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Dell, R. K. (1956). The archibenthal Mollusca of New Zealand. Dominion Museum Bulletin. 18: 1-235.
Dell, R. K.
The archibenthal Mollusca of New Zealand
Dominion Museum Bulletin
18: 1-235
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Aeneator (Ellicea) recens (Dell, 1951) accepted as Aeneator recens (Dell, 1951) (basis of record)
Aeneator marshalli separabilis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Aeneator otagoensis cookiana Dell, 1956 accepted as Aeneator otagoensis H. J. Finlay, 1930 (original description)
Alertalex Dell, 1956 accepted as Maurea (Alertalex) Dell, 1956 represented as Maurea W. R. B. Oliver, 1926 (original description)
Alertalex blacki Dell, 1956 accepted as Maurea (Alertalex) alertae (B. A. Marshall, 1995) represented as Maurea alertae (B. A. Marshall, 1995) (original description)
Antiguraleus abernethyi Dell, 1956 (original description)
Antiguraleus fusiformis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Antiguraleus multistriatus Dell, 1956 (original description)
Antiguraleus pulcherrimus Dell, 1956 (original description)
Antimelatoma canyonensis Dell, 1956 accepted as Leucosyrinx canyonensis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Antizafra aoteana Dell, 1956 accepted as Belomitra aoteana (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Asperdaphne expeditionis Dell, 1956 accepted as Pleurotomella expeditionis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Asperdaphne ula (R. B. Watson, 1881) (additional source)
Austrosarepta benthicola Dell, 1956 accepted as Lissarca benthicola (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Austrotindaria benthicola Dell, 1956 accepted as Neilonella benthicola (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Austrotindaria flemingi Dell, 1956 accepted as Neilonella flemingi (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Balcis alertae Dell, 1956 accepted as Melanella alertae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Balcis otakauica Dell, 1956 accepted as Curveulima otakauica (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Balcis puhana Dell, 1956 accepted as Melanella puhana (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Baryspira bathami Dell, 1956 accepted as Amalda bathamae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Baryspira novaezelandiae benthicola Dell, 1956 accepted as Amalda (Gracilispira) benthicola (Dell, 1956) represented as Amalda benthicola (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Brookula benthicola Dell, 1956 (original description)
Buccinulum (Evarnula) flexicostatum Dell, 1956 accepted as Buccinulum flexicostatum Dell, 1956 (original description)
Chathamidia Dell, 1956 accepted as Exilia Conrad, 1860 (original description)
Chathamidia expeditionis Dell, 1956 accepted as Exilia expeditionis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Cirsonella propelaxa Dell, 1956 (original description)
Comitas onokeana vivens Dell, 1956 (original description)
Comptella coronata Dell, 1956 accepted as Terefundus coronatus (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Coriareus neozelanicus Dell, 1956 accepted as Montacuta semiradiata Tate, 1889 (original description)
Cuspidaria morelandi Dell, 1956 (original description)
Cuspidaria morioria Dell, 1956 (original description)
Cyclopecten mestayerae Dell, 1956 accepted as Cyclochlamys mestayerae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Cyclopecten powelli Dell, 1956 (original description)
Cylichna bulloidea Dell, 1956 (original description)
Ectorisma neozelanica Dell, 1956 accepted as Poromya neozelanica (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Estea rufoapicata latior Dell, 1956 accepted as Pisinna rufoapicata (Suter, 1908) (original description)
Estea sculpturata Dell, 1956 accepted as Pisinna micronema (Suter, 1898) (original description)
Euciroa delectabile Dell, 1956 accepted as Euciroa galatheae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Eucominia olsoni Dell, 1956 accepted as Cominella (Eucominia) olsoni Dell, 1956 represented as Cominella olsoni (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Falsilunatia powelli Dell, 1956 accepted as Falsilunatia ambigua (Suter, 1913) (original description)
Falsilunatia subperforata Dell, 1956 (original description)
Fax alertae Dell, 1956 accepted as Cominella (Eucominia) alertae (Dell, 1956) represented as Cominella alertae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Fenestrosyrinx benthicola Dell, 1956 accepted as Taranis benthicola (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Haurakia otagoensis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Haurakia subsuturalis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Hipponix inexpectata Mestayer, 1929 accepted as Spirobranchus latiscapus (Marenzeller, 1884) (additional source)
Hipponyx [sic] accepted as Hipponix Blainville, 1819 (additional source)
Hochstetteria sculpturalis Dell, 1956 accepted as Philobrya sculpturalis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Jupiteria wolffi Dell, 1956 (original description)
Leporemax chathamensis Dell, 1956 accepted as Alcithoe wilsonae (A. W. B. Powell, 1933) (original description)
Linemera abrupta Dell, 1956 accepted as Alvania (Linemera) abrupta (Dell, 1956) represented as Alvania abrupta (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Linemera solitaria Dell, 1956 accepted as Alvania (Linemera) solitaria (Dell, 1956) represented as Alvania solitaria (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Liotella mackenae Dell, 1956 (original description)
Liracraea odhneri benthicola Dell, 1956 (original description)
Liratilia conquisita chathamensis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Liratilia isolata Dell, 1956 (original description)
Lissotesta ambigua Dell, 1956 (original description)
Lissotesta otagoensis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Maoricrater Dell, 1956 (original description)
Marginella (Glabella) cracens Dell, 1956 accepted as Mesoginella cracens (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Marginella (Glabella) judithae Dell, 1956 accepted as Mesoginella judithae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Marginella (Glabella) otagoensis Dell, 1956 accepted as Mesoginella otagoensis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Marginella (Kogomea) hardingae Dell, 1956 accepted as Gibberula hardingae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Marginella (Microvulina) vidae Dell, 1956 accepted as Cystiscus vidae (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Marginella (Volvarinella) fusuloides Dell, 1956 accepted as Dentimargo fusuloides (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Mendax nucleoproducta Dell, 1956 accepted as Cerithiella nucleoproducta (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Micantapex parengonius Dell, 1956 accepted as Bathytoma parengonia (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Micrelenchus caelatus archibenthicola Dell, 1956 accepted as Cantharidus mortenseni (Odhner, 1924) accepted as Roseaplagis mortenseni (Odhner, 1924) (original description)
Neactaeonina inexpectata Dell, 1956 (original description)
Neilo rugata Dell, 1956 accepted as Neilo annectens A. W. B. Powell, 1931 (original description)
Nepotilla powelli Dell, 1956 (original description)
Nobolira merelina Dell, 1956 accepted as Attenuata merelina (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Nobolira orientalis Dell, 1956 accepted as Attenuata orientalis (Dell, 1956) accepted as Attenuata affinis orientalis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Notolepton triangulare Dell, 1956 accepted as Neolepton triangulare (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Nucula strangeiformis Dell, 1956 accepted as Ennucula strangeiformis (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Odostomia corpulentoides Dell, 1956 (original description)
Paramendax subapicina Dell, 1956 accepted as Mendax subapicinus (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Paricoplax profundior Dell, 1956 accepted as Loricella profundior (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Parvamussium maorium Dell, 1956 (original description)
Penion benthicolus Dell, 1956 accepted as Antarctoneptunea benthicola (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Planpyrgiscus lawsi Dell, 1956 (original description)
Pleia cryptocarinata Dell, 1956 accepted as Cryptofusus cryptocarinatus (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Pleuromeris ultima Dell, 1956 (original description)
Poirieria kopua Dell, 1956 (original description)
Retusa oruaensis (W. H. Webster, 1908) (status source)
Rochefortula quadrata Dell, 1956 accepted as Borniola quadrata (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Saccella hedleyi morioria Dell, 1956 accepted as Saccella hedleyi (C. A. Fleming, 1951) (original description)
Scaphander otagoensis Dell, 1956 (original description)
Scintillona benthicola Dell, 1956 accepted as Tellimya benthicola (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Splendrillia benthicola Dell, 1956 (original description)
Splendrillia hermata Dell, 1956 (original description)
Splendrillia jacula Dell, 1956 (original description)
Splendrillia roseacincta Dell, 1956 (original description)
Splendrillia runcinata Dell, 1956 (original description)
Stilifer neozelanica Dell, 1956 accepted as Iphitus neozelanicus (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Tecticrater Dell, 1956 (original description)
Terefundus anomalus Dell, 1956 accepted as Ingensiella anomala (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Terefundus axirugosus Dell, 1956 accepted as Ingensiella anomala (Dell, 1956) (original description)
Terefundus quadricinctus unicarinatus Dell, 1956 accepted as Terefundus unicarinatus Dell, 1956 (original description)
Terelimella benthicola Dell, 1956 (original description)