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Charybdis (Charybdis) lucifer (Fabricius, 1798)

208832  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:208832)

Goniosoma quadrimaculatum A. Milne-Edwards, 1861 · unaccepted > junior subjective synonym
Portunus lucifer Fabricius, 1798 · unaccepted > superseded combination
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
(of Portunus lucifer Fabricius, 1798) Fabricius, J.C. (1798). Supplementum Entomologiae Systematicae. Hafniae: Proft et Storck: 1-572., available online at https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/25565932 [details]   
DecaNet eds. (2023). DecaNet. Charybdis (Charybdis) lucifer (Fabricius, 1798). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: https://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=208832 on 2023-05-28
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original description  (of Portunus lucifer Fabricius, 1798) Fabricius, J.C. (1798). Supplementum Entomologiae Systematicae. Hafniae: Proft et Storck: 1-572., available online at https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/25565932 [details]   

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 Present  Present in aphia/obis/gbif/idigbio   Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

From regional or thematic species database
Introduced species vector dispersal in Italian part of the Adriatic Sea (Marine Region) : Shipping [details]
Japanese モンツキイシガニ  [details]
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