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Porifera news


Biodiversity of Sponge fauna in NE Sicily

Added on: 2016-11-30 18:11:49 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Marra, M.V.; Bertolino, M.; Pansini, M.; Manconi, R.; Pronzato, R. (2016). Long-term turnover of the sponge fauna in Faro Lake (North-East Sicily, Mediterranean Sea). Italian Journal of Zoology, 1-10 ...

Mediterranean Sponge fisheries in the 18th century

Added on: 2016-11-29 16:32:23 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Faget, D.; Carroll, E. (2016). HISTOSPONGIA: A database on the Mediterranean sponges (18th century). Cahiers de Biologie marine, 57: 317-321 ...

New Pectispongilla from Kakadu, Australia

Added on: 2016-11-21 04:55:42 by Hooper, John
Manconi, R.; Cadeddu, B.; Pronzato, R. (2016). Australian freshwater sponges with a new species of Pectispongilla (Porifera: Demospongiae: Spongillida). Zootaxa 4196 (1): 061–076 ...

Porifera of Greece

Added on: 2016-11-09 11:09:10 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Voultsiadou, E.; Gerovasileiou, V.; Bailly, N. (2016). Porifera of Greece: an updated checklist. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7984 ...

New Cliona from the Colombian Caribbean

Added on: 2016-11-02 13:45:41 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Zea, S.; Lopez-Victoria, M. (2016). Cliona acephala (Porifera: Demospongiae: Clionaida), a new encrusting excavating reef sponge from the Colombian Caribbean belonging to the Cliona viridis species complex. Zootaxa, 4178 (4): 583-592 ...

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