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Loeblich, A. R.; Tappan, H. (1984). Some new proteinaceous and agglutinated genera of Foraminiferida. Journal of Paleontology. 58: 1158-1163.
Loeblich, A. R.; Tappan, H.
Some new proteinaceous and agglutinated genera of Foraminiferida
Journal of Paleontology
58: 1158-1163
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During a restudy of the foraminiferal genera and their reclassification, we found that certain previously described species did not agree with the definition of the genera to which they had been assigned. Hence, twelve new generic names are proposed here. Kechenotiske, with type species Hyperamminoides expansus Plummer, 1945, ranges from the Pennsylvanian to Lower Cretaceous; Sacchararena, type species Hyperammina spinescens Cushman and Waters, 1928, is found in the Pennsylvanian and Permian; Sansabaina, type species Hyperammina elegantissima Plummer, 1945, occurs from the Upper Devonian to the Permian; Scherochorella, type species Reophax minuta Tappan, 1940, is found from the Mississippian to the Holocene; Atactolituola, type species Reophax subgoodlandensis Vanderpool, 1933, occurs in the Lower Cretaceous; Sculptobaculites, type species Ammobaculites goodlandensis Cushman and Alexander, 1930, occurs in the Middle Cretaceous; and Simobaculites, type species Ammobaculites cuyleri Tappan, 1940, is found from the Upper Pennsylvanian to lower Miocene. In addition, the genera Archimerismus, type species Hyperammina subnodosa Brady, 1884, Glaphyrammina, type species Ammobaculites americanus Cushman, 1910, Leptohalysis, type species Reophax catella Höglund, 1947, Resigella, type species Nodellum moniliforme Resig, 1982, and Warrenita, type species Sulcophax palustris Warren, 1957, are known only as living taxa.
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Archimerismus Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 (original description)
Atactolituola subgoodlandensis (Vanderpool, 1933) † (new combination reference)
Glaphyrammina Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 (original description)
Kechenotiske Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 † (original description)
Leptohalysis Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 (original description)
Lituola edwardsensis Ikins & Clabaugh, 1940 † accepted as Atactolituola subgoodlandensis (Vanderpool, 1933) † (source of synonymy)
Lituola inflata Lozo, 1944 † accepted as Atactolituola subgoodlandensis (Vanderpool, 1933) † (source of synonymy)
Resigella Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 (original description)
Sacchararena Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 † (original description)
Sacchararena spinescens (Cushman & Waters, 1928) † (new combination reference)
Sansabaina Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 † (original description)
Sansabaina elegantissima (Plummer, 1945) † (new combination reference)
Scherochorella Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 (original description)
Scherochorella chaltanensis (Khalilov, 1951) † (new combination reference)
Scherochorella kunklerensis (Conkin, 1961) † accepted as Kunklerina kunklerensis (Conkin, 1961) † (new combination reference)
Scherochorella minutissima (Plummer, 1945) † accepted as Kunklerina minutissima (Plummer, 1945) † (new combination reference)
Scherochorella neominutissima (Bartenstein & Brand, 1952) † (new combination reference)
Scherochorella pepperensis (Loeblich, 1946) † (new combination reference)
Sculptobaculites Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 † (original description)
Simobaculites Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 † (original description)
Warrenita Loeblich & Tappan, 1984 (original description)