BeRMS specimen details

Code/Type no.types lost
NoteHolotype: type material lost (Banse, 1969: 2615)
IdentificationHolotypeMacrochaeta helgolandica Friedrich, 1937 [details]
CollectorA. Remane
LocalityHelgoland (Amphioxus-sand near Helgoland, North Sea. According to Banse (1969: 2615), this is a rectangle with the southwestern corner at 54º15.3'N, 07º55.9'E, and extending 0.4' of latitude to the North, and 1.2' of longitude to the east, with a depth of 19-21 m and a ground of coarse sand)
Start latitude54.255 (54° 15' 18" N)
End latitude54.2617 (54° 15' 42" N)
Start longitude7.9317 (7° 55' 54" E)
End longitude7.9517 (7° 57' 6" E)
Depthshallow19 m
Depthdeep21 m
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2008-03-26 11:36:43Z  created  Fauchald, Kristian
2016-05-02 16:14:08Z  changed  Gil, João

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