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Pease, W. H. (1860). Descriptions of new species of Mollusca from the Sandwich Islands. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 28: 18-36; 141-148.
Pease, W. H.
Descriptions of new species of Mollusca from the Sandwich Islands
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
28: 18-36; 141-148
Issued between February and May 1860
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Aclesia areola Pease, 1860 (original description)
Aeolis semidecora Pease, 1860 accepted as Phidiana semidecora (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Atys debilis Pease, 1860 accepted as Aliculastrum debile (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Atys semistriata Pease, 1860 accepted as Atys semistriatus Pease, 1860 (original description)
Blauneria gracilis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Borsonia bifasciata Pease, 1860 accepted as Pseudodaphnella bifasciata (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Bullina lauta Pease, 1860 (original description)
Bullina vitrea Pease, 1860 (original description)
Clathurella elegans Pease, 1860 accepted as Tritonoturris amabilis (Hinds, 1843) (original description)
Clathurella exilis Pease, 1860 accepted as Paramontana exilis (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Clathurella fuscomaculata Pease, 1860 accepted as Caducifer decapitatus (Reeve, 1844) (original description)
Clathurella producta Pease, 1860 accepted as Pseudodaphnella producta (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Cythara garrettii Pease, 1860 accepted as Anarithma pamila (Duclos, 1848) (original description)
Cythara varia Pease, 1860 accepted as Seminella peasei (E. von Martens & Langkavel, 1871) (original description)
Daphnella bella Pease, 1860 accepted as Macteola interrupta (Reeve, 1846) (original description)
Daphnella interrupta Pease, 1860 (original description)
Dolabella variegata Pease, 1860 accepted as Dolabella auricularia ([Lightfoot], 1786) (original description)
Dolabrifera olivacea Pease, 1860 accepted as Dolabrifera dolabrifera (Rang, 1828) (original description)
Doriopsis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Doriopsis granulosa Pease, 1860 (original description)
Doris albopustulosa Pease, 1860 accepted as Goniobranchus albopustulosus (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris decora Pease, 1860 accepted as Goniobranchus decorus (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris echinata Pease, 1860 accepted as Atagema echinata (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris excavata Pease, 1860 (original description)
Doris grandiflora Pease, 1860 accepted as Hoplodoris grandiflora (Pease, 1860) accepted as Carminodoris grandiflora (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris marginata Pease, 1860 accepted as Goniobranchus verrieri (Crosse, 1875) (original description)
Doris nucleola Pease, 1860 (original description)
Doris prismatica Pease, 1860 accepted as Hypselodoris peasei (Bergh, 1880) (original description)
Doris prismatica var. imperialis Pease, 1860 accepted as Hypselodoris imperialis (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris prismatica var. lineata Pease, 1860 accepted as Hypselodoris peasei (Bergh, 1880) (original description)
Doris propinquata Pease, 1860 accepted as Goniobranchus vibratus (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris reticulata Pease, 1860 accepted as Chromodoris reticulata (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris scabriuscula Pease, 1860 accepted as Atagema scabriuscula (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Doris setosa Pease, 1860 (original description)
Doris vibrata Pease, 1860 accepted as Goniobranchus vibratus (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Drillia nodifera Pease, 1860 accepted as Clavus nodiferus (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Engina albocincta Pease, 1860 (original description)
Engina monilifera Pease, 1860 accepted as Morula echinata (Reeve, 1846) (original description)
Haminoea crocata Pease, 1860 accepted as Haloa crocata (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Haminoea pusilla Pease, 1860 (original description)
Hexabranchus nebulosus Pease, 1860 accepted as Dendrodoris nigra (W. Stimpson, 1855) (original description)
Hexabranchus pulchellus Pease, 1860 accepted as Hexabranchus sandwichensis J. E. Gray, 1850 (original description)
Hindsia angicostata Pease, 1860 accepted as Sinetectula carduus (Reeve, 1844) (original description)
Histiophorus Pease, 1860 accepted as Plocamopherus Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828 (original description)
Histiophorus maculatus Pease, 1860 accepted as Plocamopherus maculatus (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Marginella oryza Pease, 1860 accepted as Gibberula debilis (Pease, 1871) (original description)
Melampus (Signia) semiplicatus Pease, 1860 (original description)
Melampus (Tralia) semiplicata Pease, 1860 (original description)
Melibe pilosa Pease, 1860 (original description)
Mitra pudica Pease, 1860 accepted as Strigatella pudica (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Nassa microstoma Pease, 1860 accepted as Reticunassa microstoma (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Oliva sandwicensis Pease, 1860 accepted as Oliva ozodona sandwicensis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Pedipes sandwicensis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Philinopsis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Philinopsis nigra Pease, 1860 accepted as Philinopsis pilsbryi (Eliot, 1900) accepted as Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi (Eliot, 1900) (original description)
Philinopsis speciosa Pease, 1860 (original description)
Pleurobranchus marginatus Pease, 1860 (original description)
Pleurobranchus pellucidus Pease, 1860 accepted as Pleurehdera pellucida (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Pleurobranchus rufus Pease, 1860 (original description)
Pleurobranchus varians Pease, 1860 (original description)
Polybranchia Pease, 1860 (original description)
Polybranchia pellucida Pease, 1860 (original description)
Pterogasteron Pease, 1860 accepted as Elysia Risso, 1818 (original description)
Pterogasteron bellum Pease, 1860 accepted as Elysia bella (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Pterogasteron ornatum Pease, 1860 (original description)
Syphonota bipes Pease, 1860 accepted as Aplysia juliana Quoy & Gaimard, 1832 (original description)
Syphonota elongata Pease, 1860 accepted as Aplysia elongata (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Syphonota grandis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Tectura radiata Pease, 1861 accepted as Williamia radiata (Pease, 1861) (original description)
Tornatina sandwicensis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Tritonia hawaiiensis Pease, 1860 accepted as Marioniopsis hawaiiensis (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Turricula approximata Pease, 1860 accepted as Vexillum approximatum (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Turricula bella Pease, 1860 accepted as Vexillum bellum (Pease, 1860) (original description)
Vexilla fusconigra Pease, 1860 accepted as Usilla avenacea (Lesson, 1842) (original description)
Volvatella Pease, 1860 (original description)
Volvatella fragilis Pease, 1860 (original description)
Hawaii for Cythara garrettii Pease, 1860 
Hawaii for Doris scabriuscula Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Exclusive Economic Zone for Pedipes sandwicensis Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Clathurella exilis Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Clathurella producta Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Cythara varia Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Daphnella interrupta Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Doris echinata Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Doris grandiflora Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Drillia nodifera Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Haminoea crocata Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Mitra pudica Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Nassa microstoma Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Polybranchia pellucida Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Pterogasteron bellum Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Pterogasteron ornatum Pease, 1860 
Hawaiian Islands for Terebra sculptilis Pease, 1869 
Marshall Islands for Nassa balteata Pease, 1869