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Hutchings, Pat and Peart, Rachael 2002. A Review of the Genera of Pectinariidae (Polychaeta) Together with a Description of the Australian Fauna. Records of the Australian Museum, 54: 99-127.
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The polychaete worm family Pectinariidae is represented in Australian waters by five species (Amphictene favona n.sp., A. uniloba n.sp., Pectinaria antipoda Schmarda, 1861, P. dodeka n.sp. and P. kanabinos n.sp.). Pectinaria antipoda is redescribed and a neotype designated. Generic diagnoses are given for all genera including three not known from Australian waters. Additional characters are described for each genus that may facilitate the separation of species. A key to all genera and to species present in Australia is given, as are tables summarising the characters of all described species.
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Amphictene aegyptia Savigny, 1822 accepted as Pectinaria aegyptia (Savigny, 1822) (additional source)
Amphictene favona Hutchings & Peart, 2002 (original description)
Amphictene leioscapha (Caullery, 1944) (basis of record)
Amphictene uniloba Hutchings & Peart, 2002 (original description)
Cistenides Malmgren, 1866 (status source)
Cistenides gouldii Verrill, 1873 (source of synonymy)
Cistenides hyperborea Malmgren, 1866 (status source)
Cistenides okudai Imajima & Hartman, 1964 (status source)
Cistenides regalis (Verrill, 1901) accepted as Pectinaria regalis Verrill, 1901 (source of synonymy)
Lagis Malmgren, 1866 (status source)
Lagis australis (Ehlers, 1904) (status source)
Lagis bocki (Hessle, 1917) (basis of record)
Lagis neapolitana (Claparède, 1869) (status source)
Lagis pseudokoreni (Day, 1955) (status source)
Pectinaria Lamarck, 1818 (identification resource)
Pectinaria (Amphictene) (Savigny, 1822) represented as Amphictene Savigny, 1822 (status source)
Pectinaria (Amphictene) souriei Fauvel, 1949 represented as Amphictene souriei (Fauvel, 1949) (status source)
Pectinaria (Lagis) australis Ehlers, 1904 accepted as Lagis australis (Ehlers, 1904) (status source)
Pectinaria (Lagis) koreni (Malmgren, 1866) accepted as Lagis koreni Malmgren, 1866 (status source)
Pectinaria (Lagis) neapolitana (Claparède, 1869) accepted as Lagis neapolitana (Claparède, 1869) (status source)
Pectinaria (Pectinaria) Lamarck, 1818 accepted as Pectinaria Lamarck, 1818 (status source)
Pectinaria aegyptia (Savigny, 1822) (additional source)
Pectinaria australis Ehlers, 1904 accepted as Lagis australis (Ehlers, 1904) (status source)
Pectinaria belgica (Pallas, 1766) (status source)
Pectinaria bocki Hessle, 1917 accepted as Lagis bocki (Hessle, 1917) (source of synonymy)
Pectinaria chilensis Nilsson, 1928 (additional source)
Pectinaria dodeka Hutchings & Peart, 2002 (original description)
Pectinaria gouldii (Verrill, 1874) (basis of record)
Pectinaria kanabinos Hutchings & Peart, 2002 (original description)
Pectinaria leioscapha Caullery, 1944 (source of synonymy)
Pectinaria regalis Verrill, 1901 (basis of record)
Pectinariidae Quatrefages, 1866 (identification resource)

Hutchings & Peart (2002) reported that specimens obtained from near the type locality belonged in Lagis. [details]


Day's original name was as Pectinaria (Lagis) pseudokoreni. Lagis is now full genus rank [details]