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Risbec, J. (1928). Contribution à l'étude des Nudibranches néo-calédoniens. Faune des Colonies Françaises. 2(1):1-328, figs. 1-98, pls. 1-12, maps.
Risbec, J.
Contribution à l'étude des Nudibranches néo-calédoniens.
Faune des Colonies Françaises
2(1):1-328, figs. 1-98, pls. 1-12, maps.
The World Of Copepods (T. Chad Walter); Copepoda pp. 34-38, fig. 1-1ter
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Aeolidia acinosa Risbec, 1928 accepted as Trinchesia acinosa (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Aeolidia guenanti Risbec, 1928 accepted as Caloria guenanti (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Cadlina ornatissima Risbec, 1928 accepted as Cadlinella ornatissima (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Chromodoris australis Risbec, 1928 accepted as Thorunna australis (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Chromodoris versicolor Risbec, 1928 accepted as Hypselodoris versicolor (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Embletonia gracilis Risbec, 1928 (original description)
Goniobranchus geometricus (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Guyonia viridis (Pease, 1861) accepted as Doris viridis (Pease, 1861) (basis of record)
Herviella exigua (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Hypselodoris decorata (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Joubiniopsis Risbec, 1928 (original description)
Noumea Risbec, 1928 accepted as Verconia Pruvot-Fol, 1931 (original description)
Phidiana bourailli (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Platydoris carinata Risbec, 1928 (original description)
Platydoris immonda Risbec, 1928 accepted as Doris immonda (Risbec, 1928) (original description)
Pleurobranchus caledonicus Risbec, 1928 accepted as Berthella caledonica (Risbec, 1928) (basis of record)
Polycera picta Risbec, 1928 (original description)
Polycera tabescens Risbec, 1928 accepted as Tambja limaciformis (Eliot, 1908) accepted as Martadoris limaciformis (Eliot, 1908) (original description)
New Caledonia for Cadlina ornatissima Risbec, 1928 
New Caledonia for Phidiana bourailli (Risbec, 1928) 
New Caledonia for Polycera picta Risbec, 1928