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Polychaeta source details

Wesenberg-Lund, Elise. (1950). Polychaeta. Danish Ingolf-Expedition. 4(14): 1-92, plates I-X.
Wesenberg-Lund, Elise
Danish Ingolf-Expedition
4(14): 1-92, plates I-X
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
[From Introduction:]
The present paper is a systematic geographical treatment of the Polychaetes from the north-western parts of the Atlantic Ocean, north of the 60° N. Lat. and West of 0° Long. The collections mainly originate from the Danish cruiser "Ingolf" which, in the summers of 1895 and 1896 made two scientific deep-sea expeditions of four months each in the seas round the Faroes, Iceland and Greenland. Though more than 50 years have elapsed since the "Ingolf" brought home her collections, the comprehensive material is still of considerable value, mainly because no new collections of importance have been made in the abyssal regions of the North Atlantic. Nevertheless, the collections of the Zoological Museum proved to comprise some material from the area under consideration, and it seemed natural to include into this treatment these small and more accidental collections from other expeditions; thus the Polychaetes collected, e.g. by the "Thor", the "Dana", the "Tjalfe" and the "Michael Sars", and by Danish officials in Greenland have been treated here too.
North-western Atlantic
Abyssal, Deep-Sea
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Holotype ZMUC, geounit Iceland, identified as Hesiosyllis enigmatica Wesenberg Lund, 1950
Holotype ZMC POL-000014, geounit Baffin Bay, identified as Baffinia multisetosa Wesenberg-Lund, 1950
Paratype ZMC POL-000015, geounit Baffin Bay, identified as Baffinia multisetosa Wesenberg-Lund, 1950

Wesenberg-Lund (1950:15) was uncertain if Hesiosyllis belonged in Syllidae, presumably hence the name. Fauchald ... [details]


Original diagnosis by Wesenberg-Lund (1950: 54): "Generic characters: About 70 segments. No gills. Capillary setae ... [details]


Arctic Ocean: southern part of Baffin Bay (Uummannaq Fjord). [details]


North Atlantic, off east Iceland.  [details]

 Editor's comment

Wesenberg-Lund (1950) states that the single specimen on which the genus was based was "“in a very poor state of ... [details]


"The species has been dredged in the southern part of the Baffin Bay, hence its generic name" (Wesenberg-Lund, ... [details]


Not stated by Wesenberg-Lund. The specific epithet multisetosa is a New Latin adjective meaning 'having many (or ... [details]


Not stated. Although the species is named 'problematica' it seems the author was more uncertain about the genus, ... [details]


The generic name Hesiosyllis refers to the doubts of Wesenberg-Lund (1950: 15) concerning if the taxon should be ... [details]


The specific epithet enigmatica, Latin name for 'inexplicable' or 'baffling', refers to the original doubtful ... [details]


Type of sediment not stated, at bathyal depths. [details]


As far as is known the spelling error 'Glyphanostoma' was created and used only in the synonymy of Glyphanostomum ... [details]


Current taxon was considered as a junior synonym of Syllis cornuta Rathke, 1843 by Carus (1885: 228), Soulier ... [details]

 Type locality

Uummannaq Fjord, southern part of Baffin Bay, west of Greenland, Arctic Ocean (70.8167°, -53.2667°). [details]