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Hechtel, G.J. (1983). New species of marine Demospongiae from Brazil. Iheringia (Zoologia). 63: 58-89.
Hechtel, G.J.
New species of marine Demospongiae from Brazil
Iheringia (Zoologia)
63: 58-89
South Atlantic
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Anchinoe ramosus Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Phorbas hechteli Hajdu & Teixeira, 2011 (original description)
Aplysina pergamentacea Hechtel, 1983 (original description)
Callyspongia laboreli Hechtel, 1983 represented as Callyspongia (Callyspongia) laboreli Hechtel, 1983 (original description)
Crelloxea Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Spongilla Lamarck, 1816 (original description)
Crelloxea spinosa Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Spongilla alba Carter, 1849 (original description)
Didiscus oxeata Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Didiscus oxeatus Hechtel, 1983 (original description)
Echinodictyum dendroides Hechtel, 1983 (original description)
Halichondria braziliensis Hechtel, 1983 represented as Topsentia ophiraphidites (de Laubenfels, 1934) (original description)
Perissinella fosteri Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Ptilocaulis fosteri (Hechtel, 1983) (original description)
Prianos grayi Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Xestospongia muta (Schmidt, 1870) (original description)
Rhabdastrella (Aurorella) de Laubenfels, 1957 accepted as Rhabdastrella Thiele, 1903 (new combination reference)
Rhabdastrella (Aurorella) fibrosa Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Geodia tylastra Boury-Esnault, 1973 (original description)
Rhizochalina nodulosa Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Oceanapia hechteli Santos Neto, Nascimento, Cavalcanti & Pinheiro, 2018 (original description)
Spheciospongia symbiotica Hechtel, 1983 (original description)
Stylaxinella bistyla Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Ptilocaulis bistyla (Hechtel, 1983) (original description)
Stylaxinella braziliensis Hechtel, 1983 accepted as Ptilocaulis braziliensis (Hechtel, 1983) (original description)
Eastern Brazil for Anchinoe ramosus Hechtel, 1983 
Eastern Brazil for Callyspongia laboreli Hechtel, 1983 
Eastern Brazil for Didiscus oxeata Hechtel, 1983 
Fernando de Noronha and Atoll das Rocas for Prianos grayi Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Aplysina pergamentacea Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Echinodictyum dendroides Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Halichondria braziliensis Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Perissinella fosteri Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Rhabdastrella (Aurorella) fibrosa Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Rhizochalina nodulosa Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Spheciospongia symbiotica Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Stylaxinella bistyla Hechtel, 1983 
Northeastern Brazil for Stylaxinella braziliensis Hechtel, 1983 
Holotype YPM 5705, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Rhizochalina nodulosa Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 5727, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Stylaxinella braziliensis Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 5730, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Rhabdastrella (Aurorella) fibrosa Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 8944, geounit Eastern Brazil, identified as Callyspongia laboreli Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 8946, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Echinodictyum dendroides Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 8968, geounit Eastern Brazil, identified as Didiscus oxeata Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 8969, geounit Eastern Brazil, identified as Anchinoe ramosus Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 8994, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Stylaxinella bistyla Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 9004, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Aplysina pergamentacea Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 9008, geounit Fernando de Noronha and Atoll das Rocas, identified as Prianos grayi Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 9019, geounit Brazil Northeast, identified as Crelloxea spinosa Hechtel, 1983
Holotype YPM 9026, geounit Northeastern Brazil, identified as Spheciospongia symbiotica Hechtel, 1983

New name proposed for Phorbas ramosus (Hechtel, 1983), junior secondary homonym of P. ramosus (Lendenfeld, 1888) [details]


This is a replacement name for Hechtel's, 1983 Oceanapia nodulosa, originally as Rhizochalina (not: Oceanapia ... [details]