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Porifera news


New sponges from the Chilean fjords

Added on: 2020-09-11 13:16:02 by van Soest, Rob W.M.
Bertolino, M.; Costa, G.; Bavestrello, G.; Pansini, M.; Daneri, G. (2020) New sponge species from Seno Magdalena, Puyuhuapi Fjord and Jacaf Canal (Chile). European Journal of Taxonomy 715: 1-49 ...

New poecilosclerids from the Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Added on: 2020-09-09 07:36:34 by Hooper, John N.A.
Lehnert, H.; Stone, R.P. (2020). Three new species of Poecilosclerida (Porifera, Demospongiae, Heteroscleromorpha) from the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Zootaxa 4851 (1): 137–150 ...

Six new species of Hyattella from India

Added on: 2020-09-08 09:29:27 by Cárdenas, Paco
Varsha, M.S.; Joshi, K.K.; Jasmine, S. (2020) Six new species of Hyattella (Porifera: Dictyoceratida: Spongiidae) from the Southern Coast of India. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 62 (1): 5-23. ...

A new cryptic demosponge in glass sponge reefs from the western coast of Canada

Added on: 2020-09-01 09:50:13 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Law, L.K.; Reiswig, H.M.; Ott, B.C.; McDaniel, N.; Kahn, A.S.; Guillas, K.C.; Dinn, C.; Leys, S.P. (2020). Description and distribution of Desmacella hyalina sp. nov. (Porifera, Desmacellidae), a new cryptic demosponge in glass sponge reefs from the western coast of Canada. Marine Biodiversity, 50: 55 (pp. 1-20). ...

Human mediated introductions of the transatlantic exotic sponge Paraleucilla magna

Added on: 2020-08-08 10:21:31 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Cavalcanti, F.F.; Padua, A.; Cunha, H.; Halasz, M.; Nikolic, V.; Barreto, S.; Klautau, M. (2020). Population differentiation supports multiple human mediated introductions of the transatlantic exotic sponge Paraleucilla magna (Porifera, Calcarea). Hydrobiologia, on-line version ...

Marine debris, substrata for carnivorous sponge

Added on: 2020-08-08 10:05:45 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Santín, A.; Grinyó, J.; Bilan, M.; Ambroso, S.; Puig, P. (2020). First report of the carnivorous sponge Lycopodina hypogea (Cladorhizidae) associated with marine debris, and its possible implications on deep-sea connectivity. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 159 (111501): 1-7 ...

Porifera from Mozambique

Added on: 2020-08-08 09:37:28 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Calcinai, B.; Belfiore, G.; Pica D.; Torsani, F.; Palma, M.; Cerrano, C. (2020). Porifera from Ponta do Ouro (Mozambique). European Journal of Taxonomy 698: 1–56. ...

Genetic structure of the sponge Ircinia campana in the Caribbean

Added on: 2020-07-29 15:04:15 by Boury-Esnault, Nicole
Griffiths, S.M.; Butler, M.J.; Behringer, D.C.; Pérez, T.; Preziosi, R.F. (2020) Oceanographic features and limited dispersal shape the population genetic structure of the vase sponge Ircinia campana in the Greater Caribbean. Heredity, on-line open access ...

New Cliona mucronata-like species from Mesoamerica

Added on: 2020-07-28 16:26:04 by Schönberg, Christine
Pacheco, C.; Carballo, J.L.; Cruz-Barraza, J.A.; Schönberg, C.H.L.; Calcinai, B. (2020). Delimiting boundaries between species: excavating sponges close to Cliona mucronata (Demospongiae). Systematics and Biodiversity: 1–19 ...

New species of Dictyaulus (Hexactinellida: Euplectellidae) from NW Pacific seamounts

Added on: 2020-02-18 14:31:00 by Dohrmann, Martin
Gong, L. and Li, X. (2020) A new species of Euplectellidae (Porifera: Hexactinellida: Lyssacinosida) from the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science 96: 181-191 ...

Welcome to Porifera news

Added on: 2010-11-12 11:07:10 by van Soest, Rob
Launching of a new feature of the World Porifera Database ! ...


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