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Himasthla elongata (Mehlis, 1831) Dietz, 1909

108797  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:108797)

Distoma elongatum Mehlis, 1831 · unaccepted (Superseded combination)
marine, terrestrial
(of Distoma elongatum Mehlis, 1831) Mehlis, E. (1831). Novae observationes de entozois. Auctore Dr. Fr. Chr. H. Creplin. <em>Isis (Oken).</em> (1): 68–99; (2): 166–199.
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original description  (of Distoma elongatum Mehlis, 1831) Mehlis, E. (1831). Novae observationes de entozois. Auctore Dr. Fr. Chr. H. Creplin. <em>Isis (Oken).</em> (1): 68–99; (2): 166–199.
page(s): 177 [details]   

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additional source Galaktionov, K. V.; Solovyeva, A. I.; Miroliubov, A. (2021). Elucidation of Himasthla leptosoma (Creplin, 1829) Dietz, 1909 (Digenea, Himasthlidae) life cycle with insights into species composition of the north Atlantic Himasthla associated with periwinkles Littorina spp. <em>Parasitology Research.</em> , available online at https://doi.org/10.1007/s00436-021-07117-8 [details]   

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page(s): 407 [details]   

redescription Russell-Pinto, F.; Gonçalves, J. F.; Bowers, E. (2006). Digenean larvae parasitizing Cerastoderma edule (Bivalvia) and Nassarius reticulatus (Gastropoda) from Ria de Aveiro, Portugal. <em>Journal of Parasitology.</em> 92 (2): 319–332., available online at https://doi.org/10.1645/ge-3510.1
page(s): 322 [details]   

redescription Ishkulov, D. G. (2001). On the taxonomic status of the trematode larvae of the genus Himasthla (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) from the intertidal whelk Littorina saxatilis living in the Kandalaksha Bay of White Sea. <em>Parazitologiya.</em> 35 (1): 81–85. (In Russian).
page(s): 82 [details]   

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page(s): 152 [details]   

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page(s): 8 [details]   

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page(s): 314; note: parthenitae [details]   

redescription Skrjabin, K. I.; Baschkirova, E. Y. (1956). Family Echinostomatidae Dietz, 1909. <em>Osnovy Trematodologii.</em> 12: 50–930.
page(s): 748 [details]   

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page(s): 360 [details]   

redescription Stunkard, H. W. (1960). Further studies on the trematode genus Himasthla with descriptions of H. mcintoshi n. sp., H. piscicola n. sp., and stages in the life-history of H. compacta n. sp. <em>Biological Bulletin.</em> 119 (3): 529–549.
page(s): 539 [details]   

redescription Loos-Frank, B. (1967). Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber Bau, Entwicklung und Systematik der Himasthinae (Trematoda, Echinostomatidae) des Nordseeraumes. <em>Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde.</em> 28: 299–351.
page(s): 318 [details]   

new combination reference Dietz, E. (1909). <em>Die Echinostomiden der Vögel.</em> Dissertation, Konigsberg, 37 pp.
page(s): 16 [details]   

biology source de Montaudouin, X., I. Arzul, A. Cao, M.J. Carballal, B. Chollet, S. Correia, J. Cuesta, S. Culloty, G. Daffe, S. Darriba, S. Díaz, M. Engelsma, R. Freitas, C. Garcia, A. Goedknegt, P. Gonzalez, A. Grade, E. Groves, D. Iglesias, K.T. Jensen, S. Joaquim, S. Lynch, L. Magalhães, K. Mahony, F. Maia, S. Malham, D. Matias, A. Nowaczyk, F. Ruano, D. Thieltges & A. Villalba. (2021). Catalogue of parasites and diseases of the common cockle Cerastoderma edule. <em>UA Editora, Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.</em> 130 pp., available online at https://doi.org/10.34624/9a9c-9j21 
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