (Row, 1911)
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