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Pseudechinus Mortensen, 1903

160753  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:160753)

Notechinus Döderlein, 1905 · unaccepted (subjective junior synonym)
Pseudechinus (Notechinus) Döderlein, 1905 · unaccepted (subjective junior synonym)
Species Pseudechinus albocinctus (Hutton, 1872)
Species Pseudechinus flemingi Fell, 1958
Species Pseudechinus grossularia (Studer, 1880)
Species Pseudechinus hesperus H.L. Clark, 1938
Species Pseudechinus huttoni Benham, 1908
Species Pseudechinus magellanicus (Philippi, 1857)
Species Pseudechinus marionis (Mortensen, 1936)
Species Pseudechinus notius (H.L. Clark, 1916)
Species Pseudechinus novaezealandiae (Mortensen, 1921)
Species Pseudechinus sanctipauli Dollfus, 1946
Species Pseudechinus variegatus Mortensen, 1921

Subgenus Pseudechinus (Notechinus) Döderlein, 1905 accepted as Pseudechinus Mortensen, 1903 (subjective junior synonym)
Species Pseudechinus affinis (Mortensen, 1903) accepted as Echinus affinis Mortensen, 1903 accepted as Gracilechinus affinis (Mortensen, 1903) (unaccepted combination)
Species Pseudechinus alexandri (Danielssen & Koren, 1883) accepted as Echinus alexandri Danielssen & Koren, 1883 accepted as Gracilechinus alexandri (Danielssen & Koren, 1883) (unaccepted combination)
Species Pseudechinus atlanticus (Mortensen, 1903) accepted as Echinus atlanticus Mortensen, 1903 accepted as Gracilechinus atlanticus (Mortensen, 1903) (unaccepted combination)
Species Pseudechinus euryporus (H.L. Clark, 1912) accepted as Gracilechinus euryporus (H.L. Clark, 1912) (transferred to Gracilechinus)
Species Pseudechinus gracilis (A. Agassiz, 1869) accepted as Echinus gracilis A. Agassiz, 1869 accepted as Gracilechinus gracilis (A. Agassiz, 1869) (unaccepted combination)
Species Pseudechinus horridus (A. Agassiz, 1879) accepted as Dermechinus horridus (A. Agassiz, 1879) (transferred to Dermechinus)
Species Pseudechinus lucidus (Döderlein, 1885) accepted as Echinus lucidus Döderlein, 1885 accepted as Gracilechinus lucidus (Döderlein, 1885) (unaccepted combination)
Species Pseudechinus novaeamsterdamiae Döderlein, 1906 accepted as Pseudechinus magellanicus (Philippi, 1857) (subjective junior synonym)
Species Pseudechinus novae-zealandiae (Mortensen, 1921) accepted as Pseudechinus novaezealandiae (Mortensen, 1921) (incorrect subsequent spelling)
Species Pseudechinus tylodes (H.L. Clark, 1912) accepted as Echinus tylodes H.L. Clark, 1912 accepted as Gracilechinus tylodes (H.L. Clark, 1912) (unaccepted combination)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent + fossil
Not documented
Kroh, A.; Mooi, R. (2022). World Echinoidea Database. Pseudechinus Mortensen, 1903. Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: https://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=160753 on 2022-12-06
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