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McCrady, J. 1859. Gymnopthalmata of Charleston Harbor. Proceedings of the Elliott Society of Natural History 1: 103-221, pls 8-12.
Western Atlantic warm temperate to boreal
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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Aglaophenia cristata (Lamarck, 1816) accepted as Aglaophenia pluma (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Aglaophenia tricuspis McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Campanularia noliformis McCrady, 1859 accepted as Clytia noliformis (McCrady, 1859) sensu Calder, 1991 (original description)
Corynitis McCrady, 1859 accepted as Sphaerocoryne Pictet, 1893 (original description)
Corynitis agassizii McCrady, 1859 accepted as Sphaerocoryne agassizii (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Cunina octonaria McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Dipurena McCrady, 1859 accepted as Slabberia Forbes, 1846 (original description)
Dipurena cervicata McCrady, 1859 accepted as Slabberia strangulata (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Epenthesis McCrady, 1859 accepted as Clytia Lamouroux, 1812 (original description)
Epenthesis folleata McCrady, 1859 accepted as Clytia folleata (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Eucheilota McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Eucheilota ventricularis McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Eudoxia alata McCrady, 1857 accepted as Chelophyes appendiculata (Eschscholtz, 1829) (original description)
Eutima McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Eutima mira McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Eutima variabilis McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Hippocrene carolinensis McCrady, 1859 accepted as Bougainvillia carolinensis (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Hippocrenidae McCrady, 1959 accepted as Bougainvilliidae Lütken, 1850 (original description)
Laomedea divaricata McCrady, 1859 accepted as Obelia dichotoma (Linnaeus, 1758) (original description)
Liriope scutigera McCrady, 1859 accepted as Liriope tetraphylla (Chamisso & Eysenhardt, 1821) (original description)
Nemopsis gibbesi McCrady, 1859 accepted as Nemopsis bachei L. Agassiz, 1849 (original description)
Obelia commissuralis McCrady, 1859 accepted as Obelia dichotoma (Linnaeus, 1758) (original description)
Pennariidae McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Persa McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Persa incolorata McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Phortis McCrady, 1859 accepted as Eirene Eschscholtz, 1829 (original description)
Phortis gibbosa McCrady, 1859 accepted as Eirene gibbosa (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Plumularia quadridens McCrady, 1859 accepted as Monostaechas quadridens (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Plumularidae McCrady, 1859 accepted as Plumulariidae McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Saphenia apicata McCrady, 1859 accepted as Amphinema dinema (Péron & Lesueur, 1810) (original description)
Sarsia turricula McCrady, 1859 (original description)
Slabberia strangulata (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Sphaerocoryne agassizii (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Willsia ornata McCrady, 1859 accepted as Proboscidactyla ornata (McCrady, 1859) (original description)
Zanclea gemmosa McCrady, 1859 (original description)
 Type locality

USA, South Carolina, Charleston Harbo [details]