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Kott, P. (2009). Taxonomic revision of Ascidiacea (Tunicata) from the upper continental slope off north-western Australia. Journal of Natural History. 43: 1947-1986.
10.1080/00222930902993708 [view]
Kott, P.
Taxonomic revision of Ascidiacea (Tunicata) from the upper continental slope off north-western Australia
Journal of Natural History
43: 1947-1986
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A collection of ascidians from 100–1000 m deep off the north-western coast of Australia has yielded 19 species, including one new, two possibly endemic to the north-western coast of Australia, four well-known Indo-west Pacific tropical species and 12 species known from the deeper waters of the western Pacific, of which 11 had not previously been recorded from off the western Australian coast or from other parts of the Indian Ocean. A third of these 12 species displays adaptations for a reduction in filter-feeding capacity, as do other known species from deeper slope and abyssal habitats. Nevertheless a connection with fauna of deep ocean basins of the Indian Ocean is not apparent at this stage. The full range of characters associated with species, genera and families are discussed, and those contributing to the identification of immature or mutilated specimens, as well as those relevant to an assessment of phylogenetic relationships, are emphasized
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North West Australia for Ascidia conifera (Hartmeyer, 1911) 
North West Australia for Bathyoncus lanatus Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1991 
North West Australia for Corella aequabilis Sluiter, 1904 
North West Australia for Diazona fungia Monniot F. & Monniot C., 2001 
North West Australia for Diazona textura Monniot C., 1987 
North West Australia for Molgula delicata Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1991 
North West Australia for Oligotrema psammites Bourne, 1903 
North West Australia for Phallusia millari Kott, 1985 
North West Australia for Polycarpa pigmentata (Herdman, 1906) 
North West Australia for Polycarpa seges Kott, 2009 
North West Australia for Rhopalaea crassa (Herdman, 1880) 
North West Australia for Vitrumidae Kott, 2009