WoRMS taxon details

Aegiceras corniculatum (L.) Blanco

235069  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:235069)

Not documented
Dahdouh-Guebas F. (Ed.) (2018). World Mangroves database. Aegiceras corniculatum (L.) Blanco. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=235069 on 2018-10-23
2006-12-05 16:48:04Z

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context source (HKRMS) Chan, K. Y. (1992). The mangrove community of Hoi Ha Wan, Hong Kong. <em>In: Morton B, editor. Proceedings of the Fourth International Marine Biological Workshop: The Marine Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong and Southern China. The marine flora and fauna of Hong Kong and southern China III. Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong.</em> 815-821. [details]   

context source (RAS) Australian Antarctic Data Centre. , available online at https://data.aad.gov.au/aadc/biodiversity/ [details]   

basis of record Liu J.Y. [Ruiyu] (ed.). (2008). Checklist of marine biota of China seas. <em>China Science Press.</em> 1267 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 
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Nontype CANB 677922, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 468356, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308167, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670643, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670945, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670968, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671036, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 726171, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 481696, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670947, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670951, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670960, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670962, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 857973, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308119, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670943, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 249457, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 489780, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308157, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670631, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308144, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308155, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670635, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670965, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 672621, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308111, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 690916, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670955, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308118, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 324545, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308109, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308173, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308166, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 270159, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308105, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 262681, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 270596, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308141, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308151, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308162, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308174, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 895070, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308113, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308116, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670982, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671019, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308148, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308147, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670977, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671003, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 124906, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 782995, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671015, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 314804, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308163, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308145, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308125, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308126, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 318954, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670978, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308130, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308154, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308131, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308136, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 928424, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308117, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 874393, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 690913, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 874422, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 927149, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 955784, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 975318, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671000, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671010, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 928820, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 935468, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308159, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308175, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 880142, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 882803, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 895067, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 941591, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 942253, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 956702, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 882647, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 874320, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308133, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308132, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308168, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671040, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670987, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 864334, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308137, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308139, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671044, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308138, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308171, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 905522, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 940163, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 940253, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 954817, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 937304, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308170, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308153, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308161, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308124, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 947440, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308122, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308112, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308158, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 224965, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 933091, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 9915, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308143, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670995, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308129, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308108, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 942705, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308146, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308134, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308135, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308172, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 871892, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 911211, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 895036, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 868993, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308121, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 670984, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 874312, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 933261, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308120, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308169, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 942690, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308110, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308165, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308156, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308152, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308149, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 527357, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671031, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308128, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308127, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308164, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308160, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 892336, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 975317, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 671028, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 308123, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 320941, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 866850, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 905790, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 866015, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 905768, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 823616, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 866391, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 866256, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 866223, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 866255, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 947723, geounit Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype BRI 91510, geounit Bootless Inlet (New Guinea; BOOTLESS BAY; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 91532, geounit Bougainville (New Guinea; KIETA; Bougainville) [details]
Nontype BRI 91429, geounit Cairns (Queensland; CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475690, geounit Cape Ferguson (Queensland; CAPE FERGUSON; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91490, geounit Catubig River (Malesia; CATUBIG RIVER SAMAR PHILIPPINES.; Philippines) [details]
Nontype BRI 356163, geounit Central Province (New Guinea; ON WALKING TRACK BETWEEN KAVUONE VILLAGE & KUPIANO STN; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 91436, geounit Daintree River (Queensland; DAINTREE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91507, geounit Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 357547, geounit Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 475549, geounit Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU) [details]
Nontype BRI 91508, geounit Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS) [details]
Nontype BRI 91522, geounit Delena (New Guinea; DELENA CA .5M SE OF; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 91526, geounit Domara (New Guinea; DOMARA) [details]
Nontype BRI 91837, geounit East New Britain (New Guinea; POMIO; East New Britain) [details]
Nontype BRI 91527, geounit Fife Bay (New Guinea; FIFE BAY MOUTH OF RIVER) [details]
Nontype Private , geounit Iloilo (Philippines; Iloilo) [details]
Nontype Private , geounit India (India; Coringa; Kakinada) [details]
Nontype Private , geounit India (India; Pichavaram; Killai Village) [details]
Nontype CANB 823959, geounit Indonesia (INDONESIA) [details]
Nontype BRI 91509, geounit Indonesia (Malesia; TANIMBAR ISLAND SAUALAKI BOGOR.; Indonesia) [details]
Nontype BRI 356160, geounit Irian Jaya (New Guinea; WASIOR WANDAMMEN BAY; West New Guinea) [details]
Nontype BRI 91520, geounit Kappa Kappa (New Guinea; C 8M N OF KAPA KAPA; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 91519, geounit Kerema Bay (New Guinea; KEREMA BAY CA 5M NW OF KEREMA; Gulf) [details]
Nontype BRI 68337, geounit Low Isles (Queensland; LOW ISLES; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91515, geounit Mabaduan (New Guinea; MABADAUAN; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 357530, geounit Mabaduan (New Guinea; MABADUAN; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 565318, geounit Madang (New Guinea; BOROI VILLAGE NO 1; Madang) [details]
Nontype BRI 548977, geounit Madang (New Guinea; BOROI VILLAGE NO. 1; Madang) [details]
Nontype BRI 357541, geounit Milne Bay (New Guinea; FERGUSSON IS SALAMO; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 91513, geounit Milne Bay (New Guinea; MILNE BAY AREA CA TWO THIRDS WAY NORTHERN SHORES; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 91516, geounit Mogubu Point (New Guinea; SWAMP W OF MOGUBU; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 370226, geounit Morobe (New Guinea; APO BEACH; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 357561, geounit Morobe (New Guinea; ARUKI VILLAGE ONE MILE FROM; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 91839, geounit Morobe (New Guinea; LABU 0.25M S OF PRIMARY SCHOOL; Morobe) [details]
Nontype BRI 91528, geounit Morobe (New Guinea; SAWETTE SAWMILL .25M W OF; Morobe) [details]
Nontype Private , geounit Negombo (Sri Lanka; Negombo; Kadolkele) [details]
Nontype BRI 91512, geounit New Britain (New Guinea; JACQUINOT BAY; New Britain) [details]
Nontype BRI 91517, geounit New Ireland Province (New Guinea; INLAND FROM LOSSUK ON TRACK TO BAGATERRE; New Ireland) [details]
Nontype BRI 91502, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; BRUNSWICK RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 774999, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; COBBY'S CORNER, WHERE CREEK CROSSES ROAD AT JUNCTION OF LAGOON ROAD & GOLF COURSE ROAD; Lord Howe Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 91498, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; GEORGES RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91499, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; GEORGES RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91506, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; HOWE'S IS; Lord Howe Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 643357, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; LORD HOWE IS. PADDOCK OPPOSITE ROAD WHICH LEADS TO GOATHOUSE TRACK, BORDERING TIDAL CREEK.; Lord Howe Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 91505, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; LORD HOWE IS; Lord Howe Is.) [details]
Nontype BRI 475257, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; MERIMBULA LAKE) [details]
Nontype BRI 535184, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; N END OF LIME KILN BAY OATLEY PARK OATLEY; Central Coast) [details]
Nontype BRI 517609, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; NAMBUCCA HEADS; North Coast) [details]
Nontype BRI 484768, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; NAMBUCCA RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91469, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; POINT DANGER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91497, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; TWEED HEADS TERRANORA CK S OPPOSITE CADDY'S IS) [details]
Nontype BRI 91501, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; TWEED RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91503, geounit New South Wales (New South Wales; TWEED RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91524, geounit Normanby Island (New Guinea; NORMANBY IS BEACH NR LABADOWA RIVER SEWA BAY; E. Highlands) [details]
Nontype BRI 510892, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; 25KM E OF NGUKURR ROPER RIVER; Darwin & Gulf) [details]
Nontype BRI 324364, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; BLACKMORE RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 453495, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; COAST NR WOODY IS NE ARNHEM LAND) [details]
Nontype BRI 316632, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; DARWIN ADELAIDE RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91493, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; DARWIN HARBOUR MIDDLE ARM) [details]
Nontype BRI 91492, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; DARWIN HARBOUR SANDFLY CKEAST ARM OF) [details]
Nontype BRI 842557, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; EASTERN SIDE OF GOVE HARBOUR, EASTERN ARNHEM LAND, NORTHERN TERRITORY.) [details]
Nontype BRI 463950, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; FLINDERS PENINSULA ARNHEM LAND; Darwin & Gulf) [details]
Nontype BRI 432697, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; GROOTE EYLANDT S SIDE OF MOUTH OF EMERALD RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 475624, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; HAYCOCK REACH MIDDLE ARM) [details]
Nontype BRI 787336, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; MOUTH OF BLYTH RIVER NEAR RAMINGINING, CENTRAL ARNHEMLAND, N.T.) [details]
Nontype BRI 91496, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; OENPELLI EAST ALLIGATOR RIVER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91494, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; POINT STEPHENS ADAM BAY) [details]
Nontype BRI 466012, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; WEST IS SIR EDWARD PELLEW GROUP) [details]
Nontype BRI 91495, geounit Northern Territory (Northern Territory; YIRRKALA) [details]
Nontype BRI 356150, geounit Oro Bay (New Guinea; ORO BAY NEAR MAIN WHARF; Northern) [details]
Nontype BRI 405286, geounit Oro Province (New Guinea; VIAKU TUFI; Northern) [details]
Nontype Private , geounit Pakistan (Pakistan; Karachi; Indus Delta) [details]
Nontype CANB 932994, geounit Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype CANB 888842, geounit Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype CANB 931972, geounit Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype CANB 890681, geounit Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype BRI 475684, geounit Pie River (New Guinea; PIE RIVER SITE 10 WAME JUNCTION) [details]
Nontype BRI 91443, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; 3.3M W OF PORT ALMA; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 114736, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; 5KM E OF ST LAWRENCE; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 582452, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; BOYNE RIVER CANOE POINT TANNUM SANDS; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 91444, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; CALLIOPE RIVER CROSSING BRUCE HWY; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 850373, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; EURIMBULA NP, MIDDLE CREEK BOAT RAMP.; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 850349, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; EURIMBULA NP, MOUTH OF EURIMBULA CK, BUSTARD BAY.; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 586844, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; GIL BIAS POINT; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 580349, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; 'GREEN HORIZONS' PROPERTY OF A.GECKELER 8.4KM FROM RULES BEACH RD 60KM NW OF BUNDABERG; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 142297, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; JUST S OF ROUND HILL HEAD INLAND SIDE OF PENINSULA; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 618930, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; LAKE CALLAMONDAH, APPROX 5KM WNW GLADSTONE; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 445086, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; LEEKS CK GREAT KEPPEL IS 1987 KEPPEL BAY ISLAND SURVEY; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 91442, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; PORT ALMA 2.9M W OF; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 91445, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; RABLIN S OF ROCKHAMPTON; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 780756, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; ROCKHAMPTON; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 668678, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; SHOALWATER BAY, FRESHWATER SECTOR; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 292602, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; SITE 132 YEPPOON 3KM N OFBARWELL CK MOUTH; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 91441, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; TRIBUTARY OF CONNORS CK 13.4M E OF AMBROSE; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 440623, geounit Port Curtis (Queensland; WILD CATTLE CK; Port Curtis) [details]
Nontype BRI 475729, geounit Port Hedland (Western Australia; PORT HEDLAND) [details]
Nontype BRI 91504, geounit Port Jackson (New South Wales; PORT JACKSON) [details]
Nontype BRI 91531, geounit Port Moresby (New Guinea; PORT MORESBY) [details]
Nontype BRI 357478, geounit Purari Delta (New Guinea; APIOPE PURARI DELTA MOUTH E BRANCH; Gulf) [details]
Nontype MO 3157, geounit Queensland (Australia; Queensland) [details]
Nontype BRI 616036, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ALBERT RIVER, ABOUT 5KM E OF BURKETOWN; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 91478, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ALBERT RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 5117, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ANNAN RIVER CROSSING CA 8KM SSW OF COOKTOWN; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 381493, geounit Queensland (Queensland; AURUKUN 3KM ESE ON TRACK LEADING TO WATSON RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 634096, geounit Queensland (Queensland; AURUKUN MISSION; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 2767, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BAILEY'S CK AREA NR JUNCTION HUTCHINSON BAILEY CKS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 655026, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BANKS OF SALTWATER CREEK HAYES INLET; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91438, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BARRON RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 116645, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BAUER INLET WEARY BAY; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91471, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BEENLEIGH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 733497, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BENTINCK ISLAND, SOUTH WELLESLEY GROUP, GULF OF CARPENTARIA; C 6KM S OF SETTLEMENT ON SE COAST; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 334543, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BETWEEN AIRLIE BEACH AND SHUTE HARBOUR; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 451779, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BETWEEN KURRIMINE & MURDERING POINT; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 636126, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BETWEEN NEILS BEACH & WILLIAMSON BEACH; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 74761, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BISHOP IS BRISBANE RIVER MOUTH OF CA 10KM N OF WYNNUM; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 849463, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BOAT RAMP, END OF COOYA BEACH.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 741270, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BOAT RAMP, MT OMMANEY DRIVE, JINDALEE.; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 650563, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BOLT HEAD TEMPLE BAY (GPS 12 14 59 143 05 02); Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91452, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BOWEN; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91481, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE BANKS OF RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91470, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE BOTANIC GARDENS; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 423813, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE INDOOROOPILLY LONG POCKET RD; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91486, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE OXLEY CK; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 621864, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE RIVER 100METRES DOWNSTREAM FROM JINDALEE BRIDGE; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91483, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE RIVER MOUTH HERCULES BANK; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 478281, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE RIVER ST LUCIA REACH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 478282, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE RIVER ST LUCIA REACH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91482, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91487, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BRISBANE STRATHPINE SOUTH PINE RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91474, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BROADBEACH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91449, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BUNDABERG; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 254902, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BURKETOWN WHARF 1.6KM W OF BANKS OF CK; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 142296, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BURKETOWN WHARF TRUGANINI LANDING; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 641839, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BURNETT HEADS NNE OF BUNDABERG; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 91450, geounit Queensland (Queensland; BURRUM RIVER MOUTH; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 142295, geounit Queensland (Queensland; C 16KM NE OF BURKETOWN; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 91464, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CABBAGE TREE CK NR SANDGATE CA 1.5KM FROM MOUTH (REFSET); Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91437, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CAIRNS MACHEN'S BEACH; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91457, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CANNON VALLEY BEACH NR PROSERPINE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91430, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK JACKY JACKY; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 844545, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK. BESSIE POINT.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 845147, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK. WHYANBEEL CREEK, NEAR THE INLET BETWEEN DAYMAN POINT AND NEWELL BEACH.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 1181, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 441278, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CARLISLE IS CAMP SITE 35KM N OF MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91475, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CHELMER BRISBANE RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 475727, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CHUNDA BAY CAPE FERGUSON; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 543522, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CID IS; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91484, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CK NR SANDGATE; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 558423, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CLUMP POINT, NEAR MISSION BEACH.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 556988, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CLUMP POINT; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 5666, geounit Queensland (Queensland; COOCHIEMUDLO IS MORETON BAY CA 6.4KM NE OF REDLAND BAY; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 668855, geounit Queensland (Queensland; COOCHIN CREEK BOAT RAMP VIA BEERWAH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 223893, geounit Queensland (Queensland; COOKTOWN FINCHES BAY; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 849036, geounit Queensland (Queensland; CYCLE TRACK BETWEEN NORTH CAIRNS AND AEROGLEN, CLOSER TO COLLINS AVENUE,CAIRNS.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 595649, geounit Queensland (Queensland; DAUAN IS SAND-SPIT TO NW OF VILLAGE AT N END OF IS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 4025, geounit Queensland (Queensland; DAUAN IS TORRES STRAIT; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 393990, geounit Queensland (Queensland; DOOMADGEE ABORIGINAL RESERVE BETWEEN BAYLEY POINT & POINT PARKER; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 624392, geounit Queensland (Queensland; DUNDULA MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475392, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ENDEAVOUR RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 108316, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ERLANDO DOUBLE BAY CA 25KM N OF PROSERPINE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475678, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ESCAPE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91465, geounit Queensland (Queensland; FISHERMAN ISLANDS BRISBANE RIVER MOUTH CA 6.5KM N OF WYNNUM; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91447, geounit Queensland (Queensland; FRASER IS WEST COAST; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 91448, geounit Queensland (Queensland; FRASER IS; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 628157, geounit Queensland (Queensland; GLOUCESTER IS SQUALLY BAY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 627023, geounit Queensland (Queensland; GLOUCESTER IS W SIDE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91467, geounit Queensland (Queensland; GOAT IS CA 1KM W OF DUNWICH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 440609, geounit Queensland (Queensland; GOAT IS PUMICESTONE PASSAGE 16KM S OF CALOUNDRA; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 670707, geounit Queensland (Queensland; GOLD COAST TALLEBUDGERA CREEK; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 367209, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HALF MOON CREEK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 624063, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HALLIDAY BAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 727789, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HAMMOND ISLAND, TORRES STRAIT.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 790337, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HAPPY VALLEY CREEK.; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91433, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HARTLEY'S CK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 396181, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HERBERT RIVER AT HALIFAX VIA INGHAM; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91453, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHENBROOK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475753, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS BOWEN CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475754, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS BOWEN CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475755, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS BOWEN CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475756, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS BOWEN CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 101643, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS LITTLE RAMSAY BAY EASTERN SIDE OF; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475750, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS WIDE CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 475751, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HINCHINBROOK IS WIDE CK; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91455, geounit Queensland (Queensland; HOME HILL; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91454, geounit Queensland (Queensland; INGHAM HERBERT RIVER; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91427, geounit Queensland (Queensland; INNISFAIL; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 439949, geounit Queensland (Queensland; INSKIP POINT OPPOSITE S END OF FRASER IS; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 557004, geounit Queensland (Queensland; IRON RANGE, MOUTH OF CLAUDIE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 695502, geounit Queensland (Queensland; JOHNSTONE RIVER.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91440, geounit Queensland (Queensland; JOHNSTONE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 382664, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KALPOWAR CA 40KM N OF HS ON MARRETT RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 453476, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KAURI CK CA 10KM NNE OF CAMP KERR WIDE BAY MILITARY TRNG AREA; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 588095, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KESWICK IS SINGAPORE BAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 650462, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KESWICK ISLAND HORSESHOE BAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 849617, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KEWARRA BEACH.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 635545, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KINKUNA NP; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 348767, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KOWANYAMA ABORIGINAL RESERVE TOPSY CK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 113831, geounit Queensland (Queensland; KURRIMINE MARIA CK MOUTH; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 552791, geounit Queensland (Queensland; LAGOON ISLAND, NORTH OF LOGAN RIVER, MORETON BAY; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91476, geounit Queensland (Queensland; LOGAN RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 611007, geounit Queensland (Queensland; LOGANHOLME, 85-87 GAILES ROAD, OXBOW ON LOGAN RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 440610, geounit Queensland (Queensland; LONG IS PUMICESTONE PASSAGE 14KM S OF CALOUNDRA; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 416367, geounit Queensland (Queensland; LOW ISLES 12KM NE OF PORT DOUGLAS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 332004, geounit Queensland (Queensland; LOW ISLETS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91460, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 322757, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MACKAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91459, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MACKAY-SARINA; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 874353, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MANGROVE SWAMP BORDERING RIVER.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 616953, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MANGROVES ADJACENT EPRAPAH CREEK, REDLAND BAY; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91435, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MAPOON; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 223894, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MARINA PLAINS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 519137, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MARRETT RIVER 5.9KM N OF WAKOOKA TURNOFF ON RD TO BATHURST HEADS CYP 618 (WAK 45); Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91426, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MARRETT RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 396174, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MOLONGLE BEACH, UPSTART BAY, 6.4KM FROM BRUCE HWY.; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 416510, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MOOLOOLAH RIVER 1.5M FROM MOUTH OF; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 11400, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MORETON BAY CA 9.6KM N OF SOUTHPORT; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 13789, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MORETON IS 17KM SSE OF TANGALOOMA; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 12985, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MOSSMAN RIVER MOUTH NORTHBANK OF; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91431, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MOWBRAY RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91466, geounit Queensland (Queensland; MUD IS MORETON BAY CA 16KM NNE OF WYNNUM; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 495776, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NATIONAL PARK RESERVE 133, COLLINS CREEK NEAR MOUTH, BLOOMFIELD TRACK, ADJACENT TO SITE 8; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91468, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NERANG RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91451, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NOOSA HEADS; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 91446, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NOOSA RIVER MOUTH 1KM UPSTREAM FROM; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 336636, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NORMANTON; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 91432, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NR CAPE YORK; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91456, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NR SAUNDERS BEACH CA 15M N OF TOWNSVILLE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 553322, geounit Queensland (Queensland; NUDGEE BEACH; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91434, geounit Queensland (Queensland; OAK BEACH CA 32M N OF CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475266, geounit Queensland (Queensland; OLIVE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475681, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PASCOE RIVER SITE 4; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91485, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PINE RIVER MOUTH SOUTH BANK; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91473, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PINE RIVER; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91428, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PORT DOUGLAS 10M S; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91500, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PORTLAND ROADS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 12945, geounit Queensland (Queensland; POVERTY POINT TIN CAN INLET COOLOOLA AREA; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 91458, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PROSERPINE CANNON VALLEY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 440309, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PROSERPINE (CONWAY BEACH); North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91462, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PROSERPINE AIRLIE; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 418959, geounit Queensland (Queensland; PUMICESTONE PASSAGE (PUBREF); Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 600801, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ROCKY POINT NR MOUTH OF LOGAN RIVER CAUSEWAY THROUGH MANGROVES (GPS 27 43 12 153 20 27); Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91479, geounit Queensland (Queensland; RUSSELL IS; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 634885, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SAIBAI IS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 250169, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SAIBAI; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 101644, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SAMPLING POINT 13 8.5KM NW OF WEIPA MISSION; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 116644, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SAMPLING POINT 13 8.5KM NW OF WEIPA MISSION; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 4231, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SARINA BEACH 0.7KM N OF CARAVAN PARK; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 91461, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SARINA; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 487713, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SCAWFELL ISLAND CAMP SITE REFUGE BAY; South Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 436835, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SE OF BUNDABERG ELLIOTT HEADS 1KM; Wide Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 5673, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SERPENTINE CK CA 32KM ENE OF BRISBANE; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 787309, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SHELBURNE BAY, 2KM NNE OF MESSUM HILL, CAPE YORK PENINSULA.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91463, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SHUTE BAY; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 793233, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SOUTH PINE RIVER, PINE RIVERS PARK, STRATHPINE; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91477, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SOUTHPORT RD MARGIN OF CK; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91472, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SOUTHPORT; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 13380, geounit Queensland (Queensland; ST LUCIA; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 437098, geounit Queensland (Queensland; STN LAGOON 3KM E INVERLEIGH HS NE OF NR FLINDERS RIVER; Burke) [details]
Nontype BRI 91480, geounit Queensland (Queensland; STRADBROKE IS MORETON BAY SOUTHERN END OF; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 633065, geounit Queensland (Queensland; SWAMP BAY SHUTE HARBOUR; North Kennedy) [details]
Nontype BRI 440655, geounit Queensland (Queensland; TRINITY INLET (AT SOUTHERN END) C 12KM S OF CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 458002, geounit Queensland (Queensland; WEIPA MISSION RIVER BRIDGE N END; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 432773, geounit Queensland (Queensland; WEIPA NANAM SCRUB; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 471151, geounit Queensland (Queensland; WEIPA; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 724581, geounit Queensland (Queensland; WEYMOUTH BAY, N OF PASCOE RIVER.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 756646, geounit Queensland (Queensland; 'WHYALLA PLAIN'; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 74760, geounit Queensland (Queensland; WHYTE IS BRISBANE RIVER MOUTH CA 5KM N OF WYNNUM; Moreton) [details]
Nontype BRI 91439, geounit Queensland (Queensland; YARRABAH; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 414085, geounit Queensland (Queensland; YORKEYS KNOB NR CAIRNS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 91489, geounit Quezon (Malesia; GUINAYANGAN PROVINCE OF TAYABAS LUZON PHILIPPINES.; Philippines) [details]
Nontype BRI 400087, geounit Sri Lanka (Asia; C. 1M W OF AMBALANTOTA AT MILE POST 139 ALONG HIGHWAY A2 CEYLON.; Sri Lanka) [details]
Nontype BRI 393256, geounit Sri Lanka (Asia; C. 4M NW OF BATTICALOA NEAR MILE POST 4/6 ON THE ROAD TO TRINCOMALEE CEYLON.; Sri Lanka) [details]
Nontype MO 8975, geounit Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka; Eastern; Batticaloa) [details]
Nontype MO 7567, geounit Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka; Eastern; Trincomalee) [details]
Nontype MO 7804, geounit Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka; Southern; Hambantota) [details]
Nontype BRI 91529, geounit Uramu Island (New Guinea; URAMU IS KINOMERI; Gulf) [details]
Nontype BRI 357450, geounit Wanigela (New Guinea; NEAR WANIGELA VILLAGE; Northern) [details]
Nontype BRI 357597, geounit Wassi Kussa River (New Guinea; SABI LOWER WASSI KUSSA RIVER; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 91518, geounit West New Britain Province (New Guinea; KILENGE; West New Britain) [details]
Nontype MO 52317A, geounit Western Australia (state) (Australia; Western Australia) [details]
Nontype BRI 475489, geounit Western Australia (state) (Western Australia; CAPE LEVEQUE) [details]
Nontype BRI 475685, geounit Western Australia (state) (Western Australia; KING SOUND) [details]
Nontype BRI 766885, geounit Western Australia (state) (Western Australia; WALSH POINT, PORT WARRENDER) [details]
Nontype BRI 91514, geounit Western province (Fly) (New Guinea; BENSBACH RIVER MOUTH; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 475527, geounit Western province (Fly) (New Guinea; BENSBACH RIVER IRIAN JAYA) [details]
Nontype BRI 91521, geounit Yule Island (New Guinea; YULE IS CA 4.5M NW OF KAIRUKU; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 385060, geounit Yule Island (New Guinea; YULE IS NE SLOPE; Central) [details]

Bengali Khalsi  [details]
Chinese tong hua shu  [details]