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Lopes, M.V.; Klautau, M. (2023). Phylogeny and revision of Leucaltis and Leucettusa (Porifera: Calcarea), with new classification proposals and description of a new type of aquiferous system. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 198 (3): 691–746.
10.1093/zoolinnean/zlad008 [view]
Lopes, M.V.; Klautau, M.
Phylogeny and revision of <i>Leucaltis</i> and <i>Leucettusa</i> (Porifera: Calcarea), with new classification proposals and description of a new type of aquiferous system
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society
198 (3): 691–746
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Leucaltidae (Calcinea: Clathrinida) was proposed for a group of calcareous sponges with a well-developed cortical region, while the choanosomal and atrial skeletons are reduced. Currently, it comprises the genera Ascandra, Leucaltis, Leucettusa and Leuclathrina, but molecular phylogenies provide evolutionary scenarios different from those based on morphology, recovering a non-monophyletic Leucaltidae. Leucaltis and Leucettusa have long been difficult taxa to distinguish due to their reduced choanosomal and atrial skeletons. Therefore, our objective in this paper is to redescribe all species of Leucaltis and Leucettusa and provide a taxonomic revision to assess their generic status through morphological and molecular tools. Leucaltidae were confirmed polyphyletic and Leucettusa is, therefore, synonymized under Leucaltis. Moreover, several species currently identified as Leucettusa represent a distinct evolutionary lineage. For these species, we propose the new genus Rowella gen. nov. This new genus is allocated to Leucettidae. Based on their phylogenetic position and morphology, Ascandra and Leuclathrina are transferred to Dendyidae.
Molecular systematics, Molecular biology
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Leucaltis Haeckel, 1872 (redescription)
Leucaltis clathria Haeckel, 1872 (redescription)
Leucaltis corticata (Haeckel, 1872) (new combination reference)
Leucaltis latitubulata (Carter, 1886) (new combination reference)
Leucaltis nodusgordii (Poléjaeff, 1883) (redescription)
Leucaltis sambucus (Preiwisch, 1904) (new combination reference)
Leucaltis tenuis Hôzawa, 1929 (redescription)
Leucettusa dictyogaster Row & Hôzawa, 1931 accepted as Rowella dictyogaster (Row & Hôzawa, 1931) (new combination reference)
Leucettusa nuda (Azevedo, Hajdu, Willenz & Klautau, 2009) accepted as Rowella simplicissima (Burton, 1932) (source of synonymy)
Rowella Lopes & Klautau, 2023 (original description)
Rowella connectens (Brøndsted, 1926) (new combination reference)
Rowella dictyogaster (Row & Hôzawa, 1931) (new combination reference)
Rowella haeckeliana (Poléjaeff, 1883) (new combination reference)
Rowella imperfecta (Poléjaeff, 1883) (new combination reference)
Rowella lancifera (Dendy, 1924) (new combination reference)
Rowella mariae (Brøndsted, 1926) (new combination reference)
Rowella pyriformis (Brøndsted, 1926) (new combination reference)
Rowella simplicissima (Burton, 1932) (new combination reference)
Rowella tubulosa (Dendy, 1924) (new combination reference)
Rowella vera (Poléjaeff, 1883) (new combination reference)

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