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Walker, A. O. (1903). Amphipoda of the "Southern Cross" Antarctic Expedition. Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology. 29: 38-64.
Walker, A. O.
Amphipoda of the "Southern Cross" Antarctic Expedition
Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology
29: 38-64
Ant'Phipoda Literature database
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Atylus antarcticus Walker, 1903 accepted as Atylus walkeri Stebbing, 1906 accepted as Bovallia walkeri (Stebbing, 1906) accepted as Paramoera walkeri (Stebbing, 1906) (original description)
Cheirimedon fougneri Walker, 1903 accepted as Debroyerella fougneri (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Cheirimedon hansoni Walker, 1903 accepted as Cheirimedon crenatipalmatus Stebbing, 1888 (original description)
Epimeria inermis Walker, 1903 accepted as Epimeria (Hoplepimeria) inermis Walker, 1903 (original description)
Eusirus laevis Walker, 1903 (original description)
Hoplonyx stebbingi Walker, 1903 accepted as Uristes stebbingi (Walker, 1903) accepted as Tryphosella stebbingi (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Jassa goniamera Walker, 1903 accepted as Hemijassa goniamera (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Oediceros newnesi Walker, 1903 accepted as Oediceroides newnesi (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Oradarea Walker, 1903 (original description)
Oradarea longimana Walker, 1903 accepted as Oradarea walkeri Shoemaker, 1930 (original description)
Orchomenella franklini Walker, 1903 (original description)
Orchomenella pinguides Walker, 1903 (original description)
Orchomenopsis nodimanus Walker, 1903 accepted as Abyssorchomene nodimanus (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Orchomenopsis rossi Walker, 1903 accepted as Orchomenella rossi (Walker, 1903) accepted as Orchomene rossi (Walker, 1903) accepted as Abyssorchomene rossi (Walker, 1903) represented as Pseudorchomene rossi (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Tryphosa adarei Walker, 1903 accepted as Uristes adarei (Walker, 1903) accepted as Tryphosella adarei (Walker, 1903) (original description)
Tryphosa murrayi Walker, 1903 accepted as Uristes murrayi (Walker, 1903) (original description)

Named after Nicolas Hanson, the Naturalist of the 'SouthernCross' Ex pedition, who succumbed to the terrible rigors ... [details]