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Gautier, Y.V. (1962). Recherches écologiques sur les Bryozoaires Chilostomes en Méditerranée occidentale. Recueil des Travaux de la Station Marine d'Endoume. 38(25): 1-434.
Gautier, Y.V.
Recherches écologiques sur les Bryozoaires Chilostomes en Méditerranée occidentale
Recueil des Travaux de la Station Marine d'Endoume
38(25): 1-434.
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The study of the Bryozoa Chilostomata collected from various stations in the Western Mediterranean (1949-1957) has enabled us to obtain several new data on the biology, the ecology, the morphology and the systematics of this group. The results of this study may be sumrnarized as follows: 1) The synonymy of several species is revised and is, in general, further restricted. 2) The known Mediterranean distribution of most of the species is considerably extended. 3) The morphology of about thirty species is better defined by means of a brief description which will aid in their identification, or by means of figures drawn to scale with a camera lucida. Primarily, these figures illustrate the new or insufficiently known species. 4) Micrometre measurements are included since they may serve to check identifications. 5) The morphological variability within the individual species is discussed. The aspect of the zooecia depends on several factors, such as age, calcification, the nature of the substrate, etc. The distinctive characters are clearly stated in order to avoid misidentification. 6) A discussion of the generic or the specific designation is incornorated whenever this was deemed necessary. 7) The geographical and stratigraphical distribution of the various species is reviewed in order to reveal the gaps in our knowledge and to dernonstrate the need for a comparative study of the faunas of the circum Mediterranean Neogene.
Biodiversity, Taxonomic and ecological diversity
Systematics, Taxonomy
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