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Bruguiera cylindrica (Linnaeus) Blume

234496  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:234496)

Dahdouh-Guebas F. (Ed.) (2018). World Mangroves database. Bruguiera cylindrica (Linnaeus) Blume. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=234496 on 2018-04-19
2006-11-22 17:48:42Z

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basis of record Liu J.Y. [Ruiyu] (ed.). (2008). Checklist of marine biota of China seas. China Science Press. 1267 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

context source (RAS) Australian Antarctic Data Centre. , available online at https://data.aad.gov.au/aadc/biodiversity/ [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien 

Nontype CANB 933255, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 913847, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 933332, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype CANB 947708, locality Australia (AUSTRALIA) [details]
Nontype BRI 120828, locality Bulacan (Malesia; PROVINCE OF BULACAN LUZON; Philippines) [details]
Nontype BRI 372852, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 372772, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 372773, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 538739, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU; Western) [details]
Nontype BRI 475545, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU) [details]
Nontype BRI 120834, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU IS) [details]
Nontype BRI 475282, locality Daru Island (New Guinea; DARU SE FRINGE) [details]
Nontype BRI 120833, locality Delena (New Guinea; DELENA VILLAGE .5M SE; Central) [details]
Nontype Private , locality Iloilo (Philippines; Iloilo) [details]
Nontype Private , locality India (India; Coringa; Kakinada) [details]
Nontype Private , locality India (India; Pichavaram; Killai Village) [details]
Nontype BRI 120842, locality Indonesia (Malesia; BATOC BAHRU SUMATRA; Indonesia) [details]
Nontype BRI 596411, locality Indonesia (Malesia; PULAU BARAKAN KP JAMBUAI; Indonesia) [details]
Nontype P 884115, locality Kampot (Cambodge; Kampot : Koh Tonsey, ├«le aux lapins) [details]
Nontype BRI 120836, locality Kappa Kappa (New Guinea; KAPPA KAPPA PAPUA) [details]
Nontype BRI 371170, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; MAIWARA VILLAGE 10M S OF ALOTAU; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 120830, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; MILNE BAY AREA; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 120837, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; MILNE BAY; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype BRI 120835, locality Milne Bay (New Guinea; NEAR TAPIO VILLAGE CAPE VOGEL PENINSULA; Milne Bay) [details]
Nontype Private , locality Negombo (Sri Lanka; Negombo; Kadolkele) [details]
Nontype BRI 120831, locality Orokolo (New Guinea; IHU 1 MILE W OROKOLO BAY; Gulf) [details]
Nontype CANB 955576, locality Papua New Guinea (PAPUA NEW GUINEA) [details]
Nontype BRI 268465, locality Port Moresby (New Guinea; GALLEY REACH 50KM NW OF PORT MORESBY) [details]
Nontype BRI 333697, locality Queensland (Queensland; 10KM NE OF SILVER PLAINS HS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 333696, locality Queensland (Queensland; 6KM N OF BAMAGA; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 120821, locality Queensland (Queensland; ANNIE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 120823, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK AREA; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 120822, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK PENINSULA; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 845221, locality Queensland (Queensland; CAPE YORK. SAIBAI.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475713, locality Queensland (Queensland; CLAUDIE RIVER OPPOSITE SITE 4; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 595647, locality Queensland (Queensland; DAUAN IS SAND-SPIT TO NW OF VILLAGE AT N END OF IS (REFSET); Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 3892, locality Queensland (Queensland; DAUAN IS TORRES STRAIT; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475709, locality Queensland (Queensland; ESCAPE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 14910, locality Queensland (Queensland; FISHER IS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475707, locality Queensland (Queensland; JARDINE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475714, locality Queensland (Queensland; LOCKHART RIVER SITE 4; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 441983, locality Queensland (Queensland; MOA IS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 475716, locality Queensland (Queensland; NORMANDY RIVER SITE 19; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 115709, locality Queensland (Queensland; OLIVE RIVER; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 841801, locality Queensland (Queensland; SAIBAI ISLAND.; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 14657, locality Queensland (Queensland; TURTLE IS ONE; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 321625, locality Queensland (Queensland; TURTLE IS; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 505620, locality Queensland (Queensland; UPPER ENDEAVOR RIVER COOKTOWN; Cook) [details]
Nontype BRI 120827, locality Quezon (Malesia; PROVINCE OF TAYABAS LUZON; Philippines) [details]
Nontype BRI 422518, locality Rambutyo Island (New Guinea; RAMBUTYO IS PENISELU ADMIN CENTRE; Manus) [details]
Nontype BRI 120829, locality Rouku (New Guinea; ROUKU; Central) [details]
Nontype BRI 120824, locality Santa Maria (Malesia; SANTA MARIA DISTRICT OF ZAMBOANGA MINDANAO; Philippines) [details]
Nontype MO 33979, locality Sarawak (Malaysia; Sarawak) [details]
Nontype BRI 120832, locality Yule Island (New Guinea; YULE IS NORTH-WEST TIP; Central) [details]

National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise (BR) - Specimen image
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National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise (BR) - Specimen image
National Botanic Ga...
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