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Porifera news


Two new poecilosclerids from deep-sea asphalt seeps

Added on: 2019-01-15 21:18:36 by Cárdenas, Paco
Rubin-Blum M., Antony C.P., Sayavedra L., Martínez-Pérez C., Birgel D., Peckmann J., Wu Y.-C., Cárdenas P., MacDonald I., Marcon Y., Sahling H., Hentschel U. and Dubilier N. (2019) Fueled by methane: deep-sea sponges from asphalt seeps gain their nutrition from methane-oxidizing symbionts. The ISME Journal. ...

New sponges from Siberia

Added on: 2019-01-11 11:58:55 by Cárdenas, Paco
Morozov G., Sabirov R. and Zimina O. (2019) Sponge fauna of the New Siberian Shoal: biodiversity and some features of formation. Journal of Natural History, 1-32. ...

Calcareous sponges from Florida

Added on: 2018-11-29 10:12:22 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Lopes, M.V.; Padua, A.; Cóndor-Luján, B.; Klautau, M. (2018). Calcareous sponges (Porifera, Calcarea) from Florida: new species, new records and biogeographical affinities. Zootaxa 4526 (2): 127–150 ...

A new genus of Calcinea in the Caribbean Sea

Added on: 2018-11-28 13:38:38 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Lopes, M.V.; Cóndor-Luján, B.; Azevedo, F.; Pérez, T.; Klautau, M. (2018) A new genus of calcareous sponge discovered in the Caribbean Sea: Bidderia gen. nov. (Porifera, Calcarea, Calcinea). Zootaxa 4526 (1): 56–70 ...

Welcome to Porifera news

Added on: 2010-11-12 11:07:10 by van Soest, Rob
Launching of a new feature of the World Porifera Database ! ...


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