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Macroalgae of Rhodophycota, Phaeophycota, Chlorophycota, and two genera of Xanthophycota
Guiry, M.D. (2001). Macroalgae of Rhodophycota, Phaeophycota, Chlorophycota, and two genera of Xanthophycota, in: Costello, M.J. et al. European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 20-38
In: Costello, M.J.; Emblow, C.; White, R.J. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50. Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle: Paris. ISBN 2-85653-538-0. 463 pp., more
In: Collection Patrimoines Naturels. Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle: Paris. ISSN 1158-422X

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    This list includes all benthic (attached) marine algae belonging to the phyla (divisions) Chlorophycota (Chlorophyta), Phaeophycota (Phaeophyta), Rhodophycota (Rhodophyta) and the genera Vaucheria and Tribonema (Xanthophycota) that are generally known as seaweeds. It also includes the seagrasses (Magnioliophyta). This list is extracted from a world-wide database of algae and seagrasses being prepared as part of the Species2000 project. The database is searchable at: where it incorporates detailed references, notes, some synonyms, common names, some pictures, and much of the distributional data that forms part of the present list. As this database is "live" it may not include exactly the same data in the list below; it does, however, explain much of the sources for the records included here.

    The present list was compiled and checked by the Michael Guiry. Its initial foundation was the species listed in the Species Directory of the Marine Fauna and Flora of the British Isles and Surrounding Seas (Guiry, 1997), which was then systematically built up from the most recent key works and check-lists for each geographical area as follows:

    • North Eastern Atlantic: East Greenland (Pedersen, 1976), Iceland (Caram & Jónsson, 1972; Munda, 1979), Spitsbergen (Vinogradova, 1995), Faroes (Irvine, 1982), Norway (Rueness, 1997), Baltic Sea (Nielsen et al., 1995), Netherlands (Stegenga et al., 1997), Belgium and France (Coppejans, 1995; Feldmann, 1954; Feldmann & Magne, 1964), Northern Spain (Veiga, Cremades & Bárabara, 1998, and others), Portugal (Ardré, 1970, and others), Southern Spain (Seoane-Camba, 1965; Conde et al., 1996, and others), Morocco (Dangeard, 1949), Madeira and the Salvage Islands (Levring, 1974; Audiffred & Weisscher, 1984), and the Azores (Neto, 1994; Tittley & Neto, 1994). Unpublished lists from Helgoland and the Canary Islands provided by Drs Bartsch and Kuhlenkamp and Drs Haroun, Gil-Rodríguez and Díaz de Castro, respectively, were invaluable. This list is not exhaustive but is included to given an indication of the sources.
    • Mediterranean: The excellent brown (Ribera et al., 1992) and green (Gallardo et al., 1993) check-lists were used as the basis for an initial list; however, no overall summary exists for the red algae. The Mediterranean list was completed from a wide range of sources which are far too numerous to cite here but which are listed in the database version cited above.
    The overall arrangement of phyla (divisions) classes, orders and families is largely that of Silva, Basson & Moe (1996) with some modifications resulting from later work. Individual taxonomic decisions are too numerous to detail here but are also listed in the web version of the database. Categories below the level of species (subspecies, varieties and formae) are not included here for reasons of space. Nomenclatural authorities are given in full and, as far as possible, fit in with the full names as listed in Brummitt & Powell (1992). Non-botanists should note that it is not the normal practice to cite the date of publication or date of combination for plants; however, I have, for convenience, included the date when known. Those familiar with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature should also note that it is the practice under the Botanical Code to cite the original author(s) in parentheses and the author(s) making a new combination outside such parentheses. So, there are only two possibilities: there may be the name of an authority or authorities with no parentheses or there will be the names of an authority or authorities in parentheses with another name or names outside it. Botanical authors should note the legitimate use of diacritical marks in certain instances (e.g., Hydrolithon samoënse; Schottera nicaëensis) to facilitate correct pronunciation. It should also be noted that whilst "ex" is part of nomenclatural authority citation, "in" is part of bibliographical citations and should not be used except in this context. The following recently altered spellings should also be noted: Acanthophora nayadiformis for A. najadiformis; Chondracanthus teedei for C. teedii; and Halopithys for Halopitys. A number of nomenclaturally illegitimate names are still included (but not indicated) such as Sargassum vulgare. The binomial Scytosiphon lomentaria is included on the assumption that its proposed conservation will be accepted. A number of doubtful records, such as Ecklonia buruncinata from the Canary Islands, are included pending clarification. The genusPilinia is included in the Phaeophycota even though there is doubt as to whetherP. rimosa, the type, is a green or a brown alga.The seagrass lists were compiled from a variety of sources and the nomenclature is that of Phillips & Meñez (1988).

    I am grateful to all those who helped me in the compilation of this list, in particular to Professor G. Furnari, Dr Fabio Rindi, Ms Eilís Nic Dhonncha, and Ms Sandy Lawson.


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