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Georgescu, M. D. (2009). On the origins of Superfamily Heterohelicacea Cushman, 1927 and the polyphyletic nature of planktic foraminifera. Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 41: 107-144.
Georgescu, M. D.
On the origins of Superfamily Heterohelicacea Cushman, 1927 and the polyphyletic nature of planktic foraminifera
Revista Española de Micropaleontología
41: 107-144
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A new group of benthic foraminifera is described from the upper Albian sediments of the Blake Plateau (western North Atlantic), superfamily Praeplanctoniacea nov., which originated from the genus Pleurostomella Reuss, 1860. Superfamily Praeplanctoniacea comprises two families: Family Praeplanctonidae nov. and Family Archaeoguembelitriidae nov. Family Praeplanctonidae includes two benthic genera: Praeplanctonia nov. gen. and Haigella nov. gen. Praeplanctonia consists of species with globular chambers, P. glob- ifera nov. sp. and P. quasiplanctonica nov. sp. Haigella is proposed for a lineage in which backward oriented chamber projections are gradually developed: H. intermedia nov. sp. and H. haigi nov. sp. A single genus is included in Family Archaeoguembelitriidae: Archaeoguembelitria nov. gen., which consists of two species, namely A. cenomana (Keller, 1935) and A. harrisi (Tappan, 1940). Archaeoguembelitria formalizes at the genus level a lineage of triserial foraminifera in which A. cenomana (late Albian) is a benthic species with smooth chamber surface and A. harrisi is a planktic species that has the chamber surface ornamented with pore mounds. Praeplanctonia globifera nov. gen., nov. sp. is the ancestral species for Haigella nov. gen., Archaeoguembelitria nov. gen. and “Heterohelix” washitensis (Tappan, 1940). The existence of a phylogenetic relationship between the benthic foraminifer Praeplanctonia globifera nov. gen., nov. sp., as ancestor and the oldest biserial planktic foraminiferal species, “ Heterohelix ” washitensis as descendant, demonstrates that the planktic foraminiferal group is polyphyletic. Two other genera are reviewed: Guembelitriella Tappan, 1940, which is reassigned to Superfamily Turrilinacea Cushman, 1927 and Guembelitria Cushman, 1933, which is restricted to triserial tests of the late Santonian-early Paleocene. The late Albian-Turonian triserial tests are included within Archaeoguembelitria nov. gen. The earliest triserials of the upper Aptian to lowermost upper Albian are included within Koutsoukosia nov. gen., which has K. sergipensis (Koutsoukos, 1994) as type species. Koutsoukosia is assigned to the Family Globuligerinidae Loeblich & Tappan, 1984.
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