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Dr Jaume, Damià, orcid, personal home page, researcherid

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  • Universitat de les Illes Balears; Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA), more
  • Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +34-(0)971-45 79 16
    Fax: +34-(0)971 611 761
  • WoRMS Editorial Board (WoRMS editors), more
  • Function: Taxonomic editor

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  • Creating a long term infrastructure for marine biodiversity research in the European Economic Area and the Newly Associated States
  • Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning - EU Network of Excellence

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  • ERMS 2.0: European Register of Marine Species version 2, more
  • WAD: World Amphipoda Database, more
  • WoRCS: World Register of marine Cave Species, more

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    ( 19 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Peer reviewed article Appeltans, W.; Ahyong, S.T.; Anderson, G.; Angel, M.V.; Artois, T.; Bailly, N.; Bamber, R.N.; Barber, A.; Bartsch, I.; Berta, A.; Blazewicz-Paszkowycz , M.; Bock, P.; Boxshall, G.; Boyko, C.B.; Nunes Brandão, S.; Bray, R.A.; Bruce, N.L.; Cairns, S.D.; Chan, T.-Y.; Cheng, L.; Collins, A.G.; Cribb, T.H.; Curini-Galletti, M.; Dahdouh-Guebas, F.; Davie, P.J.F.; Dawson, M.N.; De Clerck, O.; Decock, W.; De Grave, S.; de Voogd, N.J.; Domning, D.P.; Emig, C.C.; Erséus, Ch.; Eschmeyer, W.; Fauchald, K.; Fautin, D.G.; Feist, S.W.; Fransen, C.H.J.M.; Furuya, H.; García-Alvarez, O.; Gerken, S.; Gibson, D.; Gittenberger, A.; Gofas, S.; Gómez-Daglio, L.; Gordon, D.P.; Guiry, M.D.; Hernandez, F.; Hoeksema, B.W.; Hopcroft, R.R.; Jaume, D.; Kirk, P.; Koedam, N.; Koenemann, S.; Kolb, J.B.; Kristensen, R.M.; Kroh, A.; Lambert, G.; Lazarus, D.B.; Lemaitre, R.; Longshaw, M.; Lowry, J.; MacPherson, E.; Madin, L.P.; Mah, C.; Mapstone, G.; McLaughlin, P.A.; Mees, J.; Meland, K.; Messing, C.G.; Mills, C.E.; Molodtsova, T.N.; Mooi, R.; Neuhaus, B.; Ng, P.K.L.; Nielsen, C.; Norenburg, J.; Opresko, D.M.; Osawa, M.; Paulay, G.; Perrin, W.; Pilger, J.F.; Poore, G.C.B.; Pugh, Ph.R.; Read, G.B.; Reimer, J.D.; Rius, M.; Rocha, R.M.; Sáiz Salinas, J.I.; Scarabino, V.; Schierwater, B.; Schmidt-Rhaesa, A.; Schnabel, K.E.; Schotte, M.; Schuchert, P.; Schwabe, E.; Segers, H.; Self-Sullivan, C.; Shenkar, N.; Siegel, V.; Sterrer, W.; Stöhr, S.; Swalla, B.; Tasker, M.L.; Thuesen, E.V.; Timm, T.; Todaro, M.A.; Turon, X.; Tyler, S.; Uetz, P.; van der Land, J.; Vanhoorne, B.; van Ofwegen, L.P.; Van Soest, R.W.M.; Vanaverbeke, J.; Walker-Smith, G.K.; Walter, T.C.; Warren, A.; Williams, G.C.; Wilson, S.P.; Costello, M.J. (2012). The magnitude of global marine species diversity. Curr. Biol. 22(23): 2189-2202., more
  • Peer reviewed article Boxshall, G.; Jaume, D. (2013). Antennules and antennae in the Crustacea, in: Watling, L. et al. (Ed.) Functional morphology and diversity. The Natural History of the Crustacea series, 1: pp. 199-236
  • Peer reviewed article Cartes, J.E.; Jaume, D.; Madurell, T. (2003). Local changes in the composition and community structure of suprabenthic peracarid crustaceans on the bathyal Mediterranean: influence of environmental factors. Mar. Biol. (Berl.) 143(4): 745-758.
  • Duarte, C.M.; Jaume, D.; Vanden Berghe, E.; van Avesaath, P.H.; Heip, C.H.R.; Mees, J. (2002). Electronic conference on 'European Heritage under Threat: Marine Biodiversity in Mediterranean Ecosystems': summary of discussions, April 22 to May 3, 2002. MARBENA Proceedings, 1. Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ): Oostende. III, 48 pp.
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D. (1995). Presence of troglobitized Janiridae (Isopoda: Asellota: Janiroidea) in anchihaline caves of the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean): description of Trogloianiropsis lloberai n.gen., n.sp. Contributions to Zoology 65: 177-187, more
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Box, A. (2006). A new species of Nuuanu (Amphipoda: Gammaridea: Melitidae) from shallow sandy bottoms of the Balearic Islands (W Mediterranean). Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 70(4): 735-747
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Boxshall, G. (1997). Two new genera of cyclopinid copepods (Cyclopoida: Cyclopinidae) from anchihaline caves of the Canary and Balearic Islands, with a key to genera of the family. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 120: 79-101
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Boxshall, G.A. (1997). A new genus and two new species of misophrioid copepods (Crustacea) from the North Atlantic hyperbenthos. Sarsia 82: 39-54
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Boxshall, G.A.; Bamber, R.N. (2006). A new genus from the continental slope off Brazil and the discovery of the first males in the Hirsutiidae (Crustacea: Peracarida: Bochusacea). Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 148(2): 169-208
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Boxshall, G.A.; Humphreys, W.F. (2001). New stygobiont copepods (Calanoida; Misophrioida) from Bundera Sinkhole, an anchialine cenote in north-western Australia. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 133(1): 1-24
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Bréhier, F. (2005). A new species of Typhlatya (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) from anchialine caves on the French Mediterranean coast. Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 144(3): 387-414, more
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Cartes, J.E.; Boxshall, G. (2000). Shallow-water and not deep-sea as most plausible origin for cave-dwelling Paramisophria species (Copepoda: Calanoida: Arietellidae), with description of three new species from the Mediterranean bathyal hyperbenthos and littoral caves. Contributions to Zoology 68(4): 205-244, more
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Cartes, J.E.; Sorbe, J.-C. (1998). A new species of Bathymedon Sars, 1892 (Amphipoda: Oedicerotidae) from the western Mediterranean bathyal floor. Sci. Mar. (Barc.) 62(4): 341-356, more
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Christenson, K. (2001). Amphi-Atlantic distribution of the subterranean amphipod family Metacrangonyctidae (Crustacea, Gammaridea). Contributions to Zoology 70(2)
  • Jaume, D.; Duarte, C.M. (2006). General aspects concerning marine and terrestrial biodiversity, in: Duarte, C.M. (Ed.) The exploration of marine biodiversity: scientific and technological challenges. pp. 17-30
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Fosshagen, A.; Lliffe, Th.M. (1999). New cave-dwelling pseudocyclopiids (Copepoda, Calanoida, Pseudocyclopiidae) from the Balearic, Canary, and Philippine archipelagos. Sarsia 84: 319-417, more
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Garcia, L. (1993). Burrimysis palmeri, a new genus and species of Heteromysini (Crustacea: Mysidacea) from an anchihaline cave lake of Cabrera (Balearic Islands, Mediterranean). Bijdr. Dierkd. (62): 227-235
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Humphreys, W.F. (2001). A new genus of epacteriscid calanoid copepod from an anchialine sinkhole on northwestern Australia. J. Crust. Biol. 21(1): 157-169
  • Peer reviewed article Jaume, D.; Sorbe, J.-C. (2001). A new bathyal amphipod from the Bay of Biscay: Carangolia barnardi sp. nov. (Gammaridea: Urothoidae). J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 81: 49-59
  • Martínez, A.; Gerovasileiou, V.; Alvarez, F.; Boxshall, G.; Humphreys, W.F.; Jaume, D.; Iliffe, T.M.; Bailly, N.; Fontaneto, D.; Worsaae, K. (2017). World Register of Marine Cave Species: a tool for investigating meiofaunal diversity in marine and anchialine subterranean systems. World Register of Marine Cave Species (WoRCS): [s.l.]. 1 poster pp., more
  • Peer reviewed article Ohtsuka, S.; Tanaka, H.; Hirano, K.; Kondo, Y.; Jaume, D.; Boxshall, G.A. (2018). Some observations of morphology and behavior of a hyperbenthic misophrioid copepod. Bull. South. Calif. Acad. Sci. 117(2): 127-137., more
  • Peer reviewed article Vonk, R.; Jaume, D. (2014). Syntopy in rare marine interstitial crustaceans (Amphipoda, Ingolfiellidae) from small coral islands in the Molucca Sea, Indonesia. Mar. Biodiv. 44(2): 163-172.

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