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Thurston, M. H. (1974). Crustacea Amphipoda from Graham Land and the Scotia arc, collected by Operation Tabarin and the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey 1944-59. British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports. 85: 1-89.
Thurston, M. H.
Crustacea Amphipoda from Graham Land and the Scotia arc, collected by Operation Tabarin and the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey 1944-59
British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports
85: 1-89
Ant'Phipoda Literature database
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Spacial and ecological distribution, Zonation, Microdistribution
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Bransfield Strait for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
Bransfield Strait for Eurymera monticulosa Pfeffer, 1888 
Davis Sea for Abyssorchomene plebs (Hurley, 1965) 
Graham Land for Polycheria acanthopoda Thurston, 1974 
Marguerite Bay for Abyssorchomene rossi (Walker, 1903) 
Marguerite Bay for Antarctogeneia macrodactyla Thurston, 1974 
Marguerite Bay for Cheirimedon similis Thurston, 1974 
Marguerite Bay for Gnathiphimedia sexdentata (Schellenberg, 1926) 
Marguerite Bay for Gondogeneia antarctica (Chevreux, 1906) 
Marguerite Bay for Heterophoxus videns K.H. Barnard, 1930 
Marguerite Bay for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875) 
Marguerite Bay for Monoculodes scabriculosus K.H. Barnard, 1932 
Marguerite Bay for Oradarea walkeri Shoemaker, 1930 
Marguerite Bay for Orchomenella (Orchomenopsis) acanthurus (Schellenberg, 1931) 
Marguerite Bay for Paraceradocus miersi (Pfeffer, 1888) 
Marguerite Bay for Paramoera edouardi Schellenberg, 1929 
Marguerite Bay for Paramoera walkeri (Stebbing, 1906) 
Marguerite Bay for Prostebbingia gracilis (Chevreux, 1912) 
Marguerite Bay for Prostebbingia longicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
Marguerite Bay for Prostebbingia serrata Schellenberg, 1926 
Marguerite Bay for Schraderia gracilis Pfeffer, 1888 
Marguerite Bay for Seba stoningtonensis Thurston, 1974 
Marguerite Bay for Stegosoladidus ingens (Chevreux, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Abyssorchomene plebs (Hurley, 1965) 
Palmer Archipelago for Ampelisca bouvieri Chevreux, 1912 
Palmer Archipelago for Antarctogeneia macrodactyla Thurston, 1974 
Palmer Archipelago for Antatelson walkeri (Chilton, 1912) 
Palmer Archipelago for Atyloella magellanica (Stebbing, 1888) 
Palmer Archipelago for Atylopsis orthodactylus Thurston, 1974 
Palmer Archipelago for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
Palmer Archipelago for Caprellinoides mayeri Pfeffer, 1888 
Palmer Archipelago for Cheirimedon femoratus (Pfeffer, 1888) 
Palmer Archipelago for Djerboa furcipes Chevreux, 1906 
Palmer Archipelago for Epimeria monodon Stephensen, 1947 
Palmer Archipelago for Eurymera monticulosa Pfeffer, 1888 
Palmer Archipelago for Gondogeneia antarctica (Chevreux, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875) 
Palmer Archipelago for Lepidepecreum cingulatum K.H. Barnard, 1932 
Palmer Archipelago for Liouvillea oculata Chevreux, 1912 
Palmer Archipelago for Methalimedon nordenskjoeldi Schellenberg, 1931 
Palmer Archipelago for Metopoides sarsi (Pfeffer, 1888) 
Palmer Archipelago for Oradarea bidentata K.H. Barnard, 1932 
Palmer Archipelago for Oradarea edentata K.H. Barnard, 1932 
Palmer Archipelago for Oradarea ocellata Thurston, 1974 
Palmer Archipelago for Oradarea tridentata K.H. Barnard, 1932 
Palmer Archipelago for Oradarea unidentata Thurston, 1974 
Palmer Archipelago for Oradarea walkeri Shoemaker, 1930 
Palmer Archipelago for Paradexamine fissicauda Chevreux, 1906 
Palmer Archipelago for Paramoera edouardi Schellenberg, 1929 
Palmer Archipelago for Paramoera walkeri (Stebbing, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Pariphimedia integricauda Chevreux, 1906 
Palmer Archipelago for Probolisca ovata (Stebbing, 1888) 
Palmer Archipelago for Prostebbingia brevicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Prostebbingia gracilis (Chevreux, 1912) 
Palmer Archipelago for Prostebbingia longicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Prothaumatelson nasutum (Chevreux, 1912) 
Palmer Archipelago for Schraderia barnardi Thurston, 1974 
Palmer Archipelago for Schraderia dubia Thurston, 1974 
Palmer Archipelago for Schraderia gracilis Pfeffer, 1888 
Palmer Archipelago for Stegosoladidus ingens (Chevreux, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Waldeckia obesa (Chevreux, 1906) 
Palmer Archipelago for Wandelia crassipes Chevreux, 1906 
Ross Sea for Abyssorchomene plebs (Hurley, 1965) 
South Georgia for Gnathiphimedia barnardi Thurston, 1974 
South Georgia for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875) 
South Georgia for Jassa ingens (Pfeffer, 1888) 
South Georgia for Liljeborgia eurycradus Thurston, 1974 
South Georgia for Orchestia scutigerula Dana, 1853 
South Georgia for Paramoera husvikensis Thurston, 1974 
South Georgia for Paramoera pfefferi Schellenberg, 1931 
South Georgia for Prostebbingia longicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Orkney Island for Aeginoides gaussi Schellenberg, 1926 
South Orkney Island for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
South Orkney Island for Echiniphimedia echinata (Walker, 1906) 
South Orkney Island for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875) 
South Sandwich Islands for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
South Sandwich Islands for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
South Sandwich Islands for Eusirus bouvieri Chevreux, 1911 
South Sandwich Islands for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875) 
South Sandwich Islands for Oediceroides lahillei lahillei Chevreux, 1911 
South Sandwich Islands for Oediceroides lahillei lahillei Chevreux, 1911 
South Sandwich Islands for Prostebbingia brevicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Sandwich Islands for Prostebbingia brevicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Shetland Islands for Cardenio paurodactylus Stebbing, 1888 
South Shetland Islands for Cheirimedon femoratus (Pfeffer, 1888) 
South Shetland Islands for Djerboa furcipes Chevreux, 1906 
South Shetland Islands for Gammaropsis (Gammaropsis) bennetti Thurston, 1974 
South Shetland Islands for Gondogeneia antarctica (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Shetland Islands for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875) 
South Shetland Islands for Liljeborgia eurycradus Thurston, 1974 
South Shetland Islands for Oediceroides lahillei lahillei Chevreux, 1911 
South Shetland Islands for Prostebbingia longicornis (Chevreux, 1906) 
South Shetland Islands for Schraderia gracilis Pfeffer, 1888 
Trinity Peninsula for Abyssorchomene plebs (Hurley, 1965) 
Trinity Peninsula for Ampelisca bouvieri Chevreux, 1912 
Trinity Peninsula for Bovallia gigantea Pfeffer, 1888 
Trinity Peninsula for Eurymera monticulosa Pfeffer, 1888 
Trinity Peninsula for Eusirus bouvieri Chevreux, 1911 
Trinity Peninsula for Gondogeneia antarctica (Chevreux, 1906) 
Trinity Peninsula for Hippomedon kergueleni (Miers, 1875)