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Nephasoma Pergament, 1940

136022  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:136022)

Golfingia (Phascoloides) Fisher, 1950 · unaccepted (synonym)
Subgenus Nephasoma (Cutlerensis) (Popkov, 1991)
Subgenus Nephasoma (Nephasoma) Pergament, 1946
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) abyssorum (Koren & Danielssen, 1876)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) bulbosum (Southern, 1913)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) capilleforme (Murina, 1973)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) columbaris Kawauchi & Rice, 2009
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) confusum (Sluiter, 1902)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) constricticervix (Cutler, 1969)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) constrictum (Southern, 1913)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) cutleri (Murina, 1975)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) diaphanes (Gerould, 1913)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) ditadii Kawauchi & Rice, 2009
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) eremita (Sars, 1851)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) filiforme (Sluiter, 1902)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) flagriferum (Selenka, 1885)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) laetmophilum (Fisher, 1952)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) lilljeborgi (Danielssen & Koren, 1880)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) minutum (Keferstein, 1862)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) multiaraneusa (Murina, 1967)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) novaezealandiae (Benham, 1904)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) pellucidum (Keferstein, 1865)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) rimicola (Gibbs, 1973)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) schuettei (Augener, 1903)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) tasmaniense (Murina, 1964)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) vitjazi (Murina, 1964)
  » Species Nephasoma (Nephasoma) wodjanizkii (Murina, 1973)

Species Nephasoma confusa (Sluiter, 1902) accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) confusum (Sluiter, 1902) (subsequent combination)
Species Nephasoma elisae (Murina, 1977) accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) wodjanizkii elisae (Murina, 1977) (subsequent combination)
Species Nephasoma incompositum (Sluiter, 1912) accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) abyssorum abyssorum (Koren & Danielssen, 1876) (subsequent combination)
Species Nephasoma marinki Pergament, 1940 accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) lilljeborgi (Danielssen & Koren, 1880) (synonym)
Species Nephasoma minuta (Keferstein, 1862) accepted as Nephasoma minutum (Keferstein, 1862) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) minutum (Keferstein, 1862) (genus gender agreement)
Species Nephasoma muricaudata accepted as Golfingia (Golfingia) muricaudata (Southern, 1913)
Species Nephasoma prioki (Sluiter, 1881) accepted as Thysanocardia nigra (Ikeda, 1904) (subsequent combination)
Species Nephasoma rutilofuscum (Fischer, 1916) accepted as Nephasoma (Cutlerensis) rutilofuscum (Fischer, 1916) (subsequent combination)
Species Nephasoma schuettei (Augener, 1903) accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) constrictum (Southern, 1913) (synonym)
Species Nephasoma schuttei (Augener, 1903) accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) schuettei (Augener, 1903) (subsequent combination)
Species Nephasoma subhamata (Sluiter, 1902) accepted as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) pellucidum subhamatum (Sluiter, 1902) (subsequent combination)

Species Nephasoma abyssorum Cutler et al., 1994 represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) abyssorum (Koren & Danielssen, 1876)
Species Nephasoma bulbosum (Southern, 1913) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) bulbosum (Southern, 1913)
Species Nephasoma capilleforme (Murina, 1973) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) capilleforme (Murina, 1973)
Species Nephasoma confusum (Sluiter, 1902) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) confusum (Sluiter, 1902)
Species Nephasoma constricticervix Cutler & Cutler, 1986 represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) constricticervix (Cutler, 1969)
Species Nephasoma constrictum (Southern, 1913) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) constrictum (Southern, 1913)
Species Nephasoma cutleri (Murina, 1975) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) cutleri (Murina, 1975)
Species Nephasoma diaphanes (Gerould, 1913) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) diaphanes diaphanes (Gerould, 1913)
Species Nephasoma filiforme (Sluiter, 1902) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) filiforme (Sluiter, 1902)
Species Nephasoma flagriferum (Selenka, 1885) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) flagriferum (Selenka, 1885)
Species Nephasoma laetmophilum (Fisher, 1952) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) laetmophilum (Fisher, 1952)
Species Nephasoma lilljeborgi (Danielssen & Koren, 1880) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) lilljeborgi (Danielssen & Koren, 1880)
Species Nephasoma minutum (Keferstein, 1862) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) minutum (Keferstein, 1862)
Species Nephasoma multiaraneusa (Murina, 1967) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) multiaraneusa (Murina, 1967)
Species Nephasoma novaezealandiae (Benham, 1904) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) novaezealandiae (Benham, 1904)
Species Nephasoma pellucidum represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) pellucidum (Keferstein, 1865)
Species Nephasoma rimicola (Gibbs, 1973) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) rimicola (Gibbs, 1973)
Species Nephasoma tasmaniense (Murina, 1964) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) tasmaniense (Murina, 1964)
Species Nephasoma vitjazi (Murina, 1964) represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) vitjazi (Murina, 1964)
Species Nephasoma wodjanizkii represented as Nephasoma (Nephasoma) wodjanizkii (Murina, 1973)
Not documented
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