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New Axinella species from the East Pacific

Added on 2018-09-17 11:26:40 by de Voogd, Nicole
Carballo, J.L.; Bautista-Guerrero, E.; Cruz-Barraza, J.A. (2018) Description and molecular phylogeny of Axinella nayaritensis n. sp. (Porifera: Axinellida) from East Pacific and remarks about the polyphyly of the genus Axinella. Zootaxa 4482 (1): 111-124.
Axinella nayaritensis n. sp. is a typical species of the genus Axinella in spiculation (oxeas and styles), skeletal arrangement (axial condensation from which radiate an extra-axial plumoreticulated skeleton), and external form (arborescent). The new species is orange, branching, up to 25 cm in height, and which usually live in soft bottoms. One of the most conspicuous characteristic of the new species is its aquiferous system, which is formed by a system of superficial canals and meandering ridges which run around the entire length of the branches. The species is compared with Axinella polycapella from Gulf of Mexico, which is very close in morphology, and which it shares a high similarity in the 18S ribosomal RNA
region. It was also compared with Axinella aruensis, a very different species from a morphological point of view, which is distributed throughout the northern Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea as both species share a high similarity in the COI mitochondrial gene region. The new species was included in the clade named Axinella by Gazave et al. (2010) for 18S and COI, where also are included eight Axinella-species. Species in this clade are typically arborescent with a choanosomal skeleton differentiated between axial and extra-axial regions. Axinella nayaritensis n. sp. constitute the first record of an Axinella for the east Pacific coast.

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