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Munna Krøyer, 1839

118374  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:118374)

Species Munna acanthifera Hansen, 1916
Species Munna aculeata Sivertsen & Holthuis, 1980
Species Munna affinis Nordenstam, 1933
Species Munna amphoricauda Teodorczyk & Wägele, 1994
Species Munna antarctica (Pfeffer, 1887)
Species Munna arcacauda Teodorczyk & Wägele, 1994
Species Munna argentinae Menzies, 1962
Species Munna armoricana Carton, 1962
Species Munna arnholdi Gurjanova, 1933
Species Munna avatshensis Gurjanova, 1936
Species Munna bispina Shimomura & Mawatari, 2001
Species Munna bituberculata Nordenstam, 1933
Species Munna boeckii Krøyer, 1839
Species Munna caprinsula Kensley & Schotte, 1994
Species Munna chilensis Menzies, 1962
Species Munna chromatocephala Menzies, 1952
Species Munna coeca Gurjanova, 1930
Species Munna concavifrons (Barnard, 1920)
Species Munna coxalis Kussakin, 1972
Species Munna crinata Kussakin, 1972
Species Munna crozetensis Kussakin & Vasina, 1982
Species Munna cryophila Vanhöffen, 1914
Species Munna dentata Vanhöffen, 1914
Species Munna fabricii Krøyer, 1846
Species Munna fernaldi George & Stromberg, 1968
Species Munna foresti (Carvacho, 1977)
Species Munna gallardoi Winkler, 1992
Species Munna globicauda Vanhöffen, 1914
Species Munna groenlandica Hansen, 1916
Species Munna halei Menzies, 1952
Species Munna hanseni Stappers, 1911
Species Munna hentyi Poore, 1984
Species Munna hirsuta Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna hovelli Poore, 1984
Species Munna instructa Cleret, 1971
Species Munna japonica Shimomura & Mawatari, 2001
Species Munna jazdzewskii Teodorczyk & Wägele, 1994
Species Munna kerguelensis Kussakin & Vasina, 1982
Species Munna kroyeri Goodsir, 1842
Species Munna kurilensis Kussakin, 1974
Species Munna limicola G. O. Sars, 1866
Species Munna lobata Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna longipoda Teodorczyk & Wägele, 1994
Species Munna lukini Kussakin & Mezhov, 1979
Species Munna lundae Menzies, 1962
Species Munna macquariensis Hale, 1937
Species Munna maculata Beddard, 1886
Species Munna magnifica Schultz, 1964
Species Munna makarovi Rostomov, 1987
Species Munna minuta Hansen, 1910
Species Munna modesta Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna nasuta Kussakin & Mezhov, 1979
Species Munna neglecta Monod, 1931
Species Munna neozelanica Chilton, 1891
Species Munna ornata Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna pallida Beddard, 1886
Species Munna palmata Lilljeborg, 1851
Species Munna parvituberculata Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna pellucida Gurjanova, 1930
Species Munna petronastes Kensley, 1984
Species Munna psychrophila Vanhöffen, 1914
Species Munna roemeri Gurjanova, 1930
Species Munna serrata Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna setosa Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna spicata Teodorczyk & Wägele, 1994
Species Munna spinifera Robinson & Menzies, 1961
Species Munna spinifrons Menzies & Barnard, 1959
Species Munna spitzbergensis Gurjanova, 1930
Species Munna stephenseni Gurjanova, 1933
Species Munna studeri Hilgendorf, 1893
Species Munna subneglecta Gurjanova, 1936
Species Munna temae Müller, 1990
Species Munna tenuipes Kussakin, 1962
Species Munna truncata Richardson, 1908
Species Munna unicincta Kussakin & Mezhov, 1979
Species Munna uripica Kussakin, 1972
Species Munna varians Sivertsen & Holthuis, 1980
Species Munna vittata Kussakin & Mezhov, 1979
Species Munna wolffi Fresi & Mazzella, 1974

Species Munna similis Fresi & Mazzella, 1971 represented as Munna (Metamunna) similis Fresi & Mazzella, 1971 accepted as Uromunna similis (Fresi & Mazzella, 1971)

Subgenus Munna (Metamunna) Fresi & Mazzella, 1974 accepted as Uromunna Menzies, 1962
Species Munna acarina Miller, 1941 accepted as Uromunna acarina (Miller, 1941) (basionym)
Species Munna boecki Krøyer, 1839 accepted as Munna boeckii Krøyer, 1839
Species Munna brevicornis Thomson, 1946 accepted as Uromunna brevicornis (Thomson, 1946) (basionym)
Species Munna caeca Richardson, 1905 accepted as Haplomunna caeca (Richardson, 1905) (basionym)
Species Munna hayesi Robertson, 1978 accepted as Uromunna hayesi (Robertson, 1978) (basionym)
Species Munna nana Nordenstam, 1933 accepted as Uromunna nana (Nordenstam, 1933) (basionym)
Species Munna petiti Amar, 1948 accepted as Uromunna petiti (Amar, 1948) (basionym)
Species Munna powelli Kensley, 1980 accepted as Uromunna powelli (Kensley, 1980) (basionym)
Species Munna reynoldsi Frankenberg & Menzies, 1966 accepted as Uromunna reynoldsi (Frankenberg & Menzies, 1966) (basionym)
Species Munna santaluciae Gascon & Mane-Garzon, 1974 accepted as Uromunna santaluciae (Gascon & Mane-Garzon, 1974) (basionym)
Species Munna schauinslandi G. O. Sars, 1905 accepted as Uromunna schauinslandi (G. O. Sars, 1899) (basionym)
Species Munna sheltoni Kensley, 1977 accepted as Uromunna sheltoni (Kensley, 1977) (basionym)
Species Munna ubiquita Menzies, 1952 accepted as Uromunna ubiquita (Menzies, 1952) (basionym)
Species Munna whiteana Bate & Westwood, 1868 accepted as Munna kroyeri Goodsir, 1842
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Krøyer, H. (1839). <i>Munna</i>, en ny kraebsdyrslaegt. <em>Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift Ser. I.</em> 2(6): 612-616, 1 pl. [details]  OpenAccess publication 
Boyko, C.B.; Bruce, N.L.; Hadfield, K.A.; Merrin, K.L.; Ota, Y.; Poore, G.C.B.; Taiti, S.; Schotte, M.; Wilson, G.D.F. (Eds) (2008 onwards). World Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Isopod Crustaceans database. Munna Krøyer, 1839. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=118374 on 2021-10-20
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original description Krøyer, H. (1839). <i>Munna</i>, en ny kraebsdyrslaegt. <em>Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift Ser. I.</em> 2(6): 612-616, 1 pl. [details]  OpenAccess publication 

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identification resource Teodorczyk, W. and Wägele, J. W. (1994). On Antarctic species of the genus Munna Kroyer, 1839 (Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellote, Munnidae). Bulletin du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (4) 16 (section A. 1: 111-201., available online at http://decapoda.nhm.org/pdfs/23411/23411.pdf [details]   
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