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Pharidae H. Adams & A. Adams, 1856

23091  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:23091)

Genus Afrophaxas Cosel, 1993
Subfamily Cultellinae A. M. Davies, 1935
Genus Cultellus Schumacher, 1817
Genus Ensiculus H. Adams, 1861
Genus Ensis Schumacher, 1817
Genus Nasopharus Cosel, 1993
Genus Neosiliqua Habe, 1965
Genus Orbicularia Deshayes, 1850
Subfamily Pharellinae Stoliczka, 1870
  » Genus Pharella Gray, 1854
  » Genus Sinonovacula Prashad, 1924
Genus Pharus J. E. Gray, 1840
Genus Phaxas Leach, 1852
Subfamily Siliquinae Bronn, 1862
Genus Sinucultellus Cosel, 1993
Genus Sinupharus Cosel, 1993

Genus Aulus Oken, 1835 accepted as Siliqua Megerle von Mühlfeld, 1811 (objective synonym of Siliqua)
Genus Ceratisolen Forbes, 1848 accepted as Pharus J. E. Gray, 1840 (unaccepted > junior objective synonym)
Genus Elizia Gray, 1854 accepted as Orbicularia Deshayes, 1850 (unaccepted > junior objective synonym)
Genus Ensatella Swainson, 1840 accepted as Ensis Schumacher, 1817 (synonym)
Genus Machaera A. Gould, 1841 accepted as Siliqua Megerle von Mühlfeld, 1811 (invalid: junior homonym of Machaera Cuvier, 1832 [Pisces]; Neomachaera is a replacement name)
Subfamily Novaculininae Ghosh, 1920 accepted as Pharellinae Stoliczka, 1870 (a junior synonym)
Genus Pharus T. Brown, 1844 accepted as Pharus J. E. Gray, 1840
marine, brackish, fresh
Not documented
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additional source Cosel R. von (1993). The razor shells of the eastern Atlantic. Part 1: Solenidae and Pharidae I (Bivalvia: Solenacea). <i>Archiv für Molluskenkunde 122 (Zilch Festschrift)</i>: 207-321 [details]   

additional source Bieler, R.; Carter, J. G.; Coan, E. V. (2010). Classification of Bivalve families. Pp. 113-133, in: Bouchet P. & Rocroi J.-P. (2010), Nomenclator of Bivalve Families. <em>Malacologia.</em> 52(2): 1-184. [details]   

redescription Coan, E. V.; Valentich-Scott, P. (2012). Bivalve seashells of tropical West America. Marine bivalve mollusks from Baja California to northern Peru. 2 vols, 1258 pp. [details]   
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Swedish knivmusslor  [details]