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Miamirinae Bergh, 1891

549835  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:549835)

Ceratosomatidae Gray, 1857 · unaccepted (Under Art. 23.9, declared nomen...)  
Under Art. 23.9, declared nomen oblitum by Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005


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  1. Genus Ceratosoma Gray, 1850
  2. Genus Felimare Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1967
  3. Genus Hypselodoris W. Stimpson, 1855
  4. Genus Mexichromis Bertsch, 1977
  5. Genus Miamira Bergh, 1874
  6. Genus Thorunna Bergh, 1878
  7. Genus Babaina Odhner, 1968 accepted as Thorunna Bergh, 1878
  8. Genus Brachychlanis Ehrenberg, 1831 accepted as Hypselodoris W. Stimpson, 1855 (declared nomen oblitum by Johnson & Valdés (2001))
  9. Genus Digidentis Rudman, 1984 accepted as Thorunna Bergh, 1878
  10. Genus Durvilledoris Rudman, 1984 accepted as Mexichromis Bertsch, 1977
  11. Genus Jeanrisbecia Franc, 1968 accepted as Hypselodoris W. Stimpson, 1855 (unnecessary replacement name for Risbecia Odhner, 1934, erroneously treated by Franc as a junior homonym of Risbecia Kosuge, 1966)
  12. Genus Orodoris Bergh, 1875 accepted as Miamira Bergh, 1874
  13. Genus Pectenodoris Rudman, 1984 accepted as Mexichromis Bertsch, 1977
  14. Genus Pterodoris Ehrenberg, 1831 accepted as Hypselodoris W. Stimpson, 1855 (invalid: Placed on the Official Index by Opinion 1375)
  15. Genus Risbecia Odhner, 1934 accepted as Hypselodoris W. Stimpson, 1855
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
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