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Polychaeta taxon details

Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorPolychaeta 
AphiaID: 883

Classification: Biota > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnimalia (Kingdom) > Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnnelida (Phylum)
Authority Grube, 1850
Status accepted
Rank Class
Parent Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAnnelida
Sources  original description Grube, A.E. 1850. Die Familien der Anneliden. Archiv für Naturgeschichte, Berlin, 16(1): 249-364., available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/31180#page/257/mode/1up [details]

identification resource Nygren, A; Hall, R.; Pleijel, F. (2013). Bestämningsnyckel till och presentation av svenska familjer av havsborstmaskar. 89 pp. [Determination Key to polychaetes and presentation of Swedish families of polychaetes.] , available online at http://www.slu.se/sv/centrumbildningar-och-projekt/artdatabanken/om-oss/publikationer/ [details]

identification resource Wilson, Robin S.; Hutchings Pat, A.; Glasby, C. J. 2003. Polychaetes: An Interactive Identification Guide. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne., available online at http://researchdata.museum.vic.gov.au/polychaetes/ [details]

identification resource Blake, James A.; Ruff, R. Eugene (2007). Polychaeta. In: Carlton, J.T. (ed.). The Light and Smith Manual. Intertidal Invertebrates from Central California to Oregon, pp. 309-410. University of California Press, Berkeley.  [details]

identification resource Blake, J.A. 1994. Introduction to the Polychaeta, in J.A. Blake and B. Hilbig eds., Taxonomic Atlas of the Benthic Fauna of the Santa Maria Basin and Western Santa Barbara Channel: Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, p. 39-113.
page(s): (and set of volumes) [details]

identification resource Fauchald, K. 1977. The polychaete worms, definitions and keys to the orders, families and genera. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: Los Angeles, CA (USA) Science Series 28:1-188, available online at http://www.vliz.be/imisdocs/publications/123110.pdf [details]

identification resource Hartmann-Schröder, G. (1996). Annelida, Borstenwürmer, Polychaeta [Annelida, bristleworms, Polychaeta]. 2nd revised ed. The fauna of Germany and adjacent seas with their characteristics and ecology, 58. Gustav Fischer: Jena, Germany. ISBN 3-437-35038-2. 648 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]

identification resource Day, J.H. 1967. A monograph on the Polychaeta of Southern Africa. Volume British Museum (Natural History) Publication 656. 1-878. British Museum (Natural History). London., available online at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/8596  [details]

identification resource Fauvel, P. 1923. Polychètes errantes. Faune de France Volume 5. 1-488. Librairie de la Faculte des Sciences. Paris., available online at http://www.faunedefrance.org/  [details]

identification resource Fauvel, P. 1927. Polychètes sédentaires. Addenda aux errantes, Arachiannélides, Myzostomaires. Faune de France Volume 16. 1-494. Paul Lechevalier. Paris., available online at http://www.faunedefrance.org/bibliotheque/docs/P.FAUVEL(FdeFr16)Polychetes-sendentaires.pdf [details]

identification resource Hartman, O. 1968. Atlas of the errantiate polychaetous annelids from California. 1-828. Allan Hancock Foundation, University of Southern California. Los Angeles. [details]

identification resource Hartman, O. 1969. Atlas of the sedentariate polychaetous annelids from California. 1-812. Allan Hancock Foundation, University of Southern California. Los Angeles. [details]

identification resource Jirkov, I.A. 2001. [Polychaeta of the Arctic Ocean] Polikhety severnogo Ledovitogo Okeana. Moskva, Yanus-K, 1-632 [details]

identification resource Uebelacker, J.M. and Johnson, P.G.1984. Taxonomic guide to the polychaetes of the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Final report to the Minerals Management service, contract 14-12-001-29091: Mobile, Barry M. Vittor & Associates.
page(s): (set of volumes) [details]

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 Subclass Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorErrantia
Subclass Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorPolychaeta incertae sedis
Subclass Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorSedentaria

Subclass Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorPalpata (nomen dubium, Superfluous name)

Subclass Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorAciculata accepted as Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorErrantia
Environment marine
Links Unreviewed: has not been verified by a taxonomic editorTo AnimalsAndEarth (David Shale) 
Unreviewed: has not been verified by a taxonomic editorTo GenBank  
Unreviewed: has not been verified by a taxonomic editorTo online POLiKEY key to Polychaeta families   Note: version as at 2003, with access via Pathkey 
Unreviewed: has not been verified by a taxonomic editorTo ITIS
From editor or global species database
Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorClassification Several minor orders presented in Fauchald (1977)are now regarded as superfluous. All orders so tagged do not have child taxa that are currently in use. Basically the classification of Rouse & Pleijel (2001: Fig.1.1) is presented here, with old name Errantia substituting for their Aciculata and old name Sedentaria including their Canalipalpata and Scolecida, but if the indications of placements in Zrzavý et al (2009) are implemented, then Scolecida is polyphyletic and its families should disperse into Terebellida and Sabellida. Further, Struck (2011) has introduced Clade Pleistoannelida defined as the last common ancestor of a revived Errantia and Sedentaria, with the latter containing Clitellata (leeches and earthworms). This view is partly integrated into the WoRMS arrangement of Annelida taxa, although his new Pleistoannelida may be superfluous if Polychaeta is retained. Palpata as a subclass appears likely to be superfluous and is not currently used here. Some interstitial annelid families (including former 'archiannelids') are under 'Polychaeta incertae sedis' awaiting assignment, together with some other taxa of obscure or Polychaeta-basal affinities. [details]

Checked: verified by a taxonomic editorSource Classification of the ERMS polychaetes was originally based, down to genus level, on Fauchald (1977). For ERMS species mainly Hartmann-Schroeder (1996) was used. More recently for the World Polychaeta Database (WPD) the classification of Rouse & Pleijel (2001) and Struck (2011) influenced the taxon tree organisation. [details]
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LSID urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:883
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