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Gould, A. A. (1859). Descriptions of new species of shells brought home by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition. Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History. 7: 138-142.
Gould, A. A.
Descriptions of new species of shells brought home by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition
Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History
7: 138-142
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Actaeon secale Gould, 1859 accepted as Acteon secale Gould, 1859 (original description)
Atys muscaria Gould, 1859 accepted as Vellicolla muscaria (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Atys porcellana Gould, 1859 accepted as Liloa porcellana (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Buccinulus strigosus Gould, 1859 accepted as Pupa affinis (A. Adams, 1855) (original description)
Bulla vernicosa Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cyclostrema modestum Gould, 1859 accepted as Circulus modestus (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Cylichna consobrina Gould, 1859 accepted as Cylichna alba (T. Brown, 1827) (original description)
Cylichna ellipsoidea Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna laeta Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna melampoides Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna operosa Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna protracta Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna regularis Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna tubulosa Gould, 1859 (original description)
Cylichna villica Gould, 1859 accepted as Mnestia villica (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Haminea angusta Gould, 1859 accepted as Haminoea angusta Gould, 1859 accepted as Cylichnatys angusta (Gould, 1859) (basis of record)
Haminoea angusta Gould, 1859 accepted as Cylichnatys angusta (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Liotia asteriscus Gould, 1859 accepted as Pseudoliotia asteriscus (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Liotia fulgens Gould, 1859 accepted as Turbo cidaris cidaris Gmelin, 1791 (original description)
Liotia loculosa Gould, 1859 accepted as Dentarene loculosa (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Liotia solidula Gould, 1859 accepted as Liotinaria solidula (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Littorina vidua Gould, 1859 accepted as Echinolittorina vidua (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Paxillus lyratus Gould, 1859 accepted as Diplommatina lyrata (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Paxillus tantillus Gould, 1859 accepted as Diplommatina tantilla (Gould, 1859) (original description)
Philine argentata Gould, 1859 accepted as Philine orientalis A. Adams, 1855 (original description)
Stomatella tumida Gould, 1848 accepted as Stomatella papyracea (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Pseudostomatella papyracea (Gmelin, 1791) (original description)
Tornatina apicina Gould, 1859 accepted as Acteocina apicina (Gould, 1859) (original description)
China Sea for Actaeon secale Gould, 1859 
China Sea for Atys muscaria Gould, 1859 
China Sea for Cylichna melampoides Gould, 1859 
China Sea for Cylichna villica Gould, 1859 
Chinese Exclusive Economic Zone for Cylichna protracta Gould, 1859 
Chinese Exclusive Economic Zone for Liotia solidula Gould, 1859 
False Bay (South Africa) for Cylichna tubulosa Gould, 1859 
Hokkaido for Cylichna consobrina Gould, 1859 
Hong Kong for Cyclostrema modestum Gould, 1859 
Hong Kong for Paxillus tantillus Gould, 1859 
Hong Kong Island for Cylichna operosa Gould, 1859 
Hong Kong Island for Philine vitrea Gould, 1859 
Kagoshima Bay for Atys porcellana Gould, 1859 
Kagoshima Bay for Cylichna laeta Gould, 1859 
Mollucas for Stomatella tumida Gould, 1848 
Port Jackson for Cylichna regularis Gould, 1859 
Ryukyu Islands for Buccinulus strigosus Gould, 1859 
Ryukyu Islands for Bulla vernicosa Gould, 1859 
Ryukyu Islands for Cylichna ellipsoidea Gould, 1859 
Ryukyu Islands for Littorina vidua Gould, 1859 
Ryukyu Islands for Paxillus lyratus Gould, 1859 
Shimoda for Haminoea angusta Gould, 1859 
Sydney for Tornatina apicina Gould, 1859