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NameFauchald, K. (2007). World Register of Polychaeta.
AuthorsFauchald, K.
TitleWorld Register of Polychaeta
Type Database
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAricidea (Aricidea) [Webster, 1879, sensu stricto] (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorHesioninae Grube, 1850 (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorOpheliinae (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorOphiodromini (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorPhyllodoce lineata (Claparède, 1870) (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorTerebellini (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorThelepini (basis of record)
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorTomopteris (Johnstonella) (Gosse, 1853) (basis of record)
Abrolhos Bank for Harmothoe ernesti Augener, 1931
Acapulco for Onuphis acapulcensis Rioja, 1944
Acapulco for Phyllodoce (Anaitides) multiseriata Rioja, 1941
Adare, Cape for Malmgrenia crassicirris Willey, 1902
Adare, Cape for Phyllodoce adarensis Benham, 1927
Adelaide for Aphrodita paleacea Peters, 1864
Adélie Coast for Spiophanes tcherniai Fauvel, 1950
Adriatic Sea for Amphinome coccinea Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Amphitrite viridispurpurea Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Amphytrite alata Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Amphytrite belgica Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Amphytrite bicornis Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Amphytrite conchylega Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Amphytrite penicillus Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Arabella caeca Fauvel, 1940
Adriatic Sea for Aricidea (Allia) mariannae Katzmann & Laubier, 1975
Adriatic Sea for Aricidea (Allia) pseudannae Katzmann & Laubier, 1975
Adriatic Sea for Aricidea punctata Katzmann, 1973
Adriatic Sea for Armandia oligops Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Chaetopterus leuckarti Quatrefages, 1866
Adriatic Sea for Cirratulus fuscus (Grube, 1873)
Adriatic Sea for Cirrinereis fuscus Grube, 1873
Adriatic Sea for Dinophilus apatris tergestina Stiasny, 1910
Adriatic Sea for Echinorinchus scutatus clypeatus Vejdovsky, 1882
Adriatic Sea for Eteone pterophora Ehlers, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Eulalia (Sige) venustissima Banse, 1959
Adriatic Sea for Eunice adriatica Schmarda, 1861
Adriatic Sea for Fabricia sabella adriatica Banse, 1956
Adriatic Sea for Grubea dolichopoda Webster, 1879
Adriatic Sea for Gurbeulepis augeneri Pettibone, 1969
Adriatic Sea for Harpochaeta cingulata Korschelt, 1893
Adriatic Sea for Lagisca ehlersi Malmgren, 1867
Adriatic Sea for Langerhansia caeca Katzmann, 1973
Adriatic Sea for Lombricus canalium Nardo, 1847
Adriatic Sea for Lumbriconereis adriatica Fauvel, 1940
Adriatic Sea for Lumbriconereis rovignensis Fauvel, 1940
Adriatic Sea for Lysidice punctata Grube, 1855
Adriatic Sea for Melinna adriatica Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Nephthys stammeri Augener, 1932
Adriatic Sea for Nereis calamus Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Nereis crocea Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Nereis maculosa Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Nereis variegata Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Nerilla marginalis Tilzer, 1970
Adriatic Sea for Odontosyllis virescens Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Oxydromus fuscescens Marenzeller, 1875
Adriatic Sea for Paradoneis myriamae Katzmann & Laubier, 1975
Adriatic Sea for Phyllodoce (Eulalia) macroceros Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Phyllodoce albovittata Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Phyllodoce ehlersii Quatrefages, 1866
Adriatic Sea for Phyllodoce lugens Ehlers, 1864
Adriatic Sea for Phyllodoce vittata
Adriatic Sea for Polynoe clypeata Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Polynoe crassipalpa Marenzeller, 1867
Adriatic Sea for Polynoe johnstoni Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Polynoe lamprophthalma Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Proceraea brachycephala Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Proceraea luxurians Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Pseudophelia translucens Katzmann, 1973
Adriatic Sea for Pteriptyches festiva Grube, 1872
Adriatic Sea for Pterosyllis plectorhyncha Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Sabella calamus Renier, 1847
Adriatic Sea for Sabella gelatinosa Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Sabella membranacea Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Sabella ramosa Olivi, 1792
Adriatic Sea for Sabella scoparia Grube, 1870
Adriatic Sea for Sabella tenuicollaris Grube, 1870
Adriatic Sea for Sabellides adspersa Grube, 1863
Adriatic Sea for Serpula cannelletto Olivi, 1792
Adriatic Sea for Serpula colon Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Serpula operculata Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Serpula proboscidialis Gravenhorst in Mörch, 1863
Adriatic Sea for Serpula tetragona Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Sphaerosyllis hystrix Claparède, 1863
Adriatic Sea for Spinther miniaceus Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Spionereis caeca Sars, 1853
Adriatic Sea for Syllis brevipennis (Grube, 1863)
Adriatic Sea for Syllis macrocola Marenzeller, 1874
Adriatic Sea for Syllis ochracea Marenzeller, 1875
Adriatic Sea for Syllis variegata Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Syllis zebra Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Terebella buccinea Renier, 1804
Adriatic Sea for Terebella infundibulum Renier, [1804]
Adriatic Sea for Terebella rosea Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Terebella spiralis Grube, 1860
Adriatic Sea for Terebella turrita Grube, 1860
Adventure Bank for Ehlersia cornuta hystricis McIntosh, 1902
Afognak Island for Notophyllum imbricatum Moore, 1906
Afognak Island for Pseudopotamilla intermedia Moore, 1905
Afognak Island for Pseudopotamilla occelata Moore, 1905
Africa for Dentalium corneum Linnaeus, 1767
Africa Coasts for Lygdamis robinsi Jeldes & Lefevre, 1959
Agay for Ophelia radiata barquii Fauvel, 1927
Aguja Point for Onuphis proalopus Chamberlin, 1919
Alabama for Lumbrinerides uebelackerae Carrera-Parra, 2001
Alaska for Ampharete eupalea Chamberlin, 1920
Alaska for Ampharete johanseni Chamberlin, 1920
Alaska for Ampharete reducta Chamberlin, 1920
Alaska for Ampharete seribranchiata Treadwell, 1926
Alaska for Amphicteis glabra Moore, 1905

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