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Gray, J. E. (1825). A list and description of some species of shells not taken notice of by Lamarck. Annals of Philosophy. new ser., 9(2): 134-140; 9(6): 407-415.
Gray, J. E.
A list and description of some species of shells not taken notice of by Lamarck
Annals of Philosophy
new ser., 9(2): 134-140; 9(6): 407-415
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Achatina nitens Gray, 1825 accepted as Glessula nitens (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Bulimus bontia Gray, 1825 accepted as Beddomea bontia (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Bulimus kingii Gray, 1825 accepted as Bothriembryon kingii (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Bulimus pulcher Gray, 1825 accepted as Rhachistia pulchra (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Bulla lineata Gray, 1825 accepted as Bullina lineata (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Bulla wallisii Gray, 1825 accepted as Haloa wallisii (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Cardium crenatum Gray, 1825 (original description)
Cardium semisulcatum Gray, 1825 accepted as Papyridea semisulcata (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Carocolla Gray, 1825 accepted as Caracolus Montfort, 1810 (original description)
Carocolla listeri Gray, 1825 accepted as Obba listeri (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Cyrena cyprinoides Gray, 1825 accepted as Villorita cyprinoides (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Cytherea solanderii Gray, 1825 accepted as Sunetta solanderii (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Erycina denticulata Gray, 1825 accepted as Mesodesma deauratum (W. Turton, 1822) (original description)
Erycina ovata Gray, 1825 accepted as Paphies australis (Gmelin, 1791) (original description)
Helix rossiana Férussac, 1821 accepted as Helix roissyana Férussac, 1821 accepted as Calocochlea roissyana (Férussac, 1821) (basis of record)
Lucina childrenae Gray, 1825 accepted as Miltha childrenae (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Lucina gibba Gray, 1825 accepted as Pompholigina gibba (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Mytilus volgensis Gray, 1825 accepted as Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771) (original description)
Nucula montagui J. E. Gray, 1825 accepted as Lembulus montagui (J. E. Gray, 1825) (original description)
Pupa tortuosa Gray, 1825 accepted as Tortulosa tortuosa (Gray, 1825) (original description)
Venus papyracea Gray, 1825 accepted as Clementia papyracea (Gmelin, 1791) (original description)
Australia for Bulla wallisii Gray, 1825 
Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone for Lucina childrenae Gray, 1825 
Western Australia for Bulimus kingii Gray, 1825