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Pease, W. H. (1868). Description of sixty-five new species of marine Gastropodae, inhabiting Polynesia. American Journal of Conchology. 3(4): 271-297, pls 23-24. [published 2 April 1868].
Pease, W. H.
Description of sixty-five new species of marine Gastropodae, inhabiting Polynesia
American Journal of Conchology
3(4): 271-297, pls 23-24. [published 2 April 1868]
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Capulus liberatus Pease, 1868 accepted as Krebsia liberata (Pease, 1868) accepted as Hipponix liberatus (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Cylindra formosa Pease, 1868 accepted as Swainsonia fusca (Swainson, 1824) (original description)
Engina fusiformis Pease, 1865 (additional source)
Engina nodicostata Pease, 1868 accepted as Morula nodicostata (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Engina ovata Pease, 1865 (additional source)
Engina parva Pease, 1868 accepted as Morula cernohorskyi Houart & Tröndle, 1997 (original description)
Engina striata Pease, 1868 accepted as Morula striata (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Engina tuberculosa Pease, 1863 (additional source)
Engina variabilis Pease, 1868 accepted as Morula variabilis (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Euchelus angulatus Pease, 1868 accepted as Vaceuchelus foveolatus (A. Adams, 1853) (original description)
Eulima exilis Pease, 1863 accepted as Melanella exilis (Pease, 1863) (additional source)
Eulima inflexa Pease, 1868 accepted as Parvioris inflexa (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Eulima venusta Pease, 1868 (original description)
Fastigiella squamulosa Pease, 1868 (original description)
Gena laevis Pease, 1868 accepted as Stomatella laevis (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Gena rosacea Pease, 1868 accepted as Stomatella rosacea (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Latirus gibbus Pease, 1865 accepted as Pascula ozenneana (Crosse, 1861) (original description)
Latirus granulosus Pease, 1868 accepted as Peristernia granulosa (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Latirus squamosus Pease, 1863 accepted as Peristernia squamosa (Pease, 1863) (additional source)
Marginella pacifica Pease, 1868 accepted as Gibberula pacifica (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Marginella paumotensis Pease, 1868 accepted as Volvarina paumotensis (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Marginella polita Pease, 1868 accepted as Marginella peasii Reeve, 1865 (original description)
Marginella pyriformis Pease, 1868 accepted as Serrata translata (Redfield, 1870) (original description)
Mitra glabra Pease, 1868 accepted as Pusia microzonias (Lamarck, 1811) (original description)
Mitra sectilis Pease, 1868 (original description)
Mucronalia gracilis Pease, 1868 accepted as Peasistilifer gracilis (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Narica delicata Pease, 1868 accepted as Vanikoro delicata (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Nassa approximata Pease, 1868 accepted as Nassarius olivaceus (Bruguière, 1789) (original description)
Nassa gracilis Pease, 1868 accepted as Nassarius gracilis (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Nerita maculata Pease, 1868 accepted as Nerita argus Récluz, 1841 (original description)
Neritina dispar Pease, 1868 accepted as Clithon dispar (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Neritina rubida Pease, 1865 accepted as Neritilia rubida (Pease, 1865) (additional source)
Neritina rudis Pease, 1868 accepted as Neripteron bensoni (Récluz, 1850) (original description)
Neritopsis interlirata Pease, 1868 (original description)
Odostomia debilis Pease, 1868 (original description)
Odostomia gracilis Pease, 1868 accepted as Evalea waikikiensis (Pilsbry, 1918) (original description)
Odostomia polita Pease, 1868 (original description)
Odostomia rosacea Pease, 1868 (original description)
Odostomia rubra Pease, 1868 (original description)
Odostomia striata Pease, 1868 (original description)
Olivella (Callianax) simplex Pease, 1868 accepted as Olivellopsis simplex (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Operculatum aurantium Pease, 1868 accepted as Umbraculum umbraculum ([Lightfoot], 1786) (original description)
Rissoa flammea Pease, 1868 accepted as Diala sulcifera sulcifera (A. Adams, 1862) (original description)
Rissoa semicostata Pease, 1868 (original description)
Rissoina costulata Pease, 1868 accepted as Rissoina harperi Dautzenberg & Bouge, 1933 accepted as Rissoina cerithiiformis Jickeli, 1884 accepted as Apataxia cerithiiformis (Jickeli, 1884) (original description)
Rissoina semiplicata Pease, 1863 accepted as Zebina semiplicata (Pease, 1863) (additional source)
Rissoina striatula Pease, 1868 accepted as Rissoina imbricata A. A. Gould, 1861 accepted as Sulcorissoina imbricata (A. A. Gould, 1861) (original description)
Rissoina tenuistriata Pease, 1868 (original description)
Scalaria crenulata Pease, 1868 accepted as Cycloscala crenulata (Pease, 1868) accepted as Cycloscala peaseana (Nyst, 1873) (original description)
Scalaria crispata Pease, 1868 accepted as Epitonium crispatum (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Scalaria decussata Pease, 1868 accepted as Epitonium sandwichense (Nyst, 1873) (original description)
Scalaria paumotensis Pease, 1868 accepted as Epitonium paumotense (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Scalaria perplexa Pease, 1868 accepted as Gyroscala lamellosa (Lamarck, 1822) accepted as Gyroscala commutata (Monterosato, 1877) (original description)
Scalaria symmetrica Pease, 1868 accepted as Epitonium symmetricum (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Sistrum affine Pease, 1863 accepted as Neothais marginatra (Blainville, 1832) (original description)
Sistrum squamosum Pease, 1868 accepted as Semiricinula squamosa (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Sistrum striatum Pease, 1868 accepted as Morula zebrina Houart, 2004 (original description)
Sistrum triangulatum Pease, 1868 accepted as Muricodrupa fiscellum (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Murichorda fiscellum (Gmelin, 1791) (original description)
Stilifer deformis Pease, 1868 accepted as Scalenostoma subulatum (Broderip, 1832) (original description)
Stylifer deformis Pease, 1868 accepted as Stilifer deformis Pease, 1868 accepted as Scalenostoma subulatum (Broderip, 1832) (original description)
Trochus conoidalis Pease, 1868 accepted as Peasiella conoidalis (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Trochus exilis Pease, 1868 accepted as Plesiotrochus souverbianus P. Fischer, 1878 (original description)
Trochus marmoreus Pease, 1868 accepted as Cantharidus marmoreus (Pease, 1868) (original description)
Turbonilla (Lancea) Pease, 1868 accepted as Turbonilla Risso, 1826 (original description)
Turbonilla (Lancea) elongata Pease, 1868 accepted as Turbonilla aulica Dall & Bartsch, 1906 (original description)
Volutella elongata Pease, 1868 accepted as Volvarina elliptica (Redfield, 1870) (original description)
Austral Islands for Neritopsis richeri Lozouet, 2009 
Caroline Islands for Rissoa flammea Pease, 1868 
Caroline Islands for Rissoa semicostata Pease, 1868 
Fanning island for Volutella elongata Pease, 1868 
Gilbert Islands for Sistrum squamosum Pease, 1868 
Gilbert Islands for Sistrum striatum Pease, 1868 
Hawaiian Exclusive Economic Zone for Odostomia gracilis Pease, 1868 
Hawaiian Exclusive Economic Zone for Operculatum aurantium Pease, 1868 
Hawaiian Exclusive Economic Zone for Sistrum triangulatum Pease, 1868 
Hawaiian Islands for Scalaria decussata Pease, 1868 
Hawaiian Islands for Scalaria perplexa Pease, 1868 
Howland and Baker Island Exclusive Economic Zone for Odostomia debilis Pease, 1868 
Marquesas Islands for Neritopsis interlirata Pease, 1868 
Pohnpei for Mitra glabra Pease, 1868 
Pohnpei for Nassa gracilis Pease, 1868 
Society Islands for Goniobranchus albopunctatus Garrett, 1879 
Society Islands for Neritopsis interlirata Pease, 1868 
Tahiti for Gena laevis Pease, 1868 
Tahiti for Scalaria crenulata Pease, 1868 
Tahiti for Scalaria symmetrica Pease, 1868 
Tahiti Island for Eulima venusta Pease, 1868 
Tahiti Island for Mucronalia gracilis Pease, 1868 
Tahiti Island for Odostomia polita Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Engina nodicostata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Engina parva Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Engina striata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Engina variabilis Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Euchelus angulatus Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Fastigiella squamulosa Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Gena rosacea Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Marginella pacifica Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Marginella paumotensis Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Marginella pyriformis Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Narica delicata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Neritopsis interlirata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Odostomia rosacea Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Odostomia rubra Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Olivella (Callianax) simplex Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Rissoina costulata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Rissoina tenuistriata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Scalaria crispata Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Scalaria paumotensis Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Stylifer deformis Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Trochus conoidalis Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Trochus marmoreus Pease, 1868 
Tuamotu Islands for Turbonilla elongata Pease, 1868