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Sen Gupta, B. K.; Smith, L. E.; Machain-Castillo, M. L. (2009). Foraminifera of the Gulf of Mexico in Felder, D.L. and D.K. Camp (eds.), Gulf of Mexico–Origins, Waters, and Biota. Biodiversity. Texas A&M Press, College Station, Texas. 87-129.
Sen Gupta, B. K.; Smith, L. E.; Machain-Castillo, M. L.
Foraminifera of the Gulf of Mexico in Felder, D.L. and D.K. Camp (eds.), Gulf of Mexico–Origins, Waters, and Biota
Biodiversity. Texas A&M Press, College Station, Texas.
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Abditodentrix pseudothalmanni (Boltovskoy & Guissani de Kahn, 1981) (basis of record)
Acervulina inhaerens Schultze, 1854 (additional source)
Adelosina pulchella (d'Orbigny, 1826) (additional source)
Adercotryma glomeratum (Brady, 1878) (basis of record)
Agglutinella agglutinans (d'Orbigny, 1839) accepted as Quinqueloculina agglutinans d'Orbigny, 1839 (basis of record)
Alfredosilvestris levinsoni Andersen, 1961 (basis of record)
Allogromia laticollaris Arnold, 1948 (additional source)
Allomorphina pacifica Cushman & Todd, 1949 (basis of record)
Alveolophragmium orbiculatum Shchedrina, 1936 (additional source)
Ammoastuta inepta (Cushman & McCulloch, 1939) (basis of record)
Ammoastuta salsa Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948 (basis of record)
Ammobaculites agglutinans (d'Orbigny, 1846) (additional source)
Ammobaculites crassus Warren, 1957 (basis of record)
Ammobaculites dilatatus Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948 (basis of record)
Ammobaculites diversus Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948 accepted as Ammotium diversum (Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948) (basis of record)
Ammobaculites exiguus Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948 (basis of record)
Ammobaculites exilis Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948 (basis of record)
Ammobaculites filiformis Earland, 1934 (additional source)
Ammobaculites gyrensis Reynolds, 1982 (basis of record)
Ammobaculites lituolinoideum (Goës, 1896) (basis of record)
Ammobaculites reophaciformis Cushman, 1910 (basis of record)
Ammodiscoides turbinatus Cushman, 1909 (basis of record)
Ammodiscus anguillae Höglund, 1947 (additional source)
Ammodiscus planorbis Höglund, 1947 (additional source)
Ammodiscus reesi LeRoy, 1975 (basis of record)
Ammodiscus tenuis (Brady, 1881) (additional source)
Ammoflintina trihedra Earland, 1934 (basis of record)
Ammoglobigerina globulosa (Cushman, 1920) (additional source)
Ammolagena clavata (Jones & Parker, 1860) (additional source)
Ammomarginulina fluvialis (Parker, 1952) accepted as Ammotium morenoi (Acosta, 1940) (basis of record)
Ammomassilina alveoliniformis (Millett, 1898) (additional source)
Ammonia parkinsoniana (d'Orbigny, 1839) (basis of record)
Ammonia pauciloculata (Phleger & Parker, 1951) (basis of record)
Ammonia rolshauseni (Cushman & Bermúdez, 1946) (basis of record)
Ammonia tepida (Cushman, 1926) (additional source)
Ammoscalaria pseudospiralis (Williamson, 1858) (additional source)
Ammoscalaria tenuimargo (Brady, 1882) (additional source)
Ammosphaeroidina sphaeroidiniforme (Brady, 1884) accepted as Ammosphaeroidina sphaeroidiniformis (Brady, 1884) (basis of record)
Ammotium cassis (Parker, 1870) (additional source)
Ammotium directum (Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948) (basis of record)
Ammotium multiloculatum Warren, 1957 (basis of record)
Ammotium salsum (Cushman & Brönnimann, 1948) accepted as Ammotium morenoi (Acosta, 1940) (additional source)
Ammotium subdirectum Warren, 1957 (basis of record)
Amphicoryna camachoi Andersen, 1961 (basis of record)
Amphicoryna hirsuta (d'Orbigny, 1826) (basis of record)
Amphicoryna intercellularis (Brady, 1881) (basis of record)
Amphicoryna roedereri Andersen, 1961 (basis of record)
Amphicoryna scalaris (Batsch, 1791) (additional source)
Amphicoryna separans (Brady, 1884) (basis of record)
Amphicoryna sublineata (Brady, 1884) (basis of record)
Amphisorus hemprichii Ehrenberg, 1839 (additional source)
Amphistegina gibbosa d'Orbigny, 1839 (additional source)
Androsina lucasi Lévy, 1977 (basis of record)
Anomalinoides colligera (Chapman & Parr, 1937) (basis of record)
Anomalinoides deprima (Phleger & Parker, 1951) (basis of record)
Anomalinoides globulosus (Chapman & Parr, 1937) (basis of record)
Anomalinoides io (Cushman, 1931) (basis of record)
Anomalinoides mexicanus Parker, 1954 (basis of record)
Archaias angulatus (Fichtel & Moll, 1798) (additional source)
Archimerismus subnodosus (Brady, 1884) (basis of record)
Arenoparrella mexicana (Kornfeld, 1931) (basis of record)
Argillotuba vermiformis (Goës, 1896) (basis of record)
Articulina antillarum Cushman, 1922 accepted as Nodophthalmidium antillarum (Cushman, 1922) (basis of record)
Articulina lineata Brady, 1884 accepted as Articularia lineata (Brady, 1884) (basis of record)
Articulina mayori Cushman, 1922 (basis of record)
Articulina mucronata (d'Orbigny, 1839) (basis of record)
Articulina multilocularis Brady, Parker & Jones, 1888 (basis of record)
Articulina pacifica Cushman, 1944 (additional source)
Articulina sagra d'Orbigny, 1839 accepted as Articularia sagra (d'Orbigny, 1839) (additional source)
Asanonella tubulifera (Heron-Allen & Earland, 1915) (basis of record)
Aschemonella catenata (Norman, 1877) (additional source)
Aschemonella ramuliformis Brady, 1884 (additional source)
Aschemonella scabra Brady, 1879 (additional source)
Astacolus albatrossi (Cushman, 1923) (new combination reference)
Astacolus crepidulus (Fichtel & Moll, 1798) accepted as Astacolus crepidula (Fichtel & Moll, 1798) (additional source)
Astacolus limbatus (Flint, 1899) (basis of record)
Astacolus ovatus Galloway & Heminway, 1941 (basis of record)
Asterigerina carinata d'Orbigny, 1839 (basis of record)
Astrononion gallowayi Loeblich & Tappan, 1953 accepted as Astrononion hamadaense Asano, 1950 (additional source)
Astrononion stelligerum (d'Orbigny, 1839) (additional source)
Baggina bradyi (Brotzen, 1936) (basis of record)
Bathysiphon filiformis Sars, 1872 (additional source)
Bathysiphon rufus Folin, 1886 (additional source)
Bdelloidina aggregata Carter, 1877 (basis of record)
Beella digitata (Brady, 1879) (additional source)
Biarritzina proteiformis (Goës, 1882) accepted as Pseudobiarritzina proteiformis (Goës, 1882) (basis of record)
Bigenerina irregularis Phleger & Parker, 1951 (basis of record)
Bigenerina textularioidea (Goës, 1894) (basis of record)
Biloculinella irregularis (d'Orbigny, 1839) accepted as Pyrgoella irregularis (d'Orbigny, 1839) (basis of record)
Biloculinella labiata (Schlumberger, 1891) (additional source)
Biloculinella toddae Andersen, 1961 accepted as Nummulopyrgo toddae (Anderson, 1961) (basis of record)
Bisaccium imbricatum Andersen, 1951 (basis of record)
Bolivina alata (Seguenza, 1862) (additional source)
Bolivina albatrossi Cushman, 1922 (additional source)
Bolivina barbata Phleger & Parker, 1951 (basis of record)
Bolivina compacta Sidebottom, 1905 (additional source)
Bolivina daggarius Parker, 1955 (basis of record)
Bolivina earlandi Parr, 1950 (additional source)
Bolivina fragilis Phleger & Parker, 1951 (basis of record)
Bolivina goesii Cushman, 1922 (basis of record)