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'Talitraits' is a thematic working group targeting the traits of talitrid amphipods. It is linked closely with the World Amphipoda Database which will provide the taxonomic backbone to facilitate studies of talitrid amphipods across a range of disciplines, including ecology, behaviour and biogeography. Coastal talitrids are currently being addressed as priority.

The thematic editors for Talitraits are

They should be contacted for queries and updates to the talitrid trait information.

The first meeting of the Talitraits working group was held at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Crete on May 30th-31st, 2018 – 8 thematic experts on the Talitridae attended the LifeWatch-WoRMS sponsored workshop.

Talitraits 1st workshop
Image - from left to right: Charalampos Zafeiropoulos, Davide Iaciofano, Leen Vandepitte, Bart Vanhoorne, Jim Lowry, Lauren Hughes, Filipa Bessa, Wim Decock, Lucia Fanini, Omar Defeo, Ricardo Cardoso
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