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Centre of Marine Sciences (UALG-CCMAR)

Portuguese name: Centro de Ciencas do Mar do Algarve
Parent institute: University of Algarve; Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences (UALG-FCMA)

Level: University

Persons (24)  Top | Institute | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • Abecasis, David
  • Alberto, Filipe, Population geenticist
  • Arnaud-Haond, Sophie, Population geneticist
  • Assis, Jorge, Scientist
  • Baeyaert, Joffrey
  • Bentes, Luis
  • Canário, Adelino
  • Castilho, Rita
  • Cox, Cymon
  • Diekmann, Onno, Population geneticist
  • Encarnação, João
  • Erzini, Karim
  • Faustino, Cláudia, Research Technician
  • Ferreira Gil, João Carlos
  • Gandra, Miguel
  • Gonçalves, Jorge Manuel Santos
  • Guerreiro, Pedro Miguel, Senior Researcher
  • Horta e Costa, Barbara
  • Pearson, Gareth, Assistant Researcher of CIMAR - Team Co-coordinator
  • Perrin, Cecile, Population geneticist
  • Pimenta Santos, Rui Orlando
  • Relvas, Paulo
  • Serrão, Ester, Team Coordinator
  • Varela, Elena, Pop. Geneticist

Associated to an institute part
  • Louro, Bruno

Person formerly associated with this organization
  • Perez Perez, Ruben

Child institute  Top | Persons | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • Centre of Marine and Environmental Research; Molecular and Comparative Endocrinology (UALG)

Publications (3)  Top | Persons | Institute | Projects | Datasets 
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  • Peer reviewed article Leliaert, F.; Zhang, X.; Ye, N.; Malta, E.-J.; Engelen, A. H.; Mineur, F.; Verbruggen, H.; De Clerck, O. (2009). The identity of the Qingdao algal bloom. Phycol. Res. 57(2): 147-151., more
  • Pérez Pérez, R. (2018). Quantification of sea turtle nesting activity on an island with limited effort: the case of São Tomé Island. MSc Thesis. University of Algarve, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR): Algarve. 39 pp., more
  • Van Beveren, E. (2012). Patterns of recruitment and early life history traits of Trachurus trachurus in a nearshore temperate reef. MSc Thesis. Universidade do Algarve: Faro. 45 pp., more

Projects (15)  Top | Persons | Institute | Publications | Datasets 
  • ASSEMBLE+: Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded
  • ASSEMBLE: Association of European marine biological laboratories
  • BECORV: Ecological bases for sustainable management of meagre
  • CLIPE: Climatic effects on the ecology of littoral fishes: A geographic and phenological approach
  • EMBRC: European Marine Biological Resource Centre
  • EMBRIC: European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster
  • GBIRM: Genetic Biodiversity
  • INFORBIOMARES: Information and monitoring systems, conservation and management of species and marine habitats in the Arrábida MPA
  • MARBIGEN: Supporting research potential for MARine BIodiversity and GENomics in the Eastern Mediterranean
  • MG4U: Marine Genomics for Users
  • NEURENDO: Neuro-ethology and behavioural endocrinology of the polymorphic male sexual behaviour of the rock-pool Azorean blenny Parablennius sanguinolentus parvicornis (Pisces: Blenniidae)
  • PATER: Paternity and alopaternity in territorial fishes: behavioural and genetic studies
  • ppEMBRC: European Marine Biological Resource Centre, preparatory phase
  • PROMAR_Mondego: Habitat restoration for diadromous fish in river Mondego.
  • STRAITS: Strategic Infrastructure for improved animal Tracking in European Seas

Datasets (20)  Top | Persons | Institute | Publications | Projects 
  • Acoustic telemetry data for Diplodus sargus, Sarpa salpa, Sepia officinalis and Solea senegalensis in the Arrábida Marine Park (Portugal)
  • Algarve ADCP network: Coastal Current Monitoring in the Algarve since 2008
  • BECORV: Ecological bases for sustainable management of meagre
  • Bio-Oracle v2: Marine data layers for ecological modelling
  • Bio-Oracle v3: Marine data layers for ecological modelling
  • BlueCrab2022Algarve: Unraveling the migrations of the invasive blue crab in Algarve - ATLAZUL 2022 campaign
  • CETUS: Cetacean monitoring surveys in the Eastern North Atlantic
  • CTD cruise data along the Portuguese coast (1994-2000)
  • Fish community of Arade estuary
  • Fish community of Arrábida Marine Park
  • Fish community of Guadiana estuary and Castro Marim salt marsh (Portugal)
  • GIBRALTRACK pilot: Pilot study towards a permanent deployment of an acoustic array across Gibraltar Strait
  • INFORBIOMARES: Information and monitoring systems: conservation and management of species and marine habitats in the Arrábida MPA
  • Intertidal rocky shore fish assemblages in Southern Portugal
  • Lagoon fish of Ria Formosa Lagoon
  • Macroalgal communities of the intertidal and sublittoral of the Portuguese continental coast
  • Measurements of respiratory metabolism in Halobatrachus didactylus
  • Measuring the circulating levels of transthyretin (TTR) in blood serum of Sparus aurata
  • OP-Test: Open Protocols scientific testing
  • TelMarsw: Marsw_Telemetry_2019-2021

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